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Recent posts by Justus Walker

Thomas! And everybody!!! Thank you! I have a flow rate of about 25itl/sec using a 200mm pipe. My stream is spring fed by two independent springs and some snow pack. Seasonal fluctuations are minimal.
6 years ago
Hello all!!! I am hoping to install a hydro plant this fall. I have some major questions. First I'll explain my site, then the questions.

We have a creek running along our property on a pretty steady grade. We have 26.4ft of head and an 825ft run of penstock. I'm planning on running my penstock down the creek to avoid freezing. I have a 3kw turbine from china, supposedly rated for 236gpm - 394gpm. Because the penstock follows essentially the same route is the dream, the water in the pipe will be moving at essentially the same speed as the water in the river. Correct? So far so good.

The question I have is the penstock. The pipes. How big do they need to be???

The Chinese dealer is telling me that 110mm pipe is plenty, thats about 4.5inches. BUT, at our water speed, according to the friction chart for poly pipe (the kind of pipe I want to use) the output is only 5l per second when I need at least 15l per sec (236gpm).

So my question is, whose wrong, me or my Chinese dealer, and why?!!

Please help.  
6 years ago
Allen thanks for the bump! I was hoping to get some input, especially on running the kohler at 1200RPM.
8 years ago
C, I realize what you say is true, too many factors. It's like trying to get a grip on how many hours the motor one is using for a CHP system will last. Almost impossible. But I like to have at least a ballpark figure.
8 years ago
Luke, thanks for the link. The Aquion batteries do look promising. They would com in at (full lifetime of use) at about $0.16/kw. But they are all prewired, on a pallet package so that is nice.
8 years ago
Call to ALL CHP enthusiasts. I am putting together a CHP (combined heat and power) unit based on a wood gasifier. Syngas will be created and piped into a Kohler Aegis 26hp LH690 which will turn a generator which will power a battery bank which will power our farm. I do not need so much power but this is the smallest commercially available gas powered water cooled engine that I could find. It produces 26hp at 3000RPM. Question. Is there some reason I could not set the governor to run the engine at 1200 RPM? Acording to the power charts for this engine that should give me about 7-8hp which, although still more than I need, would put me in the ball park of my energy goals. I am also thinking this should significantly reduce the engine wear and tear per hour and should therefore significantly increase the engine life. These engines should get about 10,000 hours as is, I am thinking (hoping) I could get 20,000 plus hours if I run it like this. What do you say? Am I crazy? On the right track?

Also, if you know of another low power liquid cooled engine which you think would work better in this set up, let me know!!

Viva la decentralized power!
8 years ago
Su Ba, I can only agree with you. Sounds like you made the right choices and are reaping the benefits. A huge benefit to me, and no way can it be quantified monetarily, is the benefit of self reliance. Knowing how to make your own power, how to troubleshoot and fix problems, make you, somehow, more alive. And if the set up fee of getting grid power is more than or at least the same as the initial set up cost of an alternative energy system, then you are really in that small category of people who are even making an economically astute choice.

The thing of it is, is that I am looking at my current situation (hooked up to the grid) and desperately trying to make a case for the economical reasons to set up an alt energy system, and they are not there. But we are planning on moving within the year, to set up a new homestead and large farm (about 200 acres) and that land has no power, and getting power will cost between $25,000 and $100,000 (we are looking at several properties) and when we do make the move, oh I really want to set up my own electrical system.

I do understand the "lifestyle" aspect for me, but it at least has to make some marginal sense economically, for me, as well.

But thank you so much for your input!!
8 years ago
Im under no delusions that home made power will be as cheap as grid power. But I still like to count my costs.

So far, it seems that battery banks will run as a constant system cost between $0.31/kW to $0.13/kW. depending on upfront investment (pay more up front, cheaper over time; pay less up front, much more expensive over time).

Add that to a constant depreciation cost of panels at $0.14-$0.29 per kW and yeah, no delusions.
8 years ago
Their firebox is lame. Agreed. But the engine itself. I wouldn't use one of their fireboxes anyway.
8 years ago
I've been waiting for this for a long time. It doesn't "look" like an engine, but it is an engine! A stirling heat engine. And the price, although high, is way more reasonable than anything else I have ever seen!!


Comments, thoughts. I want one!!!
8 years ago