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Recent posts by Clifford Gallington

I know at the home place when I was get up there a patch that was never weeded  and it produced ok, I bet it would have been better if we took care of it.  I have two plants along the fence that I found this year as I cleared out brush, maybe after clearing it out I can get more!
10 months ago

Tara Allsopp wrote:Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tara.

Hi Tara, I am Cliff and welcome, also follow your dreams! I believe in you.

1 year ago

Meg Mitchell wrote:They look great! If you liked making them and you find they hold up, it might be worth seeing if other people will pay to have shoes made. There's a guy in my community who's been making leather sandals for decades and I love mine to death; if he made boots it would be even better. Every village needs a shoemaker right? :)

It sure would be great to live in that village and be a shoe maker!
1 year ago
I have spent over a year trying to learn shoe making from the you tube and what I can figure out from taking old shoes apart.  My family are hard to fit for shoes, I have made several nice pairs of minimalist shoes but two weeks ago I finished these work boots for me.  I prefer a stiff sole when using a shovel.  Ihesr are a size 6 eee and non existant at any shoe store.  All leather and lined with pig skin.  The sole is biltrite and the heel is cat paw.  I used an ad I found in the internet from a 1935 ad in Chicago mail order catalog.
1 year ago

paul wheaton wrote:Lots of growies right away helps to hold the soil upright.  

Also, longer logs and branches on the inside helps.  

Also, making those longer logs and branches on the inside go side-to-side sometimes (not always just lengthwise) helps.  

This video does a great job of explaining "angle of repose" and how to counter it

The reinforcement material in our case is the wood.

Thank you for sharing this, plant roots and other layers add strength also I figure!
1 year ago
Everything has finally been finalized as of a few days ago, the new owners are now making repairs and getting things sorted out and ideas planed.
Local folks from up on the divide on the Kansas.

4 years ago
I do believe one in the making!
4 years ago
Ok, this property is now pending sale!
4 years ago
Yea, My mom was telling me that the winery was up there, I guess they have guest quarters also.

As far as the house goes it will need to be gutted and a roof, the foundation and half basement is solid.

This had an orchard, it is very over grown so I do not know if it is producing now and if so to what extent. But it used to be abundant with apples, cherry, goose berries.

4 years ago
this is the creek, it comes from Rock Creek state lake which is about three miles north of Parks, it is spring fed and just north of it is a state operated fish hatchery.
Blocks 9, 11, 4, 3, 6. & 10 a
4 years ago