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since Apr 11, 2012
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Recent posts by Samantha Lewis

I just signed up for " Notify me on Launch!"

So excited to see this project come together!
3 days ago
Hello Jana!

Welcome.  I am glad you are here.  What are you interested in?
1 week ago
What are my options for sleeping arrangements?

There are many bunking opportunities
A bunk in the solarium or Fischer price house

Get a bunk in cooper cabin and you can live in a real WOFATI

This is such a beautiful home.  It is a treat to spend time in the cabin and surrounding gardens.  

Some folks really want their privacy. They have a variety of little cabins meant for a single person, couple or small family.  

You can also pitch a tent and make yourself comfortable under the stars.
1 month ago
Hey!   This is so fun!  

I have been playing a lot at Wheaton Labs this summer.  I was really impressed, there are so many improvements!
The boot camp, the event attendees, seppers.   Everybody who comes out here does work in their own way to make it better and move projects along.

There are 4 willow feeders

These are beautiful permaculture style bathrooms. Private and peaceful.

There is a toilet seat.

A very nice pooping experience.  
A lovely sink to wash up.   It has a foot pump to run the water so no electricity needed.  


The shower shack is real permaculture luxury.  The showers are mostly raw wooden smooth boards .  Very little plastic.  You can have the water as hot as you want with wood heat.

If you want a totally normal bathroom you can always use the bathroom and shower in the Fischer price house.   It is very nice and normal in all the ways you would expect a toilet, sink and shower to be.  We all do our bit to keep it clean.  

Where can I pee?  

I pee outside. In the gardens or forests.    I do my best to go well out of sight.    There is a lot of nutrient in our pee so I like to get it on the gardens.    I also feel like it is grounding to pee on the ground

1 month ago


Thank you Liv!

I went to that event in Seattle years ago.  It was a lot of fun!

I am looking forward to seeing everybody in Portland!

What to bring...  Maybe a huckleberry pie?
2 months ago
Wow!   such a great project!    I think you will attract some very interesting gardeners.  I am excited too see their techniques and what new innovations come for this.  

I am a gardener!   Where do I sign up?
3 months ago

Here is a question I could not answer.

Kim Dowell wrote:I contributed $100 to this Kickstarter project "Earth-Friendly heat", and I want it to be a gift for my brother.  How would he access the items in this project when they become available?

Thank you,

Kim Dowell

Brother Kelly Kerby

 What is the best way to give this as a gift?
3 months ago
To be cool I like to eat no bread and way less grain.

I eat more cooling foods.   Some examples are watermelon, grapes, pears, strawberries, mint and cilantro.  

another thing I like to do is wear a cotton or linen scarf and keep it damp.   I keep my hair wet and when it is really hot I get my clothes wet and work in soaking wet clothes.   It is kind of cold and uncomfortable to be dripping wet but it is nice and cool as they dry.  

I traveled on the Indian reservation in summer and everyone has an arbor outside their house where they sit and enjoy life.   It is just 6 or 8 upright poles with more poles tying them together at the top to make a platform up at about 8 ft.  They pile green branches on the platform so they have a large shady area underneath.  It is really cooling under there.   For large events they just make it longer.  I went to the Sun Dance and there were two big arbors,  each over 100 ft long.    The shade they made was about 15 ft wide,  ample width for tables and chairs.   When I went a few steps away from the arbor it was it was baking hot.   All those days were at or over 100 degrees.

The best ever is walking in the hot sun at Wheaton Labs and stepping into cooper cabin!
4 months ago
Hello Jesse!

I checked out your site.  That looks really beautiful!.    What a great project.  Thank you !

You can post your community in this forum.  People looking for intentional communities can find you there.  

I will help you if you want.
4 months ago

Cory Shires wrote:Forked over my coin, filled out the questionnaire and sent the completion email to Paul. Just checking in here to see  what the next steps are! Super excited!

Excellent!     It is a great time to be up there at Wheaton Labs!  So beautiful with birds and green growing things everywhere!
4 months ago