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Recent posts by Marianne Cicala

Magic that will be long gone by tomorrow- but for today.....
3 days ago
Amazing weather swings in the last week. Both so beautiful!  But very happy to see snow and cold- the rest of the fruit buds need to calm the hell down.  Lol
4 days ago
Bloomers in Feb, happily only 2 plums, and a perfect end to days of rain.
1 week ago
With all of the weather challenges globally, feeling lucky that we only have a couple early blooming fruit trees that will loose their sparkle by morning.
2 weeks ago
Hey Leah~
So glad that you came for some R&R!  Happy to know you.  Xoxoox
3 weeks ago
Very interesting thread and I will simply add my 2 sense.
I was introduced to Permaculture at 50 and prior to that, spent decades in the business world.  I have a working profitable Permaculture farm & have always wrapped my planning around being profitable aka a sustainable farmer.  Just as noted in the first entry, I did infrastructures, hardscape, water scape and trees, layering from there.  
As a business, when layering additions and guilds, I approached much of it from a “profit per square foot” scenario.  I too spread tonage of barley seeds (to also attract birds and pollinators) and chipped loads of hardwood branches to creat pathways which I inoculated with wine cap mushroom spores.  At this point, and it takes a few years, my only expense is packaging and maybe $100 in purchased seeds.  We have a variety of layers, not only in the farm but from a variety of income streams.  We held monthly workshops, started as many seedlings for sale as we did for planting, infused honey for sale, dried herbs for winter sale.....  
We never planted (for sale) things like broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower since they take up so much valuable space and bring in far less then leafy greens planted in the same area.  We had weekly foodie emails for preorders so when we went to a farmers market we already had hundreds of dollars of presales & only harvested just a bit extra for walk ins and when we were sold out- we invited interested folks to get in our email list so we could have exactly what they wanted waiting for them.  It also stopped wasting harvested food that didn’t sell (yes we dried and canned plenty ) and once sold out, our time at the market done.  It is doable and I was able to continue what I love because it sustained us physically and fiscally.  
3 weeks ago
Crazy everywhere but if my biggest issue is flowers in bloom in Jan - I’ll count my blessings!
4 weeks ago