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Patrick Thornson

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since Jul 08, 2012
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Many places have shared vehicle businesses. You need a car on Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 5pm? Just sign up and pick the vehicle type you need for that specific time. You do need to have a licence to drive and you sign up for the temporary insurance for that time period only.

Many places around the world have shared bikes across the city or region. Pick up a bike, use it, drop it off at a drop off site (you get your deposit money back.) The bikes are unique looking so there is no way you could just steal one of those bikes easily and get away with it.

Many places have e-bikes or mopeds for rent. Many places rent inline skates or pedal bikes or even pedal 'cars' for longer distances.

Just sayin'- you may get away from owning a car in certain cities/towns.

If you live in a rural area or a place with sh*tty bus service- well, you probably know that already.
10 years ago
Sometimes things are debunked. Sometimes things are debunked several times. Sometimes things are debunked again and again and again....

"Biologists assert that it is highly unlikely. Viruses require a living host to replicate and can't propel themselves across a room to an attractive, cut onion...."

10 years ago
Where have you been? What was one of the most spectacular places you've ever visited?

My fave- Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway.

10 years ago