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R Scott

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since Apr 13, 2012
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Recent posts by R Scott

You can grow A coffee tree and get one cup or two of coffee a year from it, but to grow enough to sustain your habit takes a BIG greenhouse.
1 week ago
Dealing with a wet backpacking tent is a small nightmare, dealing with a wet yurt is outta your mind insane.  

My big tent (23 foot bell) is a little over a hundred pounds dry.  Manageable for two, barely.  It is a monster to deal with when wet. The old way of overlapping panels has advantages, it may weigh more overall but each piece is MUCH easier to deal with.
1 week ago
To add to the garage door reinforcement....

What you said to do to the door is good, but you also need to secure the frame.  In an unfinished garage it is easy to add an extra anchor bolt to each side of the door into the concrete AND strapping to tie the header to the studs.  That is often the failure point.  It can be done in a finished garage, too, but is a little more difficult.  You will need to beg borrow rent a hammer drill and spend a bit on hardware,
4 weeks ago
As a framer/builder of stick frame houses and wood and steel barns, I will agree the weak point is the roof to wall connection and the garage door. Wind gets in through the soffit vents and lifts the roof.  Or the garage door pushes in and does the same. An open or failed garage door will lift the roof and walls.  The new code has added a LOT more anchors and tie through than only a few years ago.

Simpson makes a screw that will tie the rafter/truss to the wall for under a buck (in bulk) and less than a minute.

I can build a stick frame to withstand hurricane force wind, and it doesn't cost that much extra.... BUT the average mid to high end homeowner would rather spend the money on granite countertops.

4 weeks ago
I had to go look it up, I thought your prices sounded way too high.  Last time I bought a pet heater was almost exactly two years ago and the price has tripled.
2 months ago
Best answer I have seen for semi permanent is a greenhouse.  Poly in the winter, shade cloth in the summer.

It still gets cold at night, but no wind really helps.

2 months ago
How mobile does it need to be? Do you park in the same place all winter, or move every month? Week?

2 months ago
They may breathe too well.  At least a scratch coat of plaster will help cut air and keep bugs out of the bales.
3 months ago
In southern IL you should be able to find an old farm grinder mixer that is too small for modern ag but way bigger and stronger than the small modern ones.
3 months ago
Sealed clamp top 55 gallon drum with dessicant packs.
3 months ago