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This is a tip for anyone who funds/buys the DVD's here or any large time-sensitive downloads anywhere else and is somewhat tech handy.

Even having a good Internet connection I use this method because it ensures I get the files downloaded and I don't like to sit around waiting all day. The resumable download tools are a much better general solution but here is another option.

Pay for a virtual server for just a day or so, some VPS are so cheap now I just keep one on hand just for this purpose. Digital Ocean has VPS for $5/mo.

This is all terminal stuff so you'll have to login to the server with a tool called SSH and do terminal commands and such. For those that aren't techies this might be an insane endeavor but download speeds are absolutely insane off the charts compared to what most residential Internet services can offer. I just downloaded the Better Wood Heat 4-DVD set in like 4 mins.

I'll eventually then have to download them to my computer from my own server but it avoids the anxiety of downloading them before my token expires and at my own leisure.

I'll be happy to provide a little support to anyone who chooses to undertake and is in a bit over their head, I know some folks had some issues getting their token and they expire soon.
Awesome work, and I thank you for taking the time and effort to record and post these videos.

Nothing like building a shelter in safety gear and pajama pants.
5 years ago
I think the plain text emails are better than marketing emails that companies probably spent thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars designing templates for.
I was looking into similar needs to stain/paint our deck. We're a little concerned about chemicals in most paints/stains and our neighbor has a coy fish pond so I'm pretty careful about what I do in my yard so as not to kill her fish. Apparently the previous owner would stain the fence every couple years and wipe out her fish. Whatta jerk!

I'm not sure where I found this at, maybe it was here. Either way maybe it will help you in your search.
5 years ago
I understand and agree with the point Bryan made on the audio quality. I also understand that the wireless lapel mic systems are pretty expensive if you are not going to use them all the time. There has to be a bluetooth transmission lapel mic that can work with smartphones, I imagine those would be much more affordable.

Erica what are you using to record the video? Smartphone or some type of camera? Maybe we could help you select and purchase a lapel mic. And by purchase I mean contribute funds.

If you are already using or have any experience with video editing software you could do it this way for cheap.

I would be more than happy to do the necessary editing to match the audio with the video, for free of course.
6 years ago
@Erik Weaver on one hand I feel like saying "Bah details, nitpicking!". Then on the other hand I agree. At the end of it though we are talking about a title, which means we need to condense all these wordy (but valid and accurate) ideas into a short hard hitting DVD title. To do that I imagine no matter what word-smithing we do the title in the end is going to have verbiage in it that is subjective and open to interpretation. Aside from using approximately 10 times less wood than traditional wood stoves everything I hear about RMH has been very much open to interpretation; virtually no smoke, safe, cheap. I doubt none of this but just pointing out that, yes some people are going to realize its not a magic wand and be upset.

I say lets just be subjective. Leave the concrete stuff for the back of the DVD and for the contents of the video (maybe some subtitley stuff).

I re-present my last contribution because I just like it so much.

Rocket Mass Heaters v[n.n]: more heat, less wood, sexy stove

RMH: more heat, less wood, sexy stove

paul wheaton wrote:How wood heat can be better than passive solar

I feel like this will mainly reach the passive solar people, who might not open their minds up to something beyond precious passive solar anyway. Resistance is futile.

paul wheaton wrote:Heat: the new generation

I like this most

paul wheaton wrote:Heat: the next generation

This one I like second.

paul wheaton wrote:Off-Grid Heat 2.0: Rocket Mass Heaters

I like this but I think you gain little by using off-grid over wood or wood stove.

paul wheaton wrote:Heat: Cleaner than Electric and Cheaper than Gas

Good one.

paul wheaton wrote:Heat: Cleaner and Cheaper than ever before

Not as good as the one referencing electric and gas above.

I propose.

RMH: Insanely (or freakishly) efficient wood stoves

RMH: Heat your house, save the world (and money)

Optionally you might add the version numbers after "RMH".

Maybe I'll be stoned for associated RMH so closely with wood stoves but I personally take vengeance on the lies of the wood stove industry and their total lack of real innovation. At the same time I guess this is "fighting the bad guys" which just seems to end in a line of trolls waiting to spew propaganda.
Hey thats in my neck of the woods! In fact I worked in Dover up until earlier this year. That woodworking place is about all its got left as far as attraction goes. Still some good salt of the earth folks down there though. What an amazing feat of knowledge and skill.
6 years ago
I kinda agree, but only on the basis of verbiage.

My feeling is that it ought to read as below.

The daily-ish email is usually about permaculture and making a better world through learning good things rather than being angry at bad guys.

I'm admittedly not much of a wordsmith, in fact if I were to take a college level English class again I'd be lucky to pass, but I've spoken my peace.