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Recent posts by kadence blevins

Carla Burke wrote:It's been over a year since I've touched any of my raw fiber, or even any that has been processed, for that matter - and it's very nearly shearing & rooing time, again! At the rate I'm going, it won't be long before I could simply disappear in the fiber mountain building up in my craft room. I'm seriously considering selling it - or at least most of it. Hmmm... FiberU is in July... I could bag up a bunch, sell it, and maybe that would(if it sells) be enough to pay the lovely processor to do the rest. It's a thought. It would be a nice way for my hobbies and critters to pay for themselves.

Spinning is my go to. I could sit and spin til my arms fall off. It's the rest of the crafting that I am back and forth on how much I do.
I want to keep all the fleeces so I can spin them! But I know that doesn't work out that way so I put everything up for sale and then I process what doesn't sell. I'd be seriously buried in wool if I didn’t!
1 month ago
I totally get it. I work on things in weird bursts. I'll do something consistently for a while and then not touch it for weeks, months, a year. Then start up like I never stopped. Or jump back into it and be obsessed with whatever project and do almost nothing else. That's just the cycles of my life.
1 month ago

Cindy Haskin wrote:OikosTreeCrops Update;
Heard back from Kenneth at Oikos about pointing me in a direction to find other providers/growers.


Did you know there are dahlia "tubers" that are edible?  Cultivariable knows. Ever heard of skerrit as an edible? Cultivariable has them along with tons of information on what they offer. Except they actively discourage ordering from them, you really need to check out this character!

I have ordered twice from Cultivariable. They're good you just have to understand it's a one man band operation and things don't get packed and mailed the moment you order.

I ordered tps (true potato seed) and went ahead and got the dahlia mix. They seem to be pretty similar to sunchokes but seed breeding is significantly easier. We'll see.
1 year ago
Different potatoes have different harvest times. Early, mid, late. Early potatoes rush to grow and tuberize then die back. Potatoes ready to harvest in a short time.
Of you want a big harvest of bigger potatoes you need a variety that will do that.


General reminder, store potatoes for eating can carry disease. It is best to plant potatoes sold as seed potatoes which have been specially screened for disease.
With the habro x domestic manual pollination.. saving seeds from those fruits.. plants from those seeds.. Those F1 plants will most likely be able to self pollinate or cross pollinate with each other?

And habro (neandermato) can only be pollen dad to domestic?

This project is so interesting. I really don't need another project but I added a big list of tomatoes to my seed list anyway! After getting Joseph's book it makes more sense to me, coming back to read this thread from the beginning.
2 years ago
Thanks! I'm only doing roma (determinate) and San Marzano (indeterminate) this year. I was hoping to order a bunch of different varieties from baker creek and start next year. I'll have to look at the sites again and look for exserted varieties.
2 years ago
I can't find a source with a plain explanation so here goes!
I'm considering just doing a tomato grex next year. When mixing tomatoes and varieties is there simple dominant/recessive for determinate and indeterminate?
I'm kind of thinking to just do indeterminate varieties but there are some cool traits in varieties that are determinate.

Resources very welcome also!
2 years ago
Ok.. full stop.. haha..
I figured out how to do the corn to minimize cross pollination. We'll see how it goes. The sweet corn is 75 day so it can go next to the harmony grain corn, 85-115 day. Then as far as I can make it (about 100ft) another block will have the high carotene corn and flour corn, both 100 days, which will be planted two weeks apart.

I finally decided to just hand pollinate a bunch of the squash. I'm going into this with the idea that I'm going to narrow down what works for me and what I like. So I can hand pollinate some for purity that I can keep pure seed from.
But... Since I'm going to try hand pollinating why not play? Haha.. So I've listed what to hand pollinate to attempt cross breeding and see how it goes. I've been doing some more research and it seems like some people report Moschata crosses work more often when the Moschata is the female of the cross. So I'm going to try a bunch of crosses that way just to see.

Butternut pure (Moschata)
x acorn
x pie pumpkin
x Nanticoke
x jarrahdale
x candy roaster

Field pumpkin x pie pumpkin (pepo)

Pie pumpkin pure (pepo)
x field pumpkin

Nanticoke pure (maxima)
x jarrahdale
x roaster

Jarrahdale pure (maxima)
x Nanticoke
x roaster

Candy roaster pure (maxima)
x Nanticoke
x jarrahdale

I don't like acorn that much so I'm not going to worry about them, they'll just be for eating. The lemon I'm doing for fun really, so I likely won't bother with them unless they turn out super awesome. Then I'll just hand pollinate a couple for seed.
2 years ago