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Recent posts by Konstantinos Karoubas


Simple and Easy - Reforestation and Community Food Forest

We started a new project this year.

We are taking on an abandoned piece of land, and using seeds, we are going to turn this into a forest/community food forest.

We are hoping in 5 to 10 years this will become a beautiful jungle that will be a cool place to visit, relax and collect fruits and vegetables.

Hoping that both humans and animals will take refuge in this space.

We will do this in a very easy and economical way, by simply putting seeds in the ground and observing what the land likes and does not like.

We will simply offer seeds and see mother nature work its magic.

6 days ago
Hello everyone,

Unfortunately been very busy…many updates need to be provided….but…

Five months ago, we posted a photo with a note:

"This is could be a badger like animal - it likes wild pears and vetch seeds"

A new photo taken yesterday shows dozens of wild pear trees growing…

Nature at its best…I love it.


2 weeks ago
Happy Spring... Easter to everyone,

As the man said...Peace on Earth !!!

An update of hope

See the photos below.

The 1st photo...an oak tree survived last year's brutal summer heat, and is growing new leaves,

The 2nd photo...we planted acorns in between pine trees to see how they do. In this area in the past, the almonds, apricots, plums etc we planted did not survive. Let's see how the oak trees do.

The 3rd photo, shows an almond tree emerging in a pine forest that burned last year. What we should we do with these areas?

And the 4th photo shows a young tree that was planted bare root this winter... let's see if it will grow roots fast enough to survive without any watering.


1 month ago
1000 Year Old Oak Tree

I am confused as to why they plant the acorns in a greenhouse and then transplant them. Why the additional cost, when all they have go do is plant them directly in the soil.

1000 year old oak

2 months ago
NYTimes Article on Tree Planting

A good article, covers many issues....it seems, greed and love of money causes many of the problems, as usual !!!

It does not discuss the need to immediately convert to no till farming, and to have farmland permanently covered with crops  and green manure vegetation...see Masanobu Fukuoka, San, and Gabe Brown and friends - good informative article.


2 months ago

The following was posted 4 months ago...the results are coming in...

A forest fire burned a small part of the pine forest we have nearby.

The heavy fall rains have washed away part of the topsoil and probably some of the seeds.

We scattered some seeds that we know sprout easily when scattered on the surface. They include arugula, Mediterranean hartwort, vetch, alfalfa and others.

There are many questions about the condition that the fire has created...how toxic is the soil now? will the seeds we scattered grow and improve and hold the soil? will the oaks and almonds grow in this area?

If the seeds we scattered do well, we should consider using this in a wider area to help protect the soil after fires.

Today I visited the area...

The wild pigs did some damage...but limited.

We need to wait a few weeks to see if the other trees will sprout.

By next fall we will know what trees survived the summer heat.

It's a nice small experiment that can guide us on how to respond to the fires at the pine tree forests.

2 months ago
Collected some Mediterranean cypress tree seeds...soaked them and will try to grow them in a pot...

The start of the cypress tree journey !!!

Hope for the best

3 months ago
A Tree That Could Stop Wildfires
          The thin green line

Interesting article on the Mediterranean cypress tree.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Management researchers found that Mediterranean Cypress trees were resistant to wildfires, and could be a potential deterrent to wildfires in the future.

cypress tree

It's worth looking into whether it will fill our requirements.

If anyone has experience on growing them by seed...


3 months ago
Just a note...

It has taken 22 years to get to this point...during the 1st 12, not a single tree was grown (the wrong seeds were choosen).

3 months ago