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since Jun 21, 2012
Living in a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep clay/loam with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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Shoshin (初心) is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

2 days ago
Why would the move need to be so far away?  
Maybe there is something within family and school range that has better prospects for growing things? and doesn't have oil drilling so near by?
...less land maybe but more exciting possibilities?
5 days ago
It's too bad the brand 'Warm Morning' is taken

Maybe 'Warm Bench Heater' or 'wood to warmth'; 'Warm Bottom' stove;
5 days ago
We have not moved often but when a 'reassessment' of our lives called for it I have never had any hesitation (my guy has been more reluctant because he is the 'bang your head against the wall' type and does not give up or give in That balance works for us.

The first move was after living a decade or more in a cabin and five acres in a ravine with no utilities and road accessibility, our children were young then...then we lived in a rented house for a few years before my mom needed full time care and we moved her to live with us for a decade in another house that we bought along with ten acres that was closer to civilization and our sons were in high school.  The next move was after her death (and our sons were off to college) to forty acres that would have been our dream place in our twenties but we were in our fifties then so enjoyed for fifteen years but were frustrated with keeping vehicles running over the rough roads and feeling like we were always 'behind' ...we sold that place to a younger couple who had more cash flow and were permies!

Where we have been for the past almost five years is on the edge of a small rural town that our son and his family has lived in for years.  We have eyed it for awhile and found the perfect small old house on almost an acre.  For us, having less land to focus on has been a blessing.  We have planted more perennials than ever and huge gardens....and after forty years of fighting rocks where ever we dig, we have no rocks...I can dig a hole in the ground without a pry bar and pick....and we are actually closer to family.

My point to this long ramble is it's hard to differentiate between feeling stuck and feeling challenged or feeling like a failure.  There is nothing wrong with thoughtful life changes...it is not failure or giving up, it can be life changing and open up a whole new world.
5 days ago
I cleaned the lens with alcohol and also tried 'knocking' a bit...worth a try but the spot persists.

thanks everyone!

6 days ago
Thanks for all of the ideas...we have found if we do medium rather than extra large loads the water does not creep out from under the machine.  Not a fix by any means but a work around to buy us some time.  The floor is solid vinyl underneath so am certain it's not soaking into the underflooring.
6 days ago
thanks again everyone!

at the moment I'm holding the screen down with three wooden clothes pins and two clips.  
I did some more reading and I came across replacing a screen with 3m double sided tape that is made for electronics.  While looking at the opening I could see glue residue in a few places and I'm back to thinking it was from summer heat in our house and old age.

Has anyone replaced a screen with that sort of tape? This has only lifted from two sides so I'm hoping I don't have to remove the screen completely?

Everything is working as normal, touch screen, charging, etc...no overheating.
6 days ago
I never grow them because they just appear if you let anyone know that you like them.

Years ago the joke was to be sure and lock your car during zucchini season.  At the time hardly anyone here locked and many left the keys in, including us.
I am thoroughly enjoying a facebook group I joined that is dedicated to tempeh making...wonderful discussions exploring both traditional and innovative methods.  Here is the link  tempeh makers
1 week ago