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Travis Johnson wrote:

Maine is a egg producing state and one market is actually China. To get that market the Maine Dept of Ag ruled that eggs can keep up to 6 months if properly refrigerated. 6 MONTHS! Wow, that is nuts (and yuck).

They didn't RULE it. It's true. First off, how old do you think store bought eggs are before they get to the store? They can take 30 days and then 30 days more in the store.

Eggs, properly handled, can remain fresh and safe for 6 months. Start by NOT washing them. Store in a cool place. Large end up. My understanding is the US is the only country that spends money on washing and refrigerating eggs.
2 years ago
Of course. Along with all the research and planning I have already done, engaged an attorney and formed an LLC and all the time I have and will be putting in to finding the investors, residents and managing the project. My family and I will also be living there full time as soon as we are able to build a home.
6 years ago
I know many of you have talked about doing a land purchase before. I am forming an intentional community based on non-aggression and permaculture principles. There are many obstacles to overcome but I have figured out a solution.

I have launched a business to purchase a large piece of land in NH, ideally 200 acres, where you can build what you want for a home on your own time. A place where we can create our own community.
Most people get stuck trying to overcome the financial hurdle of doing this. This is why I have spent the last several months constructing a business plan that would allow people to live their dream. This is a solution for good times and bad. In good times a business needs to make money, and this will. In bad times we will all need a group of mutually supportive people, a prepared and self sustaining community.

I am currently seeking investors with a minimum of $25,000 to invest.
I will be seeking ‘participants’ who would be leasing a lot on a 99 year term, guaranteed renewable and saleable after we purchase a piece of land.
If you are interested in learning more, please email me with your FORUM name and whether you are interested as an investor, participant or both. I will be scheduling group meetings for those who may be interested.

BetterWayLiving @ gmail dot com.
6 years ago

julie mcneeley wrote:Where would one find abandoned towns?

6 years ago

Suki Leith wrote:What gets me is the debt-to-income ratio.

So I can't get a mortgage, which would be less than what I would spend on rent by about $200 a month, because of my debt-to-income ratio. How's that for logic? Because if you manage what pencils out as impossible to others then that means you're a risk. And because the poor can't be trusted, the poor must spend more to live. And why are we poor? Why do we have an impossible debt-to-income ratio? Because we're paying education loans...

I am going to have to get a high interest low balance credit card and build my credit worthiness. Since I have no needs and don't buy anything, I'm just going to have to charge groceries. Pay interest on groceries so I can get a mortgage. The world is insane...

If you pay the card in full each month you pay no interest usually.
8 years ago
In NH there are some (maybe many) who will conduct business in silver. Free State Project puts on the Porcupine Freedom Festival and I conducted busness in copper, silver, eggs and BACON during the PorcFest!

There is also barter. I would certainly barter for services. I think the harder items to barter for are some of the things we consider essential every day but I know of someone who is often paid in food (bags of it) in exchange for his work.
8 years ago

Whe you brought your quail and any other birds yo tried to introduce to the property, how old were they? I belong to a club that does some conservation work but it's all volunteer. we had the same problem you are having with getting the birds to sta. Recently we had a new member join who advised us to buy them young. I think we got the last batch at 6-12 weeks old? When you get them young (as it was explained to me) they are too scared to venture too far out and they have time to 'imprint' (which I take to mean make this new spot home) before they become more adventurous. It seems to be working as they have now been on the property for about 4 weeks. They usually don't stick around for 4 days! We shall see when they get older and more adventurous if they stick around. We are also holding off hunting any for 2 years and will introduce some young every year until they are self sustaining. We also planted alfalfa at areas around the property near the edges of thick forest (they like the thick growth for safety).
8 years ago
I am near you Steve and I think we may have met on another forum. My husband and I are desperately trying to move out of MA.Just need to get rid of this house first. We are looking into buying our own piece of land and building our own home- maybe cob, maybe earthbag, maybe conventional construction mixed in.
8 years ago
I was thinking a lot about this issue the last few days. Having set up my own business which I currently run, led me to consult with an attorney and an accountant as well as conduct my own research. I have also taken many classes regarding real estate ownership. Obviously some laws are different depending on what state you are in. Your choice as to how to hold the land is also dependent on your personal goals. So let me share a little here.

In the state I currently reside you can set up a trust and hold the land in a trust. The trust has to be recorded with the county the land is in. Any trust which does not own land need not be recorded. The only person(s) 'on record' are the trustee(s). The beneficiaries are the owners of the land in effect. The trustee can be given vast powers or limited powers and can also be a beneficiary. Any trust where the trustee(s)=the beneficiary(s) is not a valid trust. The beneficiaries can sell their interest, though the sale process can be restricted by the trust (right of first refusal, etc). My understanding is there are states where a trust which holds land does not need to be recorded, thus no 'public record.'

Corporations - not so sure I would use this method as anyone working needs to receive a paycheck. This produces income taxes and reporting requirements for the shareholders.If you form anon-profit corporation I am unsure how that affects things. Shareholders could sell their shares to others. Again, the sale of shares can be restricted through the corporate and/or partnership agreements.

LLC's may be a viable option. Shares are easily sold. Can be restricted as mentioned previously. Shareholders receive their share of profits as distributions. I am not sure if you can set this up as a non-profit.

Personally, I would want as little reporting and government interference as possible. Not sure which one of these entities would be best for that. I would definitely want some type of agreement for all involved to spell out everyone's rights and obligations. Keeping things in your own name can open you up to personal liability.

I think I confused myself even more. I certainly have not resolved anything.
8 years ago
with regards to deed restrictions I meant things which would prevent development, not restrictions on a person's constitutional rights. You could place a restriction that the land not be subdivided or that it contain only one home or that it could only be used for residential and agricultural use.

If you do it through a lease to buy there could be options you could write in which would give you the right to evict during the term of the lease.

Remember though that every time you place a restriction on the deed and what a person can do with the property you are taking away some of it's value.
8 years ago