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Recent posts by Joy Day

THE MISSOULA TIME BANK IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We hope you will join us by becoming a member.

Affiliated with Transition Missoula and Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, the Missoula Time Bank (MTB) is a service exchange that uses time rather than money as the unit of currency. Members provide services for other members, bank time hours and spend them on services they need. Time bankers practice the principle of reciprocity – everyone gives and everyone receives. All skills are valued equally.

Go to our website at to find out more about time banking and to become a member. Be sure to watch the videos on time banking created by the Onion River Exchange in Vermont and Hour Exchange Portland in Maine. These established time banks have more than 700 members each, and their videos are inspiring!

To administer our time bank with a part-time paid coordinator, we ask that members pay an annual fee of $25. However, no one will be turned away.

We welcome your participation in the Missoula Time Bank. By joining, you will contribute to building community, abundance, and economic resilience in the Missoula area. You will have fun providing services you enjoy sharing, and you will have access to all the services other members offer.

LIKE US on Facebook and spread the word about Missoula Time Bank to your friends.

If you have questions, please email us at or call the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center (406-543-3955) and leave a message for MTB with your contact information.
7 years ago
I have four raised beds (plus two other ground-level beds at the front of the house) that I won't be gardening in this year and would love to have them used by someone who needs them. They are in the backyard of my home which is in the University district of Missoula. I will provide hoses and water (and watering time), you provide all else. If interested, please contact me at:
8 years ago
Can anyone point to a reputable source that indicates how long tannins remain in pine and fir after the tree has died? Trying to identity if/when this wood might be good for a hugelkultur bed.
8 years ago
Saturday, December 1, 5 pm, 4th St and Higgins Ave. The Peace Center will participate this year in the 10th annual Parade of Lights. The theme of our float is “Shop Fair”. Our people-powered float will be decorated with glow sticks, we’ll have signs and fair trade instruments to make some music. Now, all we need are folks to walk with us. Please contact Seth Cox, (208) 520-1446 to volunteer.
8 years ago
Are you familiar with the Sundog Ecovillage outside of town?

might be a great place to get ideas and network.
8 years ago
Saturday, December 1, 1-5 pm, JRPC
A chance to visit this great resource center and fair trade store -Holiday Open House with some great sales -- 20% for members, 10% for everyone else, holiday music by the Dragonfly Singers, an A Capella folk duo, refreshments and a special 3 pm book reading by local author, Charlotte Kasl from her new book, If the Buddha Had Kids: Raising Children to Create a More Peaceful World.
8 years ago
AERO has an on-line directory of Montana-grown food and product: Abundant Montana

Seems a great way to source local foods. Curious if others know about this and have used it?
8 years ago
Native Seeds/SEARCHs groundbreaking course in all things seeds is coming to Missoula, Montana for a special 5-day session!


Special Montana Seed School Session, January 21, 2013
Location: University of Montana
College credit available*

Join NS/S Executive Director Bill McDorman, Joy Hought MSc., and special guests for this exciting class held at the University of Montana.

Co-sponsored by Native Seeds/SEARCH, Lake County Community Development’s Mission Mountain Food Enterprise and Cooperative Development Center, and the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Program. Special thanks to the Montana Seed Producer Cooperative Steering Committee.

$250 Early Bird tuition (by Dec 14)
$300 Regular tuition

Tuition fees for this Seed School are partially funded by a grant from the USDA Rural Development Program. Take advantage of this reduced fee and experience Seed School in the rugged beauty of Big Sky Country!

Space is limited to 25 students – please register early!
8 years ago
Missoula's Food Bank once again steps up to the plate this Thanksgiving, doing what it can to minimize the financial stress and uncertainty that so many Missoulians are feeling. According to a Missoulian article, the food bank was anticipating distributing approx. 1,500 turkeys, likely exceeding last year's number. Missoulian article Thank you Missoula Food Bank!
8 years ago