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Recent posts by Alex Ames

Amy Francis wrote:Mulberries!   They have a deep fruity much so that even gently picking them can easily burst these delicate berries i.e. can be a messy business!

I also love elderberries when made into a cordial i.e. not raw.  Elderberry wine is my fav wine - a lovely way to get the antioxidants! 🤪

I like the mulberries just before they are
fully ripe. Just a great tart flavor!
4 years ago
It is necessary for me to prune in order for me to get them under netting. The birds will eat them all! Putting up the netting is one my least favorite things to do!

If you don’t have that to deal with I agree with letting them grow at least until you have to pick with a ladder,
4 years ago
Something I am not expecting seems to happen every year! It seems like there is a need for a place to share these when they happen.

Got any?
4 years ago
I would try to start the process by allowing hay bales to rot. The soil underneath that should be improved.
4 years ago
The rabbit lives here. He exits in a hurry when I throw brush on. My other brush pile is filling a hole it is twice this size but is only slightly above ground level.
The house wrens seem to like it.
4 years ago
Garden is coming in!
4 years ago
Arugula and sunchokes will not fail you. Both have their limitations. Asparagus is easy in certain climates and with enough space to dedicate to it. Basil, leaf lettuce, parsley, and most vegetables do well if you plant them! That is the key! I have found the tiny “Matt’s Wild” Tomato variety to provide volunteers consistently and if one were to provide them their own space and be more intentional, I think you would have a permanent crop.
I have my tomato seeds started. Tried to wait until 3/1 but couldn’t!
5 years ago
Daylilies are great! You can do much more than breed them for color. Scape length, bloom size, eyes and edges only limited by one thing, they don't do blue. You can get lavender and purple. It takes patience, record keeping and rule following but once the pipeline is full you have a parade of never seen before blooms. It has enriched my life having that to look forward too.
7 years ago