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Recent posts by Katrin Kerns

I didn't think I got the second email, but then I found it when I was going through my junk mail folder. So I am receiving them, just need to get it redirected to my inbox instead of my junk mail filter.
I never received the part 2 of 2 email.
I would like to post the link to my GoFundMe campaign, http://www.gofundme.com/PunkLlamaFarm but I don't know if this is the right forum for it. Could someone let me know or help me move it to the right place please? Thanks so very much,

7 years ago
I ran across this video that someone posted on tsu today and it really blew me away. Has anyone ever thought about using this to run their permaculture homestead?

8 years ago
Wow Bethany,

It sounds like you have it all planed out, and you are doing it all by yourself; you are amazing. Do you know if you have any birch trees on your property? If so, you can tap those just like you can maple trees and make birch syrup. I just found that out this month. Yeah, it's always best to start small with goats from what I hear, though from what folks say, once you start raising goats you never want to not raise them. I haven't drunk goats milk since I was a child, but I love goats milk cheese and that's what we will be getting goats for once we have some property, meat, milk, and cheese. My mate and I aren't really cow people so if we have any at all it will most likely be only one dairy cow and maybe a meat steer periodically. Goats take up less room, are easier to feed, and the milk is easier for the human body to digest. So goats are an all around must have for us someday.

Your mushroom plan sounds really cool! What a great way to deal with the wood and get a productive food source out of it as well as improving your lands soil fertility; awesome! Sounds like you are into and doing the same sort of thing we want to do, I'm really wishing we were neighbors right about now. I hope that you can get some more like minded people in around you, it's always best to have a strong community if possible, that way if anything goes wrong or you need some help you have folks you can turn to. I'm so wishing that I had the space and place to work on a garden, I have to admit that I've really been missing it since we got displaced from our old apartment due to a fire across the hall. I used to have a southward facing balcony that I was trying to turn into a micro food forest for us, but I lost a lot of plants when we had to move into a smaller apartment with a northward facing balcony. Though my dwarf fruit tree saplings and my blueberry shrubs made it through okay and are starting to bud out in preparation for the spring so at least I have that.

Keep on sharing your progress, I like being able to live vicariously through other folks if I can't have what I want right now on my own. Post some photos some time if you can and keep up the awesome work! Take care,


EDIT: Oh, you can check out what I was doing with my balcony before and up to the fire if you like, I was doing a gardening channel on YouTube called On The Balcony With Kat that was chronicling my attempts to make my micro food forest. You can check it out here: On The Balcony With Kat
8 years ago
Ah, okay thank you. I'm always so nervous about breaking rules. I really love permies but I'm never sure if I word things correctly or post them to the right place. Thanks much and take care,

8 years ago

Bethany Dutch wrote:Hi Katrin,

Just saying hi! I don't know if anyone who is offering what you are looking for but I am homesteading in WA I'm off grid up about 90 minutes north of Spokane. Live in a half finished house, and will finally be able to get to work on the property itself a bit this summer. This particular area (near Colville) is perfect for permaculture - not nearly as dry and brown as most of Eastern WA, but not all rainy and wet like the west side.

Hi Bethany. Yeah, it sounds like you have the kind of setup that we wish we had. Sadly we don't qualify for any assistance or loans to buy property, so we are stuck for the time being just trying to find someone who needs or wants live in help. What kinds of things are you planning for your property if you don't mind my asking? I like hearing what others are doing so that if (and hopefully when) we get the opportunity we will have lots of ideas to work with. Thanks much,

8 years ago

Dave Burton wrote:I have reported your thread (and the previous one) to bring it to the attention of the moderators.

I think you have setup a good strategy to find opportunities by trying to get word to spread through social networks. A few other places to look might include:
Permie Jobs Twitter
Permaculture Global
Ecovillage Database

Reported it, have I done something wrong? I don't think I broke any of the rules, did I? Um... thank you for the resource links, but could you tell me what is wrong with my thread that it needed to be reported please? Thanks much,

8 years ago
Bumping this old post as it's still relevant for us, though some of the info in the original post has changed, (we've gotten a few years older, and we are now willing to relocate almost anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.) We would also be open to a property caretaker job where the owner of the property is looking to make permaculture related improvements.
8 years ago
My mate, our best friend, and I are looking for a new opportunity. With 15 + years of apartment maintenance experience under his belt, my mate can pretty much do just about any kind of handyman type repair job including some wiring, plumbing, and minor construction. (As long as it doesn't involve the roof or the foundation, he can pretty much do it.)

Our best friend and I are both plant and garden minded and we both trained in landscape horticulture and design when we were in our 20’s. Sure, we are a little bit rusty, but we can learn or relearn as the case may be. So the three of us are looking for a property care-taker position somewhere. If anyone has any info on an opportunity like this, please feel free to let us know.

Any help would be appreciated. We would like to stay away from commercial property care-taking though, like apartment complexes and cemeteries, but private property care-taking would be right up our alley. (Especially if the owners are permaculture minded.) Please share this post with anyone you think might be interested. Oh, we would like to stay in the Pacific Northwest, but other than that we are wide open for relocating if need be. The three of us also have varied interests that include but are not limited to goats, chickens, pigs, cob building, home brewing, bee keeping, aquaculture, and general permaculture design.

My FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Punk-Llama-Farm-Organic-With-Attitude/264574683677002

My tsu profile: https://www.tsu.co/Pashakitty

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa7W1RE2B9xFTgZFp2aDLiQ/featured (I run a gardening channel called On The Balcony With Kat.)

If this is posted in the wrong place, could someone please let me know and or help me move it to the right place? Thanks much,

8 years ago