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Recent posts by Kevin Franck

I've requested that the posts that I have created over a year ago but suddenly put in moderation be deleted and they still remain in purple messages. Could someone just delete the posts + I'm just no longer interested in them.

I had a purple message about a month ago, but them 9 others showed up a day after demanding I change my posts. The posts were there for over once year or so and frankly I don't have the time and patience to deal with some thought police bot and/or staff member who has had their nose bent over somethignwithout explanation. It's now my wish you just delete everything. Thanks in advance.

"I understand why we clone, I do it too. There isn't a better way to plant fifty trees without spending a dime "

I understand what you mean, but depending on the fruit or nut (or any other tree) it's lke tossing the dice. You could get something fantastic or get a dud of a tree hich produces nothing or very little and low quality. Unfortunately you have to often wait many years to find this out. But I had an interesting experience with a volunteer Pecan Tree nut which volunteered (planted by a scrubJay) back in 2005. In 2006 I left the San Diego California area and moved here to Sweden. The first years growth was rapid and straight as an arrow. It was just in the perfect spot and the straight tall nature of this tree was ideal. I knew it was a Pecan tree, but that was not the reason I let it stay there. It was for ornamental landscape reasons behind a little house in her backyard. It was the perfect tree & only tree for that location. Plus I've always love Pecan's bright attractive green foliage and tey thrive in hot dry climates. The bonus has been it has become a huge producer of very sweet pecans with a thin easy to crack shell and my mum called me to tell me this is the largest crop yet, even all her dogs love them. Not sure if dogs are ssupposed to eat them though. Here is a post I did.

 Pecan Tree Volunteer  

6 years ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:I am going to keep my lips away from tall grass and brush piles.

Admittedly, this potential for Rattlesnakes is what has spooked me about the idea of a building a Hugelkultur brush pile and then finishing it later.
Looking at a animated illustration of one, it looks like an Rattlesnake Igloo

6 years ago