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North Idaho, zone 5a
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Recent posts by Wi Tim

Not really answering your questions, since I am in a quite different climate than yours. But don't forget about timing of the harvest. You probably don't want the edibles to be ready to harvest when school is on summer vacation.
3 years ago
Thank you, John and Anne for your advice!
4 years ago
John, I got excited after your reading your post, but Joseph returned me back to earth
No, I did not come to this country to do something illegal. I don't want to own a 'black market" nursery.

John, you said you looked into it, but did you actually import any seeds?
4 years ago
Hi fellow permies,

The idea is to start a permaculture nursery that specializes in Soviet varieties, selling seedlings and possibly seeds. I see there is enough interest, and since I grew up in the former Soviet Union and have friends and relatives in quite a few of the Newly Independent States (including Central Asia), it could be a great fit.
However, before I even try to explore the export regulations in those States, I need to figure out how to legally import the seeds to US.

My question is, what do I need to do in order to import to the USA seeds of perennials, trees and shrubs from abroad? I am talking about a dozen of varieties and maybe a couple of hundreds seeds each to start, with plans for expanding in the future.
More specifically,
1) Do I have to submit an "Application to Import Plants or Plant Products" to USDA?
2) Should I try to qualify under Small Lots of Seed Program?
3) Form 587 (assuming I need it) calls for a specific "Port of Entry", does it mean I will not be able to receive the seeds by mail?

Thank you!
4 years ago
I planted mine from seed a couple of years ago. Did not need to stratify; all growing strong now.
But it would probably be easier to do it by division - then I would not have to babysit the little plants.
4 years ago
Peter, do you think the myco-weeds might exist?
4 years ago
We had several pretty large fires in the area last year. Lots of firefighters, lots of fire retardants used. This year a record crop of morel mushrooms is expected.
My question is: are those morels safe to eat?
4 years ago
I know it might sound weird, but could there be such a thing as myco-weeds?
When we bring "mushroom kits", "mushroom patches" or mycorrhizal fungi (= likely non-native mushrooms) to our gardens, could they possibly escape and outcompete native fungi, similar to what invasive weeds do?
There are products on the market that contain more than a dozen of different species of mycorrhizal fungi, plus even more species of beneficial bacteria... Are they safe for the nearby forest, I wonder?
4 years ago