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Montessori kid born and raised in Cincinnati.
Father of two, 14 years apart in age,married to an Appalachian Queen 7 years my junior,trained by an Australian cattle dog/pit rescue.
I am Unitarian who declines official membership, a pro lifer who believes in choice, a socialist, an LGBTQ ally, a Black man, and perhaps most of all an old school paper and pencil gamer.
I make, grow, and serve, not because I am gifted in these areas, rather it is because doing these things is a gift to myself.
Cincinnati, Ohio,Price Hill 45205
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Recent posts by William Bronson

This video shows pottery being fired IN somethingthat could be considered a tlud: https://youtu.be/iof4xwRUW8s

I think that would be amazing, so simple and straightforward.
2 hours ago
There is a pit (trench)kiln method that uses sawdust to surround the peices at the bottom of the pit, then covers that with metal mesh to protect the wares from the solid fuel.
After the fuel is burned down to embers they pit is covered with steel roofing and left to cool.


It's very much like a trench charcoal burn.
Instead of the bottom up of a charcoal making process, the fuel in the pit kiln is burned from the top down, which might add need thermal protection to the process.
Even so, I think firing pottery in the bottom of a charcoal making trench would work.

Edit: I wonder if the Amazonians were actually firing their ceramics in their terra preta pits?  
6 hours ago
There are other techniques that seem even better adaptable to use with a tlud.
Sawdust kilns seem to be very bad tluds, filled with sawdust and pottery to be fired.
The reason I call them bad tluds is they are lit and left to smolder.

I like that they use regular bricks plus metal mesh to stack the peices to be fired.
The sawdust protects the peices from direct heat,  from the metal mesh and from each other.

To use this with a barrel above a tlud, you could pack sawdust and  pottery into the barrel around a central chimney that was then removed.
This would be a lot like a sawdust stove (https://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/sawdust-stove-zmaz74ndzraw/), sitting right on top of the tlud.
11 hours ago
I think a second barrel on top of the first is a great idea.
The first kiln used at the Lab was basically a barrel, with an insulating firebrick lining.


I was fretting about what could be used to keep the peices separated but I remember, pottery is often fired in the fuel itself, so obviously it works out.
Check out these huge pots, fired in a carefully constructed bonfire!

12 hours ago
Wow , Angela , I have that plant !
Thanks for post your photo, I would never have guessed otherwise!
1 day ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:And on the reality side of things, I seal up old dishwashers and use them to store potatoes or onions. Lets me put a counter top on them.

They don't rot on you?
I don't even keep mine in a drawer for fear of rot.

Jay, thanks for the props!
I've been thinking a lot about sheds lately and I keep coming back to using fridges, if only for the foundation.
A single fridge laid on its back can easily have a foot print of over 10 square feet.
Dug in, leveled, and filled with rocks and you have a very well anchored square corner to screw to and build on.

1 day ago
This is a nice implementation.
The point about hyperacumulating nutrients in one place makes me think the problem is a solution.
Fast growing nutrient accumulating plants like comfrey can turn the poo into portable and pathogen free green manure.
It's an extra step,  but you get perfect plant food and you never have to handle poop.
2 days ago
A tlud could vent into a kiln, taking the place of or supplementing the rocket stove used in the experiments cited above.

Properly designed, the tlud powering the kiln  could be swapped out with an identical one,to have continuous heat with only intermittent tending.

The pit or trench methods have the usual advantage of needing little or no fuel prep.
They also allow for bigger peices to be fired.
It would be boon to self sufficiency if one could fire sections of clay pipe successfully.
A huge earthen ware cauldron would be a sought after work of art, more so if it could be cooked in.

My favorite use would be the creation of rocket stove cores, something that Flip and Jon Anderson pioneered using unfired rocket stoves to power the kiln that made fired rocket stoves.


I think the same techniques could be used with tluds.
3 days ago
How about graphite?
4 days ago
Are any of the known "aliens" strict vegans?
Most animals are opportunists, with reports of deer feeding on deer and such.
The moral logic that leads to veganism may seem quaint to aliens.
Our overall obsession with food may seem odd, especially the way we breed extra chemical defenses into our crops(I'm looking at you hot peppers).
Maybe our deep involvement in the sex lives of plants would be considered perverse.
I have often wondered if a human diet consisting only of the flesh of carnivores and parasites wouldn't be the most ethical choice.
After all, lettuce is minding its own business, but eating a lion is like stealing from a thief, who are they to complain?

It seems very likely to me that there exists forms of life we simply won't recognize as alive, much less analogous to animals, fungus and plants.
This reminds me, do vegans generally draw the line at multicellular creatures?
I'm thinking of all the foods we eat that are the bodies and waste products of single cell beasties, like yeast.
Some single cell creatures even form into multicellular creatures in order to  better survive, and then later on, disperse.
I know the whole face and/or mother rule of thumb, but what about jellyfish?

Truthfully, I have an irrational fear of eating animals that don't have a face and bilateral symmetry ,warm blood and more than 4 limbs.
Utterly unreasonable, but there you have it.

1 week ago