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Downloaded fine. Wouldn't open in Chrome, but opened in my pdf editor just fine. Thanks!
Here is the link for Beekeeping.. And now I have to get back to work before my boss notices what I have been doing.
5 years ago
Let's get the conversation going about bees! All bee lovers join in on the requirements for this badge. Here are my initial thoughts.

Read Abbe Warre’s Beekeeping for All (free download)
Read one organic beekeeping book
Watch documentary Queen of the Sun
Take Sacred Apiculture (or other bee class) from Jacqueline Freeman at Friendly Haven Rise Farm
Taste at least 5 types of honey
Eat propolis
Observe a bee hive for 1 hour

Build a Warre or topbar hive
Collect a bee swarm
Plant bee forage/create a bee garden
Collect at least 1 pint of honey from your own hive
Have total of 10 hours bee observation

Collect 4 additional swarms
Make and sell bee’s wax candles made from your own hives
Sell 5 gallons of honey from your own hives
Have a total of 30 hours bee observation
5 years ago
I think JD was heading to Texas on a greyhound.
6 years ago
Thank you to all who camped at Lake Skinner. I especially want to thank Derick Greenly for starting this thread. Just trying to get a place to stay opened it up for all of us to get together. The conference was amazing, but was so much richer because of all the people who attended, but even more so for the people who stood around that campfire and shared thoughts, ideas, and dreams. I hope I can stay in touch will all of you awesome people. Now it is time for us to do epic stuff!
6 years ago
I made it to the campsite. See y'all soon.
6 years ago
I wonder if we could park cars at the Voices site?
6 years ago

Andrew Scott wrote:Joshua and Rebecca,

Any read on whether there's open space for another tent in the permies zone? Also, any info on what the spots in the 500 number ranger are all about? It seems like they're probably the "primitive" spots, but the reservation list uses different terminology, and I was on hold with the reservation office for about half an hour before giving up. If there's room for a tent, and I end up not bringing a car, it might be nice to join forces with someone rather than go rogue in the 500s.

I do not know about the 500's.

So far I'm the only one in Site 122, so you can join me. I made my reservation online and there were a few other spots available. I'm arriving sometime on 3/12 and checking out on 3/16. If you want to stay until Monday in Site 122 you may want to reserve it for Sunday night or maybe another site will have room Monday night. I'm staying for the whole conference, just heading to a nearby town afterwards.
6 years ago
What is going on with the Lake Skinner camping? I just reserved site 122. Not wanting to intrude, but would like to be near other Permies if possible. Looking forward to meeting lots of awesome people!
6 years ago