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Hi Stephen

Air temps don't correlate directly with water temps in a space. Ambient heat, whether in air, wood, stone or water has momentum (not literally, but it's a way to think about it). It takes time for it to change, whether up or down and thus, for example, 12 hours where the air temps are 20F. might lower a 40gal tank of water from 45F. to 35F. If, during night, the tank lost 10F. and ended up at 35F when the sun came up and then heated 12F. so it was 47F by sundown... That would make a sustainable system for the tank.

The above doesn't speak to individual pipes where the volume of water is much less and thus more subject to cooling quicker. But, it does present an important way to think about sustaining temps. And it may  indicate that the tank is not the problem and you can concentrate your thought on the pipes alone. There are just broad strokes of thought but they help prioritize and point out what's important and what's not. The _average_ temperature is very useful information.

Air leaks and most especially convective currents of air which carry the heat up and down (the pipes are "down", right?) are a _major_ problem when trying to maintain temps w/out heating. Major. So sealing all your air leaks would carry a huge ROI (ReturnOnInvestment) or BangForBuck. The ideas above about creating a tiny sealed space about the vulnerable pipes is spot on, too. First, stop that air from moving around those pipes - iow, seal your tiny pipe  enclosure (blankets, tarp, plastic sheeting...) tight to the walls. Gorilla tape comes to mind, but gravity using boards or such to capture the edges of your membrane against something would work well also.

But if you had more exact information you would be able to think about this more productively. Do you have an IR laser thermometer? They are relatively cheap, less than $100 and often much less. For your purposes, accuracy isn't critical - "close" is good enough. What are the temps of the walls? Floor? Ceiling (bottom of the roof)? When you "step in" first thing after opening it up, check immediately, starting with the ceiling (that's the one that will change fastest). If they are all above 30F, you may be fine and IAC, you're way better than if they're 20-25F. If they're low, as in outside air temp... They shouldn't' be. As was mentioned above, soil temps are normally well above air temps in winter, especially deeper below the surface. If the floor temp and lower wall temp is 25F, there is probably  really major air leakage through that space. And _that_ tells you where real effort is needed and will pay back quickly.

Eventually, a drain back solar "water" system may provide heat using a very small pump to move the fluid. A heat pump. But those require careful planning and some technical skills and so are not an immediate fix.

Best luck
5 months ago
Looks like we're talking crosswise. Perhaps this may not be a good time or fit. I'm going to proceed on west.

Thanks Nicole for your help, Paul for your responses. Some other time maybe and work things out ahead rather than ad hoc.

Best to all.
3 years ago
Ok. What's a "staple". I'm guessing not pop tarts but that's only a guess.

I'm trying to avoid work and cooking 🙃 (though glad to help the kitchen an hour or so a day if I can be of use). So trying to find a foodish contribution that will get me fed and actually make the boss and the cook both happy about it all.

Eg.: 20# white rice? Black beans? Pasta? Whole wheat flower? Carrots? Green beans?

Remember that I'm not buying for myself and it's a little dicey when one is not shopping for themself but trying to provide stuff that the cook will use as usual. And hopefully I can get some nice meals out of it.

Maybe put cook online here for a moment?

3 years ago
Note: Unfortunately I don't have a Costco card.
3 years ago

Got it. I'll check tomorrow when i get back in signal.

Mostly sounds good. I would be happy to get provisions, but it would help to get a list from the head cook so I can get stuff that segs into the WL system. Possibly from preferred suppliers.  I can take orders and I know some kivhen work and would be glad to chop&stir but a cook I'm not. So getting in supplies and helping out some would be my preferred contribution if that will carry my weight.

3 years ago
Nicole directed me here regarding "camping" a few days at WL. I need to stay in a small RV and would probably like to join the common table for most dinners at least.

From what Nicole said, I paypal Paul a camping fee and each meal would be additional. Possibly defray meal price with contribution of food or labor.

So, What are the specifics of meal prices and how do i pay on site?

Regarding parking the RV, would that be in short walking distance to the dinner table or would I need to drive from your other location to make it to dinner? Or is there lots of shuttles to dinner?

Ah, and what paypal address do i use for the initial fee?

3 years ago
Hi Paul and/or Nicole

I've been posting to your fine site for a few years and because it turns that I can have a little time in Missoula I thought to visit. I am done with other needs tomorrow and would be interested in seeing the WL a few days - departing by 9/3 or if things are too wonderful 9/8 or 9.

This is purely "smell the flowers" ie. I cannot offer work and would like to veg out and kibbitz.

I need a place to park a small RV where I sleep and make coffee and try to become human every morning. But if possible I would like to share lunch and dinner with the crew. I would be happy to chop carrots or otherwise make cooks life easier for an hour or so daily if that helps.

Somewhere here there was a post about RV parking and visiting non-combattants but I'm not finding it, hence this post. I can check email every couple hours, and can do texts, during the day. After 7-8pm I dont have phone service, so I'll check 8am or so next day.

Hope to see ground zero but this is last minute for sure snd I understand perfectly if it's not a go, what with the big weekend coming on or other business.

Cheers Rufus
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing. Very exciting. Best luck.l

Only thought is to be paranoid and anal-retentive about water. Where it flows, how it seeps, etc, etc. Water _will_ get anywhere it can - it's ruthless and unrelenting. Also relates to snow levels and melting.

3 years ago

Wow. It sounds like they're pretty close. But doesn't the drilling stop when they get to oil (or give up)? If they get oil, they install one of those grasshopper pumps to get it up and I don't _think_ they're noisy. ??? Or do I have this wrong. I've never had to deal with those people - just see their pumps bobbing up and down.

3 years ago
Sorry to hear your crops are taking such a hit this year. It sounds really desiccated there.

Best luck going forward.


3 years ago