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Interesting info, thanks Brian. The crosses I’m growing (first and second generation) are growing nice big pods but I’m not too worried about stringiness as I prefer them as dry beans. Dry beans of any kind are iffy here because they often get rained on before they are completely dry, and then they go moldy. Soup peas are the best alternative I’ve found so far but I’m always trying out more things 😀
58 minutes ago
I've been working on doing this for a few years now... no success yet. I started by collecting every RB variety I could find while on holiday in the UK in 2016, and growing them out the next year and letting them cross with each other. I've grown out the results in 2019 (left them in the ground over winter, none survived) and 2020 (they are in the ground, some with straw bales on top - oops! - will see if they survive and pop up next spring).

However, reading this thread I think I may not bother to continue: Powell River is noticeably colder than Victoria BC and our garden is in a chilly spot even for here. Pity.

BTW there are multiple N American posts here but all from the PNW / southern BC area where people do grow runners. Elsewhere they tend not to grow them at all.

Ryan M Miller wrote:The worst part about the whole affair is the frequent threats from my father to put me on disability so that I can never support myself at all at any time in the future.

I’m puzzled by this part. You are an adult. How can someone else “put you on” disability? In my experience (multi family members and friends) it’s quite hard to get on disability even if you have quite serious health issues. And they usually encourage you to get off it if you can, so you’re not stuck there for the rest of your life.
4 months ago
Victoria, BC has been growing veg seedlings in their facilities that normally grow ornamentals for the city parks, for " people who have been disproportionally impacted by the pandemic and want to grow food at home, but that may be facing barriers to access to food plants and garden materials, or are facing barriers to access fresh, locally grown food."

They are even growing seedlings timed for fall and winter gardens!
5 months ago
Where would making vinegar fit in this topic?
Ok Mike. The reason I posted it here was more to do with the idea of getting multiple products from one feedstock... but maybe that will come up in the food preservation BBs later on.
5 months ago
Stacking functions when processing fruit.

I’m a big believer in spending a little more prep time to get multiple products out of the harvest. We’ve recently been processing lots of apples from local trees, and we now have (or will have soon)

Apple juice, frozen
Apple juice, canned
Fruit leather (apple mixed with raspberry, strawberry or cherry from prev frozen harvests)
Apple scrap vinegar
Apple peelings, frozen, for future vinegar batches
Dried apple rings
Apple pulp, frozen, for future fruit leather
Apple cores to a local farm for their chickens
Compost ingredients

Peel and core and slice apples using a hand wound peeler. Peels go in one bucket,  cores (plus any messy bits) go in another, slices go either into acid water (if they will be juiced) or straight onto a dehydrator tray and into the dryer.

Peels get sugar water added, and placed in a cloth-covered bucket in the kitchen to ferment. There are usually too many to do this with all of them rightnaway, so some get frozen to make vinegar later. Peels can also go into a steamer juicer to make more juice, but you don’t get all that much. A gallon of peels gives about a pint of juice.

Cores go to compost or livestock

If juicing: slices go through the Champion juicer. Juice is frozen or canned. Pulp is made into fruit leather, either right now or frozen for later. (I make a lot of fruit leather and sell it at the local market during the winter). One reason for peeling is that peels make nasty hard bits in the fruit leather.

I’ve presented a workshop on this called “Everything but the pips”. At the end I told them to plant the pips for more apple trees 😀

Time: some of this is an endurance test, standing for several hours peeling apples. Going by yesterday’s session which produced vinegar, dried apple rings, juice, pulp and fruit leather, that took two of us about 3hours. Today we spent another 2 hours for more juice, and pulp, and chicken food.

5 months ago
Canned apple juice today, so I’m going for this BB.

R ranson, if you’re on Ravelry, there is an excellent thread on the Unravelers group called Common Fitting Issues which covers in great practical detail, exactly how to deal with the issues you’re having with adapting patterns. Lots of real life examples.
5 months ago