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I LOVE my 4 wheel Gorilla cart. I have the medium duty one with the non-deflateable tires that can hold up to 600 lbs.

I don't know how I managed so many years using a push wheel barrow (which I retired when its only tire got a flat). This cart has so many more uses!  I've even used it as a step stool ( portable scaffolding) to reach my gutters. I can transport far heavier loads than I could in the wheel barrow and the ease of transporting the loads are a dream compared to the wheelbarrow.
2 months ago

I think I got this from HEALTHY HEALING by Dr. Linda Page. Try making a paste of fresh Rosemary and taping it to your temples. Also the brain does a lot of repair work during mid-afternoon naps.

Regarding supplements. Try to stay with the WHOLE HERBS. The man-made vitamin and mineral chemical isolates of herbs are not as recognizable by the body and are hardly "natural" as they are separated from their other constituents and buffers in a laboratory. All they do is stimulate but later enervate (as with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) as I found out after 15 years of taking the vitamins and minerals and now have switched to herbs exclusively.
3 months ago
I agree with the others that say too much water is most likely the problem due to the very dark (and wet) looking soil and those yellowing leaves on the tomato plants.

The way she can check to see if watering is necessary is to check the soil moisture BEFORE watering to MAKE CERTAIN it is really needed. She can use her finger or,  I have a moisture meter called "Three-way Meter" that was under $20 and so far is very reliable.  I never water if  it indicates the soil has good moisture. I only water if it leans towards becoming dry and then I  try to give an inch of rain water or filtered municipal water.

Where I am (zone , it is generally in the 90s every day and I sometimes only need to water every OTHER day.  
If you understand herbs at all you know what will help the most are the herbs that work on the part of the body where the symptoms are occurring but also since our bodies are nothing but a bunch of cells and two major fluids (blood and lymph) it is important to keep those fluids clean - especially the lymph which is the body's main sewer system- ALSO OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - and cleans away wastes from our bodies' cells and ideally transports them down to our kidneys and out into our urine.

The way to keep the lymph fluid clean is with the lymphatic herbs and with a clean diet that won't clog your lymphatic system/immune system.

I have brought on floaters myself by eating meat, dairy and refined grains together. which have little chance of being fully digested and expelled from the body, especially when eaten together. I got rid of them with an eyewash I made based on Dr. John Christopher's formulas using Eyebrite and Cayenne Pepper tincture. His Eyebrite formula is sold on Amazon and has Eyebrite, Bayberry Bark, Goldenseal, Red Raspberry Leaf and Cayenne Pepper in it. I got relief in hours after using it and only needed to use it a few days to get rid of the worst floaters I'd ever had. Study Dr. John Christopher's work and buy his books if you want to learn how to heal all ills. Dr. Linda Pages books are another good resource as is Dr Robert Morse.

To permanently rid ourselves of all chronic and degenerative conditions and "dis -eases", the answer is to get clean inside by detoxing our bodies. Doing a parasite cleanse is just part of it. A colon cleanse should be done at the same time as well as a liver cleanse using only herbs grown in Nature - not to be confused with man-made isolate vitamins and mineral supplements which the body can't fully recognize, digest, assimilate and eliminate but instead, the man-made supplements just stimulate at first but later enervate. Using whole herbs which the body sees as food, we can fully heal and get to the point where we no longer need them.

Besides the three cleanses above we need to work on dislodging and cleaning our lymphatic system which includes fluids in the eyes . That would entail taking herbs such as Dandelion and others - all the while supporting our adrenal glands which oversee our endocrine system and our kidneys which the metabolic wastes have to pass through if we are going to regain robust health.  Lastly to do a cleanse we need a water rich raw plant based diet of mostly raw fruit and raw fruit-like vegetables with seeds and tender greens and to be dedicated and disciplined for 3-6 months while we detox our bodies and get rid of old wastes, dissolve tumors etc. Sometimes for those with "incurable" conditions, it takes longer but it is definitely doable. Nature has remedies for all our ills.
1 year ago

If you are in a warm enough climate you may not need solar panels. Even just an old window or glass door or piece of acrylic attached to a wood box on  an angle fitted with screens for drying  the produce may be all you need. Here is a DIY  picture. http://gardenclub.homedepot.com/build-a-dehydrator/

Also I've seen hanging  screened dehydrators on Amazon that look like bird cages with 3 trays inside for less than $50.
5 years ago
Here in NW South Carolina zone 7-8 we've had BRUTAL hot sun with temps in the 90s and next to zero rain. My tomatoes are struggling. One is in a container and two are in raised beds.  I'm having trouble keeping up with the watering of everything. (I have berries too and asparagus). I hand water with rainwater.  I know everything needs to be covered with  more compost and leaves and straw to have a fighting chance to  stay hydrated. I was also parsimonious with soil when I set up the raised beds. I'd hoped the roots of plants would grow into the clay soil beneath the six inches I added on top to create the beds.

The Basil plants don't seem to mind the heat, they, the rosemary and the oregano are doing great. I also have green onions and parsley which has managed to keep coming back and the parsley has reseeded itself.

I have kiwis which have never flowered or fruited which have been planted for three years. AT least one is an arctic kiwi so it may not like the heat and the genders may have not been as advertised.

When I moved here I had trees cut down because I thought I needed "full sun" for planting vegetables but my neighbor who has a shady yard has plants that are lush healthy and fruiting a lot better than mine are. They are being watered with town water and probably are not organic.

However for some strange reason, I planted some cabbage after when I should have planted it and did so in between weeds and red clover I'd planted as a live fertilizer that is still growing and it is still alive! So much for cabbage being a cool weather plant.

My Satsuma mandarin in a grow bag seems to be handling it well.

The peach trees that were here when I arrived grow green peaches a little larger than golf balls and then stop growing. They never finish growing or turn yellow and then they disappear. I guess the birds eat them anyway. Does anyone else experience this with peaches?

My neighbor has an established fig tree that is VERY productive. He doesn't do anything to it. I'm so jealous.

Is anyone else in my vicinity? If so, what are you growing and how are you caring for it?

5 years ago

Burra Maluca wrote:Emily - you were sent a PM with the problem outlined. In this case

This needs to be reworded to allow for other people's opinions. The suggestion that only one person has 'the answer' is not acceptable here.

If you had removed the first sentence the post would have been fine, but you left it in despite editing the post three times, so I gave up and removed it. The problem was nothing to do with vocabulary or any of the other things you mention, only what was sent to you in the PM, ie your claim that a particular person is the ONLY one who makes sense. That is not acceptable here. Permies requires that you allow for other people's opinions, and your claim did not.

Sorry. I read what was in red italics at the top of the post and I didn't see anything like that. I was completely baffled and started to read through the 2 pages of posts of rules and picked up on what I thought might be the problem.I know I would have gotten it if the offensive verbiage had been underlined or highlighted with a reason given as to why it is not "meet the standards".

Unfortunately your body won't build new tissue or bone in an environment that is too acidic. To make it more alkaline you need to stop eating the acid forming( ie bones) foods and begin eating the raw live alkaline fruit and vegetables with seeds. Some herbs could help too. You could have a parathyroid issue. To learn a lot more, go to YouTube and start listening to Dr. Robert Morse or get his book that I mentioned in the last post. He learned from the great healers like Professor Armold Ehret and Dr John Christopher and he worked with Dr. Bernard Jensen. Dr. Morse is a Naturopathic Doctor a biochemist and an herbalist with a proven track record of turning people around using Nature's whole herbs and mostly fruit. Very few do what he does and very few have anywhere close to the track record he does.
6 years ago