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So Ive been thinking about the solar process and this is what I came up with. We have the outdoor lights with their tiny panels, a little battery which stores the energy generated, and the string of lights themselves which do the job of lighting our gardens. Then we have the large solar system which involves panels on the roof, an indoor battery store and the resulting energy for our consumption. Is there something pretty much directly between these two scales? What I had in mind was something like a large/ish solar panel, backed by a battery store, backed by either an actual electrical heater, or socket/s which existing heaters are plugged into? My theory is that you would place these outside on sunny days in the path of the solar energy, then fetch them in early evening when the temperature drops to heat the room you choose. Possibly a few of these to supply warmth on chilly evenings. Is there already such a product? Is this set-up not even feasible due to size/cost/logistics? Would it be possible to make these, the collectors and socket/heater would possibly be do-able, maybe the battery would be an issue due to size/cost. Many thanks!
2 months ago

Tereza Okava wrote:Jen I think your hypothesis is right. I make a simple cold process soap (5l oil/lard, 1l liquid lye, 1l water-- probably the romper-room equivalent of soapmaking recipes, but it`s my mother in law's recipe and i'm sticking with it) and that stuff cuts grease like no tomorrow. For a while we had no hot water in the kitchen and if you use that soap it didn`t matter, it got rid of the grease anyway. I make it in big tubs (repurposed ice cream containers) and we keep a container by the sink to use washing dishes. It`s fabulous stuff.

(yes, i know, liquid lye. I could make soap with ashes, but i need to pick my battles. when i retire and have more time on my hands i`ll look at more homegrown solutions)

Apologies for commenting this way, but I dont appear to have a 'reply' button on the post. My question is, could you post the process for this soap please? You say you made it by Cold-process, but also say you keep a tub of it by the sink? I thought cold-process soaps are hard bars ?
8 months ago
Is this thread for those who have read some of the titles on the grid? I got excited when I saw this and thought I was going to get some titles for free! lol Happy to read and make reviews
11 months ago
When I attempted to purchase, says its only available in the US Is this correct, or have I made a mistake in the purchase process?
1 year ago
This is my own bag which Ive made a few of over time from reclaimed fabric. It starts as a 'normal' size bag, and if you end up buying more than you expected, it grows to twice the size. A good idea pre-Christmas also for holding the longer length of wrapping paper etc
1 year ago
I live in Wales and I have to say it is just awesome !  One of the most amazing things about lockdown is that we all get to spend more being human beings, as opposed to being 'human doings'
I have seen just the most spectacular sights simply walking my dog. Amazing sunsets, stupendous examples of nature, and brilliant sunrises. And even now as Summer gives way to Autumn, the best is yet to come.
The change in the flora and fauna is just mind-blowing, and for some reason, better this year than ever. Maybe its the fact that theres little else on offer in terms of entertainment, but then maybe its just that our eyes didnt see it until they had to
1 year ago
I have watched this video many times and have the intention to build one. My big question is, how on earth do you get that coiled pipe inside the drum? Even if you get it in there, how do you feed it out the other side? Its probably been the stumbling block for me as its the first step and the one I feel would be most difficult Ive considered using a smaller drum than a 55 gallon size and using it upright, but including all the same features, pressure 'valve' etc etc.
4 years ago
Many thanks for both replies Peter I'm going to try to post the pics of the three types of brick. The flatter ones are a kind of purple colour and are about 1.5ins thick I suppose I should have realised they would be more useful in the bench area as the job they do in the storage heaters is pretty much the same, absorbing the heat to give off the warmth at a later point  In terms of using metal in the riser, does the metal stay intact or is it sacrificial? If sacrificial, do the exhaust contain gases given off by whatever metal I might use?  
5 years ago