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Jay Angler

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since Sep 12, 2012
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I live on a small acreage near the ocean and amidst tall cedars, fir and other trees.
I'm a female "Jay" - just to avoid confusion.
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Recent posts by Jay Angler

I watched this interesting video about the issue of how to get rid of plastic and thought others might be interested:

I may have missed it, but the one thing that people still don't seem to be taking seriously is the concept of, "just use less". Plastic has some wonderful properties, but let's save it for the places where it shines, and use other options wherever we can!
10 hours ago

Anne Miller wrote: I agree that most fast foods and pizzas contain a lot of carbohydrates, fat, and salt.

And commercial ones have relatively little quality vegetables. I'm like Kaarina  who uses things like pizza to hide good stuff in!

This recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt for the crust of two 12" pizzas:

I was told years ago, that adding salt to "bread" recipes was important to the whole "get it to rise and be bread" process. Can anyone confirm that?

Same with a little sugar - the yeast eat it to poop out CO2, and I think will respond faster to sugar than carbs. I add milk powder to my bread machine bread and it has the same effect as lactose is a sugar. My homemade sourdough doesn't get sugar but it rises for 10 to 12 hours (overnight), so that give them plenty of time to get energy from the flours.

However, I'm always shocked with how much salt and sugar are added to things like, "pasta sauce" and have tried to teach my family to read the labels! The tomato paste hubby bought contains tomatoes and citric acid - no salt, no sugar - Yes!! (My guess is that the citric acid is lowering the pH which makes it easier to can it safely - safe food is good too!)
22 hours ago