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This made me think of the posts I've been following from Seth's Blog (Seth Roberts about eating a bit of honey before bed and how it improved his sleep. I've tried the same thing and can say that for me it certainly makes me more alert and quick the next day. The evolutionary explanation Seth gives is that sleep is the time for the brain to reboot and do all kinds of different sleep cycles. The brain needs energy to focus and run those processes. The complex sugars and other things in honey are a super food for your brain so they can optimize the sleep processes during the night. I'd suggest trying it for 3 or 4 days and see if you experience similar results.
Just heard an awesome podcast today over with Jack Spriko.

Here's the podcast link:

Here's the link to PERMIE KIDs webiste and facebook page.

I also posted a little blurb out at the TSP Wiki.
7 years ago
Can't wait to finish the second half of this podcast and hear about all the presentations.
Anyone seen pictures or videos of the water harvesting systems at Petra that Geoff was talking about? I tried a quick Google image search but the results didn't prove anything that popped out at me.
Good find D. Logan! Made notes to add these to my article.
That's a good outline but the BBC keeps doing these historical documentary style TV series. I've tried to outline them on the wiki page linked below.
The BBC has done many of the historical documentary TV series looking at farms and other aspects of daily live in different time periods. I've tried to outline them on the wiki page below.
Hey Josiah and all you other permies, I'm glad you posted out here to I just recently subscribed to your rss feed at brink of freedom to keep an eye out for content that will fit well on the TSP wiki. I also think that eventually the wiki could be a good resource for you authors when they are creating articles for brink of freedom. I'm hoping we can get the brink of freedom page out on the wiki beefed up a bit more so we can feature it more and hopefully generate some traffic back to your site. If anyone wants to help just head on out, create an account, and get to editing.

TSP Wiki page for Brink of Freedom
8 years ago
Just wanted to stop by and make sure all the permies out there got a chance to hear about Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast community's new wiki. Jack annouced the wiki on his blog saying this "wiki should become the go to resource for all things prepper, survival and even permaculture". I think one of the best places to find people to help create and write a big ol heap of permaculture articles is right here on

I just created the page on TSP Wiki but I want all of you to head on over, create an account, and then help make the page a million times better.

Don't worry if you're concerned that editing a wiki is hard. It's about the same as posting the forums here. They've even put together a bunch of training videos to help you get started.

Even if you aren't ready to jump in and start editing there are probably quite a few articles that might interest you. You can start at the homepage or dive right into the permaculute article.
8 years ago