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Recent posts by Brett Andrzejewski

Hello Lindsay,

I host the group Permaculture of Greater Buffalo.  I may be able to contact a connection or two to help you, will send PM.  The next big Permaculture gathering is the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute yearly permaculture weekend farm tour.
August 23rd to 25th, 2019.  All weekend will be tour of Permaculture farms around the fingerlakes region.

The next gather I will be organizing will be the 3rd Saturday of September.
4 years ago
Hello Dave,

Everything is still good for the meeting, looking forward to it.  9 people are RSVP'ed from Meetup.
7 years ago
Hello Dave and Tracy,
You two would be more than welcome to join us!  The first meeting is on January 21st at 10 am at the SPOT coffee on Elmwood in Buffalo.
765 Elmwood Avenue Center, 765 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

This the first meeting and hope to decide a course for the future meetings based on input from the first.  Hope you are able to make it.

7 years ago
Hello Everyone,

Its been quite some time since I posted on these forums.  I wanted to announce that I am starting a Meetup group in the Buffalo, NY area.  A search on Meetup will find us and/or message me on this forum for more information.

7 years ago
Wow, this thread is a blast from the past.

Neither I, nor Jessica live in Albuquerque anymore.  Jessica is on the north west coast last I heard.  I am living in western NY.  I believe she had purchased a tiny house from Canada to take with her to the north west coast.  Brings back memories...
7 years ago
Hello Chris, I've been trying to meet fellow Permies in Western NY, greater Buffalo area with some success. What region of NY are you planning to move to?
8 years ago
Your probably in the same region as Green Deane of Eat the Weeds. Perhaps his Youtube videos, Website, and forum will be helpful.

8 years ago
Hello Nathan, welcome to Permies! I'll send you a PM with my personal email and phone number. Glad to have you in the group!
8 years ago
It looks like you might be over-thinking the garden. Perfection is a human construction. Nature is going to do what it do! You're going to try some things and they may work and they may not. That is how you are going to learn. It's fun to get your hands dirty and learn in the processes.

If you do something like Biointensive then you are going to plant a lot of vegetables closely packed on only have your garden and then the rest of the plants will be for composting.

If you are pressed for time and effort you may want to try all perennials so do the work once and not year after year.

You could setup a small compost area for all your table scraps, junk mail, etc. for your fertilizer inputs (screening the materials so it is all good stuff). Perhaps a worm bin inside for the table scraps and then use that for your fertilizer outside.

You have a lot of flexibility with a garden. If you are running a farm it would be a different story.
Welcome to Permies, Ven Wood. Glad to have you with us!

I remember reading some articles from National Geographic on decreasing carbon content in soil. Yet, when I did a search I could not find them. Perhaps you will be more successful.
National Geographic also has an article or two on how perennials are better than annuals.

I used to work for the USDA. The USDA also has some good tools and references you might be able to use. The Web Soil Survey is one. I also remember the USDA puts out quarterly reports on a lot of topics. I used to get them emailed to my work email. Perhaps you can find the appropriate report and sign up for it. Most of the time they are free.

Perhaps contacting your local agricultural extension office too. Give him/her a call to see if they already have all the data and reports you want.

8 years ago