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Recent posts by R Scott

Yes, BUT..

The phase change of water is a HUGE amount of energy that will keep the rest of the greenhouse from getting a lot colder until ice forms.  It really makes a difference for those mildly cold tolerant crops.
2 days ago
Can you layer citrus to get rooted cuttings? (I don't know, my wife is the grafting propagating expert and isn't here to ask right now).

If you can, it should work.  I do know many trees can't, but some can.
2 days ago
As for the logo, most consider it free advertising if it is UPcycling.  Vanity brands didn't like their logos on something they considered beneath them.  There are reselling rules around use of trademarks that say it has to stay in original form, yada yada.  I have heard of people getting cease and desist letters for selling on etsy.  

3 days ago
Quit buying junk.  

Our trash spiked at the beginning of covid as we bought more Amazon Prime because "non essential" essentials couldn't be bought locally and canned/packaged food because fresh was in short supply.  Enlightening.  We are back down to buying fresh veg and tp from the grocery store and clothes from the second hand stores.  Any plastic shopping bags get reused as trash bags.  
3 days ago
I have heard it talked about, but never known anyone to actually do it.  I do know my cattle and goats would wade out to eat them from the pond.
3 days ago

J. Rosseau wrote:

Andrea Locke wrote:

I have a feeling we will need a cell phone booster as well, regardless of whether we get a satellite connection. Unless somehow the cell phone signal can be boosted via the satellite internet?

I don't think it can be.

That is a solid shmaybe.  

Some phones and providers will switch over to Wi-Fi, which should work. The latency on other satellite systems was too high to be usable unless you are used to saying "over"
4 days ago
Elon musk's new satellite system supposedly will have low enough latency to do zoom and enough bandwidth for streaming. Not sure how far north it will work.

Wranglestar just did a review on YouTube.
4 days ago
For a fence, mechanized rammed earth would be pretty quick if your dirt is ready to go. Mix and load with a loader, ram with an air tamper or jumping jack compactor. Pour a concrete bond beam cap.

4 days ago
Amazon is FULL of accessories, most of them pretty cheap (the tiffen set is NOT). Make sure to check the reviews, as there are multiple versions of everything!


2 weeks ago