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Silk Seduction
The dirty little secret of Silk Production
2 months ago
Dear Paul,

Dr Eric Goodman is a spine specialist that has been interviewed by Dr. Mercola and many others. He is a doctor to professional athletes etc.
He says EVERY spine problems starts at the Foundation of our spine, our pelvis and stacks from there. Our head and neck are the last to balance.
Work on the foundation and the rest falls into place. Here are two Youtube searches to get the Foundation excersice. It works!

God bless you!
5 years ago
Got the 2 of 2 to my Yahoo at 5:31 Central time this morning.
Never got 2 of 2, using yahoo email in Firefox and Android.
Hi Larry,

I'm north of Dallas, TX and the last 2 years the summers have been very dry. It is most years but very little rain in the summer and much more rain in the winter. We went 3 months without rain last year and 2 months without rain this year. I'm at the beginning of the learning curve and am trying to get the best info for my short and long term plan.

I'm putting together a plan but there isn't a lot of great examples here in my are that I have found yet.

Thanks for your good work!
9 years ago
Dear Biology Bill,

That would definitely be a sweet gig to be on this forum and make money for posting my thoughts.
However, I am a working class stiff without anyone even TRYING to bribe or issue grants to me. (Sure, that's what all the posers for the petrochemical conspirators say, huh?)

I like your comment about the video, "Shouldn’t the conclusion be “Plants grown in a greenhouse, in an enhanced CO2 environment will produce more Biomass”?"

I agree.

I actually have met Craig Idso's father, Sherman Idso, when I lived in Arizona and have seen some of his backyard experiments. I met him because coincidentally was friends with his daughter at the time and was interested to meet him as she told me about her family. I didn't pick up any dishonesty during or after my brief encounters or I wouldn't bother posting from their source. Sherman is the one who started the co2 research stuff in his family which I believe started decades before any grants were involved. I do not support or defend any dishonest research in the name of anything. Truth is my bottom line. There seems to be WAY too much scientific dishonesty these days on whatever the issue or motivation.

I'm relatively new to the Permaculture scene. I love science and am trying to question at the micro and macro scale the stuff that was shoved down my throat from my "brick in the wall" public educational upbringing. The current public education is full of myths and fables and is mostly ignoring Nature and for sure Permaculture. I'm NOT a proponent for Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Brother or any of that anti-freedom crap. As a matter of personal passion, I believe that most if not all of the health issues would be resolved eventually if all of our food and water were fully optimized.

I've study science a bit and admire revolutionaries such as Sepp Holzer, Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton and others, as what I consider modern day geniuses for rehabilitating mankind's poor stewardship of the earth. I do have a passion for honestly and civilly questioning everything. I would love to have the actual laws of Nature fully taught in a fully functional educational system. I can dream can't I?

I live north of Dallas. Perhaps we may be able to meet sometime.
9 years ago
Biology Bill, the skepticalscience site mentions tests without much detail. If a plant is stimulated without the full support of a healthy ecosystem, I would expect plant weakness and the bugs would do their job and attack. The difference of co2 has not increased to the degree in the video so I wouldn't expect redwood sized apple trees. We are at about 380 to 390 ppm now.

There are a few field studies showing that since the industrial age, some American grasslands have increased growth of woody shrubs from mainly grass. It appears to be a progression. Not sure what size produce has been pre-industrial age.

As some of my favorite permaculturalists such as Sepp Holzer and Geoff Lawton say, reforestation changes the climate and rainfall for the better. Was it Borneo that had an increase of rainfall by 20% with massive re-forestation. I'm sure that had an effect on the temperature.

Historically in the Roman times, north Africa was recorded as a bread basket, a very productive place. Since those times, people have overgrazed, cut down trees and desertification set in. I'm sure that re-forestation the permacultre way would affect temperatures greatly. Geoff Lawton showed how he affected the 10 acre site 2 kilometers from the Dead Sea in Jordan. He didn't mention temperature records. Given time and lager areas, I'm sure the temperature would be more tempered. His study also of the Arizona desert showed a great change that can take place. I also witnessed in Arizona, that the landscapes that were not barren had a severe tempering of the highs.

Also, I have yet to discover any scientist that has calculated what the ppm would be if all the trapped oil, coal, frozen methane and natural gas were again in circulation or what it was before it was trapped.
9 years ago
Patrick Whitefield's discussion on more carbon in the soil prompts this post. More carbon in the soil is necessary as is more carbon di-oxide in the atmosphere for more optimal growing.

Scientifically is what I'm talking here. Were not the organic materials of petroleum, coal, and methane available in the carbon cycle before being buried, captured, sequestered, frozen or in whatever form, away from the atmosphere? Oil was at one time living material, coal used to be trees etc, natural gas and frozen methane has passed through a biological process to be formed, just as microbes form the gas that we as humans pass. When all these things were trapped, some scientists say by ancient impact etc., their circulation was taken out of the environmental mix, causing a lowering of the available carbon in the overall cycle, whether in the soil or atmosphere.

It is a know fact that more co2 available to plants in the air and carbon in the form of humus in the soil, make plants grow much better.

I used to grow alfalfa and radish sprouts and delivered them to customers up and down the Oregon coast. As I did a little research on how to get better growth, I learned that greenhouse growers consistantly use higher concentration of co2 in the controled environment for much better growth. We are at about 390 parts per million of co2 right now in the atmosphere. I know anciently that plants and animals both grew much larger, such as in gigantic fossilized crocodiles etc. Is there a correlation between plant and animal size and atmospheric co2?

What do you think of this video?

9 years ago
Has anyone else read any of the Victor Schauberger material?
I find it fascinating and am going to try to incorporate some of his amazing work into my future Permaculture system.
There are at least 8 books I've found about his work. I'm going through Hidden Nature right now.
There is some stuff that isn't correct on the larger and broader stuff of science but he is absolutely amazing on water.

Anyone found any of them amazing as I have or is this Undiscovered Country?
9 years ago
How close is your water to the Fountain of Youth?

As the great Sepp Holzer says, it all starts with water. Water is our main earthly constituent. I have been intrigued by it for many years.

Terrestrial life is not possible without water. Ponce' De Leon searched for the famous fountain of youth. There are venerable sources of water around the world. They are natural sources that the locals say have almost magical properties. There are several common traits that these waters have in common. 1. They are free from contamination, 2. They have a very rich compliment of minerals and 3. They have natural motion or action. Each of those points can be delved into in great depth and detail. The better we have all of those aspects in our waters, the better our our macro and micro organisms will thrive.

Scientifically, water is a fluid crystal that has electrostatic and molecular curiosities that modern science has yet to fully appreciate. Modern hydrologists and industrial suppliers of "Clean Water" as Paul loves to say, "... want to make Nature their Personal B*%@&." As Sepp loves to say, "Catastrophe!" Most if not all water and beverage that comes out of a pipe, bottle, jug or can is less than optimal to say the least. Most water is contaminated to some degree, has poor or detrimental mineralization and has either passed through an unnatural piping system or has been sitting so long that it has become unhealthfully stagnant.

These points bring me to mention the work of another AMAZING Austrian, Victor Schauberger. He dedicated his life to learning about and trying to help us understand about water. I have to ask myself, why are there so many amazing people from Austria; Sepp Holzer, Victor Schauberger and of course the incredible Von Trapp family of The Sound of Music, but I digress.

When Victor Schauberger tried to explain how he came upon his discoveries, he would say every time that he studies nature. Victor's work helps explain some of Sepp's water.

I am still compiling and testing what I have been led to. Some of the books about Victor's work are: (Compiled and translated by Callum Coats) Living Energies, Nature as Teacher, The Energy Evolution, The Fertile Earth, The Water Wizard; (Other titles by various) Living Water, Hidden Nature, Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy, Self-organizing Flow Technology. You can also Google Victor Schauberger and click on video for some quick or long videos regarding some of his work.

Post some of the wisdom you have gathered.
9 years ago