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Julia Winter wrote:Building a hugelkultur berm is going to require power of some sort--either human power or machine power. As was already said, you can use the soil at the site to form the top layer, but obviously you've got to dig up that soil and then pile it on top of the wood/etc at the end.

What have you got to offer the able-bodied folks in your circles of acquaintance? Do you bake? brew? grow excess yummies that you can share?? Can you edit a document or build a website? Do you know how to throw a party? Building a hugelkultur bed/berm can be a fun party for the right group of people, given decent weather. . .

Craigslist will sometimes point you to people with heavy equipment, but then the question is what do they charge and what can you spend?

We can provide many services! Great ideas. Barter with services!
8 years ago
Thank you both for your thoughts and comments.
8 years ago
Well, I have a problem. I really want to get this permaculture and hugelkultur thing off the ground! Pun intended!

But, I have a bad back. So, I can no longer shovel dirt or lift large objects. So, obtaining dirt is now trickier.

Plus, how can I get dirt? We are low income so I don't want to buy any if I don't have to.

Any ideas?

I AM EXCITED though, but sad too, because the electric company is coming by to cut off some HUGE branches from our trees because they are interfering with the power lines. I'm going to use those logs for good in creating the hugelkultur beds!
8 years ago
Welcome Looby. Browsing your site now.
8 years ago
But you still run into problems of ink and glue going in the ground. Especially with the old carpet. Lots of glue and toxins there.

I do not recommend these methods.
8 years ago

Burra Maluca wrote:I used a lidded 10 litre (2 gallon) bucket then tip it on the compost heap every day or two.

Do you keep sawdust in it?
8 years ago
If this is the wrong section, can someone move it?

How can we pee in the house without flushing the toilet? It seems like such a waste of water to flush after every use and I don't want to let it sit there either.

I've read about people peeing into sawdust buckets but don't know the best way to do this or how to dispose of it.

Looking for suggestions!
8 years ago
OK, I've been lurking long enough and I'm going to stop threatening and actually start doing something. I have a bad back and want my land to work for me, not the other way around.

So, I want to start some hugelkultur mounds in the back yard.

We live in southwest Michigan and fall is already here and winter is just around the corner.

Should I start the mounds now, just as the leaves are starting to fall? Or should I wait until the snow starts melting?

I'm guessing your answers will be to start them NOW!

Second question, should I plant the seeds now or wait until spring?
8 years ago
Years ago I read Lasagna Gardening by Pat Lanza. It was an exciting book but I never did anything with it.

I now have great concern with this method. Cardboard and paper have glue and ink. When the items break down into the soil, where does the glue and ink go? Into the soil.

I'm going the hugelkulture way. Gonna keep it real.
8 years ago
I just read an article about farmers who use wells to water their crops. The State of Colorado is coming down on them for "overusing". Pretty sad.

I don't know much about farming, but I would think that permaculture has the answer.

Teach me Permies folks, I'm a newbie!
8 years ago