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Recent posts by Samantha Lewis

Blue sky and bright smiling faces!

The permaculture technology jamboree is fun and learning.  
If you want to learn the skills to build the life of your dreams, come play with us!

Mycelium insulation is non toxic. It is grown from the culture of edible mushrooms.  

It has a better R-value than standard insulation, it is extremely fire and water resistant and it is not affected by mice or moths.  
You can grow it to fit any shape.

This year at the permaculture technology jamboree, Beau created these boxes to grow lego type bricks of Mycelium insulation.  

Here is the unboxing:

13 hours ago
Here is Elliot working on the humus well.

A humus well is creating a bit of a spring on dry land.

19 hours ago
We want to have the 2025 Permaculture Technology Jamboree June 30th - July 18th, 2025

For Paul to put on the PTJ, we must sell at least 24 tickets to the two-week PTJ.

To try to accomplish this, tickets for the 2025 PTJ will be freaky cheap ($450/$350/$550*)
from Thursday, July 11th in the morning to Monday, July 15th, at noon MT.

If 24 tickets are sold, the 2025 PTJ will happen. If not, all tickets sold will be refunded.

Want to see what the 2024 PTJ has done? Click here!

A new development for the families who want to bring their children to the PTJ! We are implementing a new system so the kids can attend the event too!

2025, the PTJ will run for three weeks! First two weeks will be "adult" PTJ (kids aged 12 years and older are welcome to attend under the thistle program rules)

The third week will be family-friendly week with daycare for the little ones, and small projects suitable for children. Kids aged 12 and older can participate in the adult projects under the thistle program rules.

The third week of the PTJ is priced at $350 per person. (Children under 2 years old free of charge)

For more information about the family-friendly PTJ week, click here.

Come one, come all!  Buy all the tickets!  Bring your friends and family!  The PTJ is the place to be!

Tickets for the first two weeks of the 2025 Permaculture Technology Jamboree ($450 each):

Tickets for the third, family-friendly week of the Permaculture Technology Jamboree ($350 each):

Tickets for all three weeks of the 2025 Permaculture Technology Jamboree ($550 each):

*These freaky cheap tickets are non-refundable.

*Transferring freaky cheap tickets to a new ticket holder is possible, but a $150 processing fee will apply.

A quickie postcard from the 2024 PTJ that finished Friday.

22 hours ago
At Wheaton Labs, they make ordinary things fun.  
Here is Beau, having a blast moving around the property, on one of the electric bikes.

These bikes were given to Wheaton Labs by generous folks who want to help the project.
They help us be more efficient and get more done.
Thanks for giving us a quick, fun way to get around.
22 hours ago
I just saw this new video!  

It is so great to see so many fun permaculture technology jamboree faces!

Thanks everybody!
Here is a look at the rocket hot tub!

We are heating over 500 gallons of water, quickly and cleanly.  

a few sticks, some craftsmanship and a lot of ingenuity
This is one of my favorite projects this year at the permaculture technology jamboree!

I think round wood timber framing with all wood joinery is art.  

These trees were freshly cut.   Folks pealed off the bark and cut out the notches.

The tripod is the hoist point so we can raise the logs into position.

It is possible you have been invited to join the staff...

but if you are on a microsoft account, maybe you did not get the email.  

It is possible you have been invited to join the staff...

but if you are on a microsoft account, maybe you did not get the email.