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I live on a small acreage near the ocean and amidst tall cedars, fir and other trees.
I'm a female "Jay" - just to avoid confusion.
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Recent posts by Jay Angler

Kathleen Sanderson wrote:

I was wondering if I had enough fabric.  I may still experiment with them.  The more I think about it, the more I think I would really like to have an apron made out of that fabric!  

If you have an old damaged sheet, you could make sample sections out of that and experiment with the most efficient way to cut and whether you can piece bits together in ways you like.

May's apron uses the back pants panel as one continuous panel from the waist band to the length she wanted.
Bethany's keeps the waist at the waist and sews the bib from material elsewhere.
Neither have taken advantage of the normal front jeans pockets which I find more practical than the flat back pockets. I can also picture turning the front fly area on its side and turning it into a zippered patch pocket - not so needed for a kitchen apron, but it would be useful for me for a garden or animal care apron.

Lastly, there are no "rules" here - no reason not to combine different fabrics - jeans make a sturdy front, but possibly back panels could be out of a lighter pair of pants that are no longer desired as pants.
8 hours ago
Andrea's already in a very damp climate. I wouldn't under-estimate just how damp it is living on a boat full time. As Douglass implies, yes, BC has a huge problem with derelict and abandoned boats, which risk sinking in storms and polluting an already stressed ocean. If someone wants to re-claim a boat and rebuild it on dry land, one could end up with a unique "tiny home" and reuse resources that would otherwise be a source of pollution, I'm good with that. That said, I suspect it would involve a *lot* of work!
18 hours ago

Peter Griffith wrote:No signs of infection? That is gross necrosis.

I've seen similar but smaller in chickens and had them survive and thrive, as has a friend of mine. I've seen wounds that would kill a human just slowly heal from the edges in birds. The edges of the wound look just like I've seen in a chicken I still have and you'd never know she ever was so badly wounded. At this point, we sometimes would put raw honey on the edge of the wound to help it soften.
18 hours ago
Any chance she'd cooperate for a photo op? It would be good to post a picture of what her healing looks like for others to see what a healing wound in poultry looks like.
If she does cooperate, give her a treat from me. I'm not sure what a treat is for a turkey, but my chickens *adore* a kale leaf!
1 day ago

Owen Rogers wrote:Im going to start seeds in an old refrigerator in large bamboo culm s that I cut in 4inch pieces. I'll lay an old storm window over the top during day --remove and close the door at night. This is first time I,ve done this but results should be interesting.

1. What's the inside diameter of the culms?  
2. Do you plan on sliding the seedling out, or planting it culm and all and just expect that it will stick roots out the bottom?
3. If you're sliding the plants out, do you intend to save the culms and use them for several years?

Yes, please report back whether it works or not - if one had a variety with large diameter culms, this would certainly be a great way to get away from plastic!

I don't think any of my bamboo will grow to a large enough diameter - we're not really in the best eco-system for it, but I still find lots of uses for the varieties I grow.
3 days ago
Has she got a name yet? My young female Muscovy was always chasing after flies in the field, so she got the name "Venus" as in "Venus Fly Trap"!
3 days ago

Kevin Wilson wrote:BTW there are multiple N American posts here but all from the PNW / southern BC area where people do grow runners. Elsewhere they tend not to grow them at all.

I've grown in Ontario and the PNW. Ontario has hot summers and although we could and did grow Scarlet Runner Beans at times, there were many other varieties which grew better and had less of a tendency to grow "tough". Here in the PNW, many of those heat-loving varieties have not produced for me. Even if it's warm during the day, I'm close enough to the Ocean to have it cool off quickly as soon as the sun goes down. Scarlet Runners seem happy in that weather (and the local hummingbirds do adore the red flowers!)
Stephan Leaf wrote:

This one however only does 1 at a time, but it does a 4”x4” (out of stock but link provided for concept)
You start them in the 2x2, and graduate them to a 4x4.  

Please report back with your experiences with the 4"x4". I have not tried getting any of the soil blockers because in my wet, cool, spring, my plants have to be larger to out-compete the slugs and 2"x2" of soil simply isn't enough - when roots hit the bottom that quickly, they often think it's time to bolt. I hadn't seen a 4"x4" blocker before.
3 days ago

Andrew Mayflower wrote:With her level of healing I'm getting close to wanting to reintroduce her to the tom (and the 2 new hens).  I think I'm going to wait until the coop I picked up from friends is off my trailer and in place in the back yard.

Reintroducing her while moving the birds into their new home which will therefore be "neutral" territory is a good approach from my experience. You may still need to keep a close eye that the two new hens don't attack Wounded Girl.
4 days ago
I've got the hard hat and Hubby's got several chainsaws, but then he's the type that if two are good, three are better...

I would LOVE to have a top-bar bee hive though. Made out of *really* thick wood so it will help them feel like they're inside a natural tree hollow. I'd be pushing that project harder except friends down the road have given a farmer a place on their land for a hive in exchange for honey, and they share their honey ration with me in exchange for plants and pumpkin pie.

Hmmm... it's awfully dry here for a water-buffalo. And they're pretty big. And I expect if I only had one, he'd be lonely.
4 days ago