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crazy that my intermittent gerd went away with drinking kombucha. Homemade and not as strong as store bought.  keep up us on your progress.  Haven't seen ya since permaculture classes many moons ago. Good luck jeff
1 day ago
I've never treated mine just let air dry and have had for twenty years. I just clean it water.  Mine is just a firewood round with a broomstick in it.
1 day ago
My elderberries keep dropping fruit before they are ripe. I wonder if the extra nitrogen would help with that?
1 day ago
If your ridge beam cannot support the weight of the rafters, ie, pushing out on the exterior walls, one can add collar ties to resist that force. Otherwise, your walls will be pushed out and are only being held together at the end of the building.
Warre hives and beekeeping is also another option.
6 months ago

Aislinn Caron wrote:And for my next newbie question....... i live in a cold zone - i can't overwinter biennial veg in the ground. So, thoughts on selecting for or actively  breeding for annual ones instead?? So i can save seeds from the darn things without a major hassel! Carrots, beets etc. Just to be clear, I'm talking about a carrot plant (for example) that would grow, produce an edible root and set seed (if not harvested) all in one season. Is it possible?  A bad idea? Thoughts??

You can try to store root veggies in dirt I believe and then plant in the spring.  Or you can mulch when ground gets just a bit of frost and cover plants with dry mulch and something to keep mulch dry.  And pray that mice and voles don't find your stash.
6 months ago
I find them to be slimy at times.  I do use two foot sections of boards from pallets to sprout seeds.  Is a great way to germinate seeds and works like a charm in the dry summer months.
6 months ago
Time is our biggest factor.  So I would say try to analyze how much time it will take verses costs savings.  My garden for example used a lot of grass clippings from my yard and has made weeding easy since it is so well under control.  Try to do things within reason and do the best ya can with what's available. Can you raise chickens without bought en feed? Maybe, but other options might be better like ducks or geese that are herbivores. Rabbits are a good choice but don't give us much fat, needed more than most realize.
1 year ago