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Recent posts by Zach Weiss

We've been releasing a TON of content on the Water Stories community, animations, films, webinars, etc.  Our latest release is one that I'm very excited about - a short video with Sepp Holzer.  This is in advance of our full film about Sepp, that will be released towards the end of this year exclusively on the platform.  

This video is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you like it, please join the community for more.  It is free to join and teaming with valuable content.

Join the Water Stories Community
3 months ago
A couple of years ago while visiting Austria, Sepp Holzer gave me the strongest compliment I’ve ever received, and then followed with - “it was good to have one of me, but the earth needs thousands, millions would be better.”  This really stuck with me, and altered the path of my life.  

I have since done my best to try and encapsulate this knowledge and approach that I’ve received and developed, into a digestible package - to make it so there are thousands or even millions of people around the world earning their livelihood healing the Earth.  The time has come and this is something people are not only ready for, but in many cases desperate for.  Having worked around the world for the past decade I’ve seen how necessary a new relationship with water is, and how every region is facing their own sets of impacts and challenges.  I’ve seen this approach deliver results even in the harshest conditions.  

So along with a team of brilliant individuals over the past 2 years we’ve developed the Water Stories Core Course.  This is my best effort to teach you all of the essential pieces I’ve learned about implementing Decentralized Water Retention Landscapes.  This course aligns with the launch of our community of practitioners, helping one another grow and develop as we collectively restore the health of watersheds worldwide.  

Learn More About the Core Course
3 months ago

This is something we've been waiting a long time to announce, the official launch of Water Stories!  We've been incubating content for the past couple of years and now it is time to start releasing these stories to the world.  We'll start with the world premiere of our 3 water cycle animations and the first of our series of short videos on February 16th.  We're doing the event at 2 different times, so you can join whichever time suits you best.

February 16 at 11 am Pacific (PST)

February 16 at 5 pm Pacific (PST)

You can also get a sneak peak of the animations now if you visit Water Stories
Hi AnnaLea, just seeing you comment now.  I would love to be put in touch with Kerry.  I just looked into Project WET, and it seems like a great initiative.  It could also be a great way to start developing our kids program, which is something we are planning on in the future.  

Could you message me her contact details?  Or I will message you mine and maybe you can connect us?  I can also reach out to Project WET directly, but I find a personal connection usually helps when possible.
7 months ago
Greetings Jeremy, thanks for your interest and comment.  We certainly welcome you to join the water stories community and start participating there!  This community will be growing over the coming year to a group of practitioners all working on projects for their local waters.

Water Stories

I love nothing more than finding unsung heroes of water and ecosystem regeneration, thank you for the name!  I am not able to find much about Dee and her work online.  Are there any good resources you could point me towards to learn more about her work?

The project you are speaking of (I believe) is Veta La Palma.  Dan Barber discusses this project in his ted talk which I also included.

7 months ago
I'm really excited about this video, and about our coming films about some of these people.  There are so many examples around the world of people restoring their landscapes, we need more people to understand what is really possible.
7 months ago

Hi permies, it's been a while!

I wanted to reach out to you about a really exciting, important project I have been working on. I love all of your guys work on this platform to restore ecosystems and water, and so I wanted to share this with you all because I think it's something you may be interested in. Ten years ago, it was just a dream of mine to build ponds and help regenerate landscapes as my profession, and I have made that happen...but there's only so much a single work crew can do.

My dream for the next few years is to start an online learning and training platform that can teach thousands of professionals how to restore water to landscapes, and help their communities put water restoration into practice.

This platform, I believe, has a ton of potential to decentralize water restoration, but we are still in the beginning building stages, so please give us any feedback about what you might want in a platform like this.

Please visit our  Water Stories Website to see more details and sign up for the newsletter there for updates when we have them.

We are going to be launching a Q&A with myself soon, so if you sign up for the newsletter you will get updates about that too.

Here is a video for the project:

Again,  Water Stories Website

With Gratitude,

Zach Weiss
1 year ago