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since Jun 21, 2012
Living in a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Arkansas Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep loam/clay with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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paul wheaton wrote:It sounds like devaka is up for giving this a try, but will need extensive testing once up - because he doesn't have access to IE himself.

Y'all up for it?

I'll give it a go...I just opened permies in IE on my tablet  and see the broken word thing Kenneth mentions.  

And it seems I can report things in IE now where I could not before?  

I don't see the long horizontal lines of text that his screen shot shows though.

So, I'm not sure my glitches will be the same.

I am not in mobile view.
Nicole, that is a perfect idea! Especially if I could come up with a nice box for each of them and maybe some 'starter' materials...they are still young enough to think tiny...I always thought it interesting that young children see such small details Lately the girls have been asking about dyeing with my cosmos but would like to select the yellow ones...to me they are all orangish but they found the tiniest rare yellow one in amidst the rest...
16 hours ago

Kenneth Elwell wrote:This is what's happening. Sebastian's comment seems logical? (judgmental, but justified?)
My browser may be out of date... I'll check that, and I'll switch to a different browser later this weekend and report back.

I had all kinds of glitches with IE.  I kept reporting things whenever I was on my tablet thinking it was a bug or something at permies.  It was amazing when I switched to FireFox how so many odd things cleared up.  Things that you would not think a browser would affect but apparently Internet Explorer is exceptional in that way
Jen and Nicole,
It's definitely wool Not a handspun but from a commercial source.

Wool will char or scorch if the heat source is that hot...it is self extinguishing though.  

(this is where it's nice to have my notifications set to tell me when someone says 'judith'.  I like that option.)
1 day ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:I spent my spare minutes over the last couple days crocheting a pot holder for the door of the rocket cooktop, which we have discovered gets quite hot. I used some gorgeous naturally-dyed yarn that Judith Browning very kindly sent to Wheaton Labs, which Paul & Jocelyn were sweet enough to allow me to use. Unfortunately, the door got a lot hotter than expected, and charred the potholder almost instantaneously! Luckily, the charring was on the wrong side, so the right side (the “front”) still looks good, and can be used for actual pot handles. I may need welding gloves for the door!  

Jennifer Richardson wrote:Nicole, I think it actually was wool that burnt! I was really surprised. I did not felt it, though—I’ll have to give that a shot.

That is definitely wool and that stove must have been really really hot to char it!  Wool is self extinguishing but will char if the heat source is hot enough...and will smell like burning hair.  

I would try what Nicole suggested and make large and shrink.  I felted a hat out of that same yarn and it came out very thick and way smaller than I intended  I guess that wouldn't help with the charring though? just protect your hand more....

Beautiful crocheting!

Whether we and our politicians
know it or not,
Nature is party
to all our deals and decisions,
and she has more votes,
a longer memory,
and a sterner sense of justice
than we do.

~Wendell Berry

(1934 to pres., American novelist, poet, essayist,
environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer)

3 days ago
"We do not grow absolutely, chronologically.
We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly.
We grow partially.
We are relative.
We are mature in one realm, childish in another.
The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present.
We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”
― Anais Nin
6 days ago
I love my horihori knife from trulygarden! I'm sorry I did not write a review yet though.  
I bought a second one for our son who used the first one a lot and did break it just a few months ago.  I bought him another this august for his birthday along with the folding knife. I gave him my  grafting tool that I had already bought but had not used yet also.  He gives the hori hori knife high marks and feels like he was pushing it's limits prying a rock (who knows how large it was ?).  The other knives he has not used yet but they feel well made and heavy like they will last.

I also have the pruners and am happy with them.  My old fiscars have a tool for tightening and loosening nuts and things which would be a nice addition when you carry the pruners again.

I appreciate the quality leather holders for both the pruners and the horihori knife but I never use them!  I don't wear a belt or things with waistbands that would hold the weight so it's never been a possibility.  I even have to hang my water container for scythe stones on a nearby fence instead of a belt when I'm scything.  So far I have only 'lost' my knife once and was able to retrace my path and there it was stuck in the dirt like I try to leave it.    Unfortunately this is not the case for my husband's sickle...we're afraid it got covered in mulch and is lost until spring.
1 week ago

Coco Newlon wrote:Thank-you for the knitted wash-cloth and the lovey note!!

The washcloth has 'permies' knitted in   I think the photo is reversed though? or maybe the washcloth is face down?

Lovely work Inge!!!
Well, the pawpaw guy was at the market tuesday and I bought quite a few of them but some seem too green?
We ate one of the ripe ones just today and it was delicious.  Last year I put the unripe ones in paper bags out on the counter and they ripened slowly over several days.  Some of these are in bunches still on a branch though and look too green but I've put them back to ripen and we'll see what happens.

Dan Grubb and Dan Boone? If you want me to try to send whole fruit I'll give it a try...just PM me an address.

I might have enough for a few other folks if it looks like the greener ones will have viable seed.

Any ideas for packing a soft fruit?

1 week ago