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That would be too long. However, I have four grandchildren and live near half of them. I've acquired a few skills and credentials, including a physics degree, a clinical social work license, Ortho-Bionomy (that's a holistic healing method) and ordination as a Zen priest. I retired in order to take up the occupation above.
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I have paper wasps in multiple nests on the eaves of my garage and under a handrailing by the deck. All are close to the deck, to the garage, and to the front door. I haven't been stung for a couple of weeks, but it's getting tiresome. I'm getting some of that sky blue paint.

On the garage, shall I just paint the wood rafters, or spray the entire eaves - metal and wood alike?
Since they like the plastic, I'm wondering whether I need to paint the entire railing sky blue. Or just the undersides? Or won't it work anyway? They've chosen a spot that's sort of a cozy corner.

And then - hornets or bees are eating my strawberries and raspberries. Is it true that the wasps might chase them off, and how can I encourage a wasp nest over there? (It's just across the driveway, and there's an old chicken coop.... ideas?

And by the way, homeopathic Apis has taken the sting right out if taken quickly. I use 200c. Some people use Vespa - it would depend on your body's reaction.
3 years ago

But I do know that in the past their magazine has been more bare bones aesthetically, no color, newspaper type feel.
Thanks. I think they've upgraded a bit, but I like the newspaper. Though I haven't been willing to burn or compost it.

Also, they do not have a digital subscription option. That alone is a big difference.

Also, The Permaculture Activist has followed the format of a specific topic per issue, with in depth coverage, designed for the very knowledgeable person in permaculture. Their articles are often quite technical, appealing to the very advanced in this niche. Like I said, their content of the magazine is in black and white, and on paper with a similar texture to newspaper. PMNA will follow PMUK’s eye-catching design and style recognized around the world, with color photos, advertisements, and artwork throughout the magazine. Our articles are also more broad reaching, covering a variety of topics each issue, including ones for the novice and and the professional permaculturist, creating a much broader appeal to the public.

Well, that explains why there are and should be two! I have always been involved with Permaculture Design since my first PDC (and save my back issues for library use) but recognize that you are offering something that reaches out more - a worthy service! And obviously digital is extremely useful. Best wishes - though not needed.

4 years ago
How will it be different from Permaculture Design (formerly Permaculture Activist)?
4 years ago
I recommend looking for a practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. This bodywork system has a ridiculously high success rate, and does not involve added pain. It is done in person, and is not likely covered by insurance. Explanation here: I didn't watch the video, so I'll just add that in my mind OB is like permaculture: small input evoking natural healing (ok, sort of like) by following the way things naturally act. And when I first learned it, I thought I'd been given a magic wand.

I was a practitioner of this, and still try to keep my skills up for emergencies, but I'm in Minnesota. I gain nothing by making this referral except satisfaction in helping somebody get out of the clutches of the medical system.

I found these Montana listings:

Name: Vanne Mocilac
Location: Whitehall MT 59759

Name: Cecily Schroepfer
Location: Billings MT 59101

Name: Aaron Zum-Mallen
Location: Columbia Falls MT 59912

Associate Members

Elizabeth Ann
Name: Elizabeth Ann Bird
Location: Bozeman MT 59715

Name: Jenna Caplette
Location: Bozeman MT 59715

Name: Patrice Promack
Location: MT

And if the closest person to you is just an Associate Member, don't worry. Some people just don't bother with credentials. They promise not to make it worse, by the way. As to payment? Cheaper than a doctor or a PT, and probably more effective.

If none of those is near you, there are these options:
Cranial-sacral therapy
Cranial osteopathy
Myofascial release (not myofascial therapy, that really hurts)

I can give you names of energy healers who work by phone, but something so physical really calls for a physical response.

Best of luck!

4 years ago
Thank you both. I had forgotten - busy dealing with getting wood stoves going - but really like hearing the encouragement.

I wonder if it's safe to put 2" of earth over concrete - I have the space. And tons of sand (to dig out of the ground here; it's that clean in some places).
6 years ago
I'm also looking for an answer to the freeze question. S Minnesota is a long way from S Indiana where I helped build some of these. Does anyone have info on subzero temperatures? (and thanks for all the info links)
6 years ago
Thanks. I am thinking about inside walls. But the comments about exterior finish are interesting, because I'm dealing with a converted barn (cement block) which really needs some extra insulation. I'll inquire into lime-plaster. Looks like I need the book.
6 years ago
I'm buying a converted barn and thinking how much I wish that bottom floor were earth instead of cement. Any suggestions about putting earthen floor on top of the cement? (To remove the cement would not only increase the radon issue but perhaps disturb the foundation - and cost a lot.) I would naturally think of putting in-floor heating in the earth.
6 years ago
So I'm in Minnesota, just buying a farm. One place I might use natural plaster is if I convert a certain pole building to be insulated and usable...I might use straw bale and plaster. Or something. But it gets way below zero here. (I guess I have to ask about the straw bale question too.) Will it be okay? Or where do I go to find out? (I'm also into free if possible - happy to use cattails and such. No source of the fancy sand, but there's ordinary sand here.
6 years ago
So I was thinking about Paul's "by doing good things" and the respect I feel for the people who are out there blockading the pipeline, MTR, and so forth. For me, the people growing food and the people blockading pipelines and fracking (etc) are two sides of one movement. Even though I know growing food is about the most radical thing we can do, it sort of misses that edge of being right in-your-face radical. And besides, no good deed goes unpunished. Permaculturists and gardeners are being wiped out one by one, mostly by local zoning boards.

I suddenly had an idea of how to connect us more completely:
The Federal Interstate Commerce Commission has constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce. They have used this authority to get into matters of people growing stuff at home. (Sorry, I forget the citation.) Two opportunities occur to me, based on this fact:
(1) We could all turn ourselves in for influencing interstate commerce by
*not buying from Monsanto
*growing our own food
*growing food and giving it away
*you name it.... starting a gift circle, local dollars, freecycling, I make my own clothes and pretty much only buy from thrift shops .... a thousand signatures ought to be enough to get some attention, but there are millions of us living this way.
(2) Or we could play it straight, and ask the ICC to get involved in local ordinances that damage food security by stopping gardens (like Monroe County, most recently and painfully to us). This would require them to declare that food security was a good thing - obviously a long shot.
Just playing around here - I throw these out for starters. Implementation might include a place for people to sign up and name their crime - from "made my own sauerkraut" to "made my own ethanol" or "fertilized my fields with humanure."
Looking for comments. Would be happy to "breathe with" anybody who thinks of a way to implement this.
7 years ago