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Recent posts by Kim Hill

For tiny seeds like tomato, lettuce, carrot and so on, I buy the super cheap paper towels because no matter what I do they stick and I lose a lot. I let them dry on the cheap paper towel and cut them apart and plant paper and all. It makes working with tiny seeds easier for my arthritic hands.
3 years ago
In the 80s a book came out by Rhodale that showed how to make the curtains, sorry cannot find my copy to give the name.

I made them for an old mobile home I was living in with crank out windows that didn't close well 8n Michigan. Anyway they were made like Roman shades. The key was they were sealed all the way around when closed using a piece of thin wood on hinges. Roll down the curtain and fold the wood over to seal. They are easy to open to wipe out any condensation and let light in.

My problem was the draft when open so I made the side hinged sections in pieces. I opened the curtains from the top down. If really cold, I opened the top 6 inches, if not in the negative degree range, I opened another foot and so on.

On the sunny side of the house, I lined with black fabric which also absorbed some heat that would circulate into the house when the top was open.

Back then I did the shrink window film also but that was the only way to not have actual open windows in areas. The curtains dropped out energy bill by 2/3 that year.
3 years ago
Beautiful work already. Can't wait to see how it progresses.
3 years ago

craig howard wrote: What about etsy?
Has anyone been selling stuff there?
I think they changed the rules so people could sell more than just stuff they made.
..and I think it's only 20 cents per item,.. plus paypal or credit card fees.

I have been doing well on Etsy. Without a ton of work, I net about $100 a month on average. I thrift shop vintage items and flip them at an average profit of $10 each. Some a bit less and some quite a bit more. I started by using a link for my first 40 listings for free. I am not sure I am allowed to share it here but if I can, let me know

I quit Ebay. They are very seller unfriendly! Fees are out of hand and if the buyer makes false complaints, you will lose 99% of the time. A lot of scammers on Ebay now. If you chose to sell on Ebay, get on YouTube and watch as many videos as you can. Way too many people, especially new sellers, getting burned.

Another option to sell is Mercari. I have been following that platform for awhile and lots of chatter and so far, most are very happy. I plan on selling there once I heal from a recent surgery.
Not sure if this fits in any way but here goes. I rarely have "appropriate kitchen scraps" to feed my animals. I try to use up just about all I have because I really hate food waste. Growing up we went days with little food and often ate just potatoes for days at a time. It would take me a year to get 4-2 gallon buckets of kitchen scraps. So...

I look at finding appropriate food that would otherwise be wasted to feed my animals. Being winter and already having had a foot of snow and temps in the low terns gives me more challenges.

Today was a gorgeous 27 degree, sunny day so I spent a few hours looking for waste streams to feed my animals.  I foraged willow trees that did not drop leaves yet for the goats. It helps supplement their food and beats boredom because bored goats get into trouble. They received enough for 2 nice size meals today. Now for the pigs, turkeys and chickens, I picked 2-5 gallon buckets of apples that are still hanging on the trees. These apples will supplement their food and add variety as well as added nutrients for a week of more.

While I was at it, I picked enough frozen but still good apples for me as well. I cannot eat them out of hand but they made delicious apple butter for my toast today and will top waffles tomorrow with enough left for further meals. The only waste was fed to the chickens of about a cup of peels, cores and egg shells from making waffles.

Am I way off base in feeling that all this effort should meet a BB?

I would gladly share lots of photos. Here are just a few.
3 years ago
Can you get Dawn dish soap? My turkey had a problem with mites that nothing would help. I gave him a good scrubbing from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet with the Dawn. It worked great, you could see the bugs dropping off. I repeated the bath in 3 days and only had a few drop off dead. I did one more bath a week after to make sure any new bugs that hatched would be killed. It really worked. The problem was giving a 40 pound turkey who felt better a bath!

I then scrubbed the perches and walls with the Dawn and then a bleach wash then water rinse. It is a lot of work but it saved my beautiful boy.
3 years ago

John Pollard wrote:Did the soil or other growing conditions change much? Shade, year round moisture level of soil. According to the Conservation Dept here in MO, they like full shade in low, moist areas. Dark swamp sort of thing.

Also, there's a saying - $200 hole for a $20 tree - that is digging an oversized hole so that the roots will have loosened soil to stretch out into for a number of years.


Yes from loam to heavy clay. I dug a huge hole and filled with a clay and compost mix. The area is partially shaded and damper than the rest of the 3 acres although we have summer droughts.
3 years ago

Victor Skaggs wrote:I'd love to find a way to be able to get pawpaws to market. They have a very short shelf life...

Drying them seems an absurd idea... I have no others.

I think fruit leathers would be really good. You could then make a variety pack with paw paw as the main ingredient and add pineapple, coconut,  lime and so on. I wish I could find some!
3 years ago
Did I do something to make this not grow when I moved these trees from one home to another 5 years ago? They are the same size as when I moved them.
3 years ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:stop circling. They were after me. The smell of carion

Made me drool. All I could think about was making
3 years ago