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Recent posts by R Scott

When I put in a wood cook stove, I documented all the changes I made, especially how I replaced the wood studs and drywall with steel studs and cement board. I made sure my clearance to combustibles was more than needed and I had the receipts and spec sheets for the chimney components.  And fort chimney cleaning gear.

The key was it couldn’t be “primary” heat, so have a furnace of some kind even if you never plan to use it. I know several people with baseboard electric heater or a blue flame gas heater in the living room that has been used once.

1 month ago
I’m a builder for my day job. We build in areas with code and inspections, and we build in areas without. There are many times the code is out of date or just plain wrong. There are better ways to build, either new materials or new methods, that are both stronger and cheaper but not allowed per code.

It is important to understand the WHY of the code. Then you can figure out the best way to meet that need for your needs.
Sure you can. Issues to think about:

cleanability. Patio stones and can be hard to sweep, so keep that in mind as you decide on smoothness and grout/mortar between joints.

Vapor/radon Barrier. Depending on where you are, you need a barrier to keep ground moisture and radon from coming into the house.

Insulation. The floor can get COLD depending on your climate. You will want to isolate the floor slab from the outside. But if you are in a hot climate, you may want to keep the floor coupled to the ground for natural cooling.

1 month ago
My second hand conclusion from watching LOTS of videos is that a homestead scale it is easier to make mud balls by hand than use the larger blocker.
Here’s a pretty good video on stump grafting an old pear.

2 months ago
Valid idea. Solar white paint is probably the winner for price/performance. Need to worry about ventilation in that space. I don’t think filling it with insulation is worthwhile unless that is a solid beam header above all the windows.

I am totally stealing the idea!  
2 months ago
I bet the 90 degree handle was for splitting rails. Something long that you can split while it’s on the ground.
2 months ago
You can supposedly steer the split if you lever forward or back, plus you can “push” the handle down as you hit the end to keep it going straight down. I don’t know why you would want a 90 degree bender other than to use it sitting down.

You can make one from a leaf spring, choose on old Chevy half ton if you can as you can get an almost perfectly straight section no smithing required, just a bunch of grinding to get an edge and knock the bushing out and replace it with a handle.
2 months ago
So, that sounds like a grain drying bin from any big ag farm.  The heat is to reduce the relative humidity on a LARGE scale. On your scale, I think a dehumidifier is still a better option.

I have a friend that dabbled in selling seeds. He built one for seeds, it was a room with a plywood plenum fed with an old furnace fan. The top of the plenum had holes to set bins of seeds in. I think they were grey busboy totes with holes drilled in the bottom and lined with muslin. Then he had a couple dehumidifiers and a window ac to dry the room as the air circulated through the seeds.

2 months ago