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You would need to be careful so it didn't mold.  Cool and low humidity, run the woodstove with all the windows open, etc.

I'm not sure what the r value per inch really is, you might need thicker walls which makes for a smaller cabin.  Tradeoffs.
2 hours ago
They do both, help hold the trusses during construction and brace against wind and snow load.  They keep the bottom chord of the truss straight and directly below the rafter chords. There may be a diagonal somewhere along them or the end wall posts are expected to hold them square.

There are ways to put in X bracing and stiffbacks if you NEED to move one for a stairway or something but best to leave it if possible.  

Generally there isn't any "extra" lumber in a pole barn.  If it's for construction only, they take it down and re-use it somewhere else.
Why do we waste money and energy putting street lights at all?  Back in the day of horse drawn carriages, sure. But now that all vehicles have blinding bright headlights? Maybe parking lots and pedestrian areas, but a highway with no sidewalks and no bikes allowed? Went down a road the other day so bright automatic headlights were shutting OFF.
1 day ago
If they have only been there a year, he probably doesn't know better.  Once he understands every puff of smoke is wasted time and money not going to heat maybe he will change.  

They are inherently inefficient and then most are run as inefficient as possible for the sake of convenience.  Load them full of cold wet wood to last all day while at work or all night, then let it damper down and smolder the whole time. When it does need heat, it kicks on a draft fan (forge blower) and blows smoke signals because the water jacket quenched the fire before the smoke could burn.

They have their place, but just heating a home isn't it.  
Those are freaking awesome.
2 days ago
I can't remember the name of the compound off the top of my head, but the same thing that is in damp rid is available in bulk from many farm supplies (and sidewalk deicer.) hang it in mesh bags above five gallon buckets.  $200 buys a lot
2 days ago
Not worth it.  My dad tried it when I was a kid.  Made 0.5 degree change.

What will make a change is to run radiant tubes under the beds and run the river water through them.  Or use a heat exchanger so you can keep clean water in the loops, that would make it easier to add a boiler and heat in the winter, too.
2 days ago
I see it as a first shelter, without heavy machines.  Maybe a small tractor, maybe just rigging to move logs.  Cover with slash and sawdust to make a mound that will hold the tarp and maybe a little dirt to hold the tarp.  Enough to be shelter, not a big investment in time or materials.  Way easier to heat than a tuff shed, and just as fast.