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Marianne Cicala

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since Aug 14, 2012
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Recent posts by Marianne Cicala

Thanks so much Leah- it is truly magical.  
3 weeks ago
It has fallen with splendor o’ the woods~
1 month ago
Thanks so much Tom. Right there with ya brother- I’m in awe of his work and so torn about leaving so much here, but they were created for this place and that’s where they belong.  I may have to request visitation rights
I’ll pass along your kind words; they are appreciated.
3 months ago
Oh Tammy- music to my ears!  Thank you so much as I am so tired of hearing from hunters and hunt clubs which may NOT darken this place.   Safe travels back and let me know if I may answer any questions.
3 months ago
Sean!!  Congratulations on having a daughter and yes, when she is old enough to appreciate your path, I hope you take her on a walk about, like we did so often.  I miss you and your BIG waves when either of us returned home.   Stay close to the dirt Sean, your soul is there!   Thank you for the almost 2 years you shared with me while sculpting this place.  I see your touch everywhere there. Many good hands have left their mark and that makes the magic!
3 months ago