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Recent posts by Sheri Menelli

HI Julie, This is awesome. Thanks for posting this recording!

7 months ago
Richard Vasquez is doing a webinar right now with Rodger Savory and others.

I don't seem to have a link for non panelists. I'll try to remember to ask them to post here - it is being recorded.

Sheri Menelli
7 months ago
Hi All,

A bit of an update. I started working with Rodger Savory (His dad is Allan Savory - Holistic Management). Rodger is
working on a project in the Salton Sea / Imperial Valley area.

We have 5 podcasts up now and a video at that further describe the project.

We almost have the land that we want for the project.

1 year ago
Hi All,

A bit of an update on the Salton Sea area.

I recorded something with Rodger Savory the other day. I thought I'd share it with you all.

2 years ago
My daughter lives only a few blocks away from Village Holmes - she is an Environmental Science major at Davis. I got to walk around once about 3 years ago but only had 10 min to see things. This spring I'll be up there to see my daughter and I want to spend at least an hour walking around the neighborhood.

Village Homes has come up several times in the last few days in books I was reading and videos I was watching.

It got me thinking. Are there any other communities like it? (I searched and got this thread). It also got me thinking that if I were a developer, how would I develop something like Village Holmes? What would I change to make it better? What would make it better?

I started rereading Brad Landcaster's books on Rainwater harvesting this week. It also got me thinking about the best way to start a homestead if you were to find yourself in an RV and a piece of really horrible land. I think there was a case study on a place they later called Running Rain ?

It let me to wish that Brad Landcaster had been on the show Homestead Rescue or someone else similar to him. Wish someone would produce a show with Permie people fixing homesteads.

Anyway, I degress but I would love to know what we would all do better if we could redesign village homes or create another, newer one?

2 years ago
That was not an infusion that I drank for 20 years, that was copied from Susun Weed's website or maybe someone else's.

I have drank it before but I probably only do it a dozen times a year at most only because I usually forget about it. I just put hot water over crushed comfrey leaves.

Anyway, I really want to find a researcher or even start with an FFA or 4H kid who wants to try it on their animals and bring the results to a fair or competition.
2 years ago
This is amazing. I was thinking about how to get research done on Comfrey this morning - before I received 2 emails saying that people had responded to my 7 year old post!

Today my daughter goes to UC Davis to study environmental studies. I'm hoping that she gets connected to a few researchers this year.

I dont' believe this causes research and I believe the studies were so flawed but I want the whole world to see that it is safe through a few papers and good research!

2 years ago
I'm not interested in buying a few acres of land to live there. I actually have no interest in living there. My desire is to be involved with getting something to happen to restore it. I don't think we can wait centuries for someone to decide to do something.

How can we just ignore this when the air quality affects us on the coast of Southern California?

I don't personally have to have the money or personally know how to do it yet. I just need to help facilitate those in power to start looking at solutions.
3 years ago
Update: I never did buy land by the Salton Sea.

It has remained an interest of mine to do something for / about the area. It has gotten much worse in the past few years.

Still wonder if anyone has done a permaculture project out there.
3 years ago
I wish we could get someone to tour this and give us more info. I will re-watch the video. Last time it was incredibly inspiring.

I didn't see a link for the extra interviews / package - where is that?

Who else lives in Montana who would want to tour and tell us about this???

3 years ago