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Longtime resident of Dreamtime Village, an intentional community in SW Wisconsin fending off the corporate poisons surrounding us.
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C. Letellier wrote:Do you know which type?  4 or 14?  If I understand correctly Symphytum x uplandicum is 14 but just making sure.

I have read and been told that Symphytum x uplandicum is neither, it's the original Russian comfrey  before the Bocking trials. Definitely not 4, if it's not 14 the strain very similar to it.
Here's one article shedding some light, if only because the word "bocking" doesn't appear anywhere:
Symphytum x uplandicum - Plant Finder
4 months ago

Amy Elben wrote:I ordered a large box of comfrey roots from this fellow and BOY was i impressed!    He was eager to please,   wanted to make sure I got exactly what i wanted, and kept in touch to keep me informed on the status of my order.    My box arrived in perfect shape ....the roots were succulent and healthy and I have every confidence they will be making an appearance above ground even before winter comes.   Thanks SO MUCH Ken!!

So glad the package made it to you without exploding. I was worried due to the Postal Service delay. Roots can mold if left too long in an airtight box. Now I'm more confident my way of packaging is secure enough for future orders. Appreciate the update, Amy!
4 months ago
Now's a great time to put Comfrey roots in the ground, to give them plenty of time to establish themselves before winter. I have oodles of Russian Comfrey plants (Symphytum x uplandicum) to dig roots from. This is an easy to grow plant with many benefits for the garden and farm. It is non-invasive (does not self-seed or spread). Comfrey is a wonderful compost additive,  and can be used to make a "Green manure tea" from the leaves for a garden and potted plant fertilizer. Most folks have heard of it's medicinal properties as an external poultice for minor wounds and broken bones. I have successfully treated skin rashes this way. Last, but probably not least, is the flowers attract bees and other beneficial insects.

The roots ship well over a 3- to 5-day window. My roots are dug to order and shipped by USPS Flat Rate within a day barring unforseen circumstances of life. Root are $12.00 per lb. plus shipping.

1 to 2 lbs are shipped in a Flat Rate padded envelope for $8.
2 to 6 lbs are shipped in a Flat Rate medium box for $15.00.
Up to 12 lbs densely packed with root pieces cut small are packed in a large Flat Rate box for $21.00. Uncut roots in all cases will be a smaller amount by 10 to 15 percent.

Reserve your order by telling me how many pounds you want, and whether you want it cut into small pieces to pack more densely, or left as larger pieces. Then I'll dig the roots and send you a Paypal invoice when your order is ready.

Attached is a pic of just one patch of what I have to offer:
4 months ago

Jamie Stubbs wrote:Is anyone able to help me on this type of wood? I think it is Cherry, but not really sure. Thanks

Looks very much like Cherry to me Jamie.
1 year ago

Mike Jay wrote:Thanks Ken for the order two weeks ago.  They've been in the ground for 14 days and several are up already.  Probably the ones that had green growth on them already.  I should be buried in comfrey in a few months

You cut mine to 2-3" per my request and I'll try to remember to update this thread with how they perform later this summer.

Mike, I appreciate your report! Just don't let the plants get thirsty, and they should do good.
I have several pounds available that are already dug, iin a bin covered in loose soil in my cool basement, just begging to be planted. And much more to dig.
I want to ask my future customers if you would like me to cut root pieces shorter so I can cram more in a box. They typically would be 2-3 inches long. I have been shipping roots in 3-8 inch lengths, making it more difficult to pack tightly. I thing I can pack 3 lbs in a padded envelope, maybe even 4.
Possibly 14-15 lbs in a large flat rate box.
Prices and shipping are the same as last year, detailed in the post just above.
Also, last fall I planted a few Bocking 4 plants so that will be available next year.
PM me or email at kenearlg at gmail dot com please.
My sister crocheted this bag probably ten years ago. It's served well as a produce storage bag and a general tote bag, but is getting pretty well stretched out. Have been saving bags for another crochet project, but I love the loom idea also. I'm planning to make a backstrap loom. For those interested, I do have a drop spindle in my Etsy store.
3 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:maybe as a pie feature.

That's cool. I'll sweeten things up and give a pie to the first three replies that would like this feature
Thanks Paul.
Dear site admins: Most forums have a mouseover preview in the topic list, but JForum seems to be an exception. I've looked at other forums using this software and don't see the feature on any of them, so maybe it's just not available? I have gotten into the habit of expecting it when I'm pressed for time and don't want to open a bunch of browser tabs. I tend to have way too many tabs open all the time
Worked like a charm, 5 clicks to the video. In case it helps, I did a video screengrab, it's 1360 x 950.