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Recent posts by S Bengi

0.25 acre house plot
0.75 acre garden (bio-intensive carbon farming, cost = 1k)
0.5 acre chicken plot (possible grain-fed sheep too, cost = 1k)
0.5 acre fish pond (could be 1 big pond or a series of smaller pond for $3k)
1 acre orchard (180 trees at 15ft centers at $30/tree for $5,400)
(Sub-total = $25.4k)

Septic = $2k
Well = $4k
Electric = $3k for 10kw propane generator
Propane = $1k for 1000gal tank
(subtotal = $10k)

ERV = $1k
A/C = $3k
Radiant Heating = $3k
Tankless Water Heater = $1k
Plumbing = $1k
Electrical = $4k
Laundry/Mech Room = $3k
Bathroom = $3k
Kitchen = $5k
(subtotal = $24k)

House Shell = $40k

Solar Electric = $27k for solar (10kw panel, 11kw inverter, 20kwh battery)
Silvo-Pasture = $30k for 6acres
2 days ago
At the lowest point in the system put a weep/leak hole in the pipe. Just big enough so that their is no standing water in the system after say 3hrs.

Maybe a diy value that closes when there is a positive pressure coming from the washing machine but then opens after that pressure goes away.
2 days ago

Balecob doesn't have to be square

Don't let labels get in the way too much, you are going to need wood-framing (Roof, door and window jam, maybe floor/internal walls/etc). You might go with a cement/metal/stone/earthbag stem wall. Don't be too afraid to mix and match, because in reality you will have to.  
1 week ago
I would say 2.5acres or 1 hectare is the perfect/max size. Over 2.5acres and you would need machines/help to manage it.
On the lower end (after years of building max fertility, perfect species/cultivar selection, perfect watering, in a zone 10), maybe quarter acre per person.  
2 weeks ago
This might be your best year. Getting them to ripen on the vine has been a no go for me.
2 weeks ago
To me instantaneous renewable energy could be:
1) firewood/bio-diesel to heat or run a mechanical engine.
2) hydro to power a mechanical mill or a hydro-electric turbine to make electricity, a mechanical mill can also operate a heat pump directly to make heat too
3) wind to power a windmill (mechanical or mechanical-electrical, etc)
4) solar (Thermal and electrical)

To me stored (renewable) energy could be:
1) firewood/bio-diesel that has stored/converted solar energy to chemical energy
2) pumped-hydro that is converted electrical to potential energy at a higher elevation in a dam.
3) pumped/compressed air
4) chemical battery that has stored electrical energy as chemical battery
5) stored hot thermal energy as in molten salt
6) stored cold thermal energy

2 weeks ago
I have a possible solution, Radiant heating, 1000ft+ flexible pipes filled with warm water in between the basement ceiling 'beams'. It will lower the humidity levels of the basement. And provide a much better heating system for the 1st floor. You can insulate the walls of the basement with rigid insulation (think foam plywood).
3 weeks ago
Assuming that your 8,000sqft plot of land is 80ft by 100ft. If you plant trees every 10ft you can fit 36 trees. Thats quite alot.

I would start off with
1) vines: grapes(Mascadine, European/reg, concord/northern), kiwi (artic, fuzzy/regular, hardy), akebia, shizandra and maypop/passion fruit.
2) berries: blackberry, raspberry, currant, gooseberry, jostaberry, blueberry, aronia, honeyberry, goumi, seaberry
3) pawpaw, quince, asian persimmon, asian pear, jujube, figs, dwarf mulberry, pomegranate, medlar, shipova pear
4) bush cherry, sand cherry, beach plum, apricots, plums
5) the last thing I would plant is regular apples/pear, peaches/popular cultivars of stone fruits they require too high-maintenance. Unless I was planting from seedling and let 80% die/cull and only keep the best 20%.

3 weeks ago
They are nuts. You can make oil from it (coconut oil/palm oil/etc). You can also get nut flour/meal too. And for a few some kind of date like fruit. You can also tap the tree to get sap to make syrup/sugar/wine/vinegar/kefir/etc
2 months ago