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Putting in an infant Permaculture Food Forest on 1/4 acre in outer SE Portland
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Portland, Oregon Maritime, temperate, zone 7-8.
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How do folks know when they have added enough pee to things like bark dust mulch (far from my favorite kind of organic matter...some is left over from the previous steward of this land....might as well use it) or straw bales or compost piles?

With living plants, first I see them greening up, and then when they turn brown I know I have gone too far, and learn to stop when the plants look more healthy.

But with piles of organic matter, how do we know what is enough?

Suggestions about seats and handles to hold onto are helpful. Whatever works, I say. It is important not to waste these precious nutrients. I am so happy to be able to discuss it openly. This should not be a taboo subject.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Yes, thank you, I am delighted to not be in a wheelchair any more!!!
8 years ago
Thank you. I received the link to download the old rocket mass heater DVD's and did so successfully on Safari, doing nothing other than clicking the provided links.

At first it seemed like they had not downloaded, but in time (5-10ish minutes) they had downloaded.

Looking forward to learning from them

Thank you for all your work putting this together. Blessings

Cassie and Paul,

Thank you both so very much.

I successfully downloaded everything.

I figured out, the error was on my end...this is the solution to the problem I had with Podcast Gobs 201-240 and 241-280......simple....I had not allowed enough time for them to download. They are big files and I needed to watch the progress bar to see when they were complete.

I made a point to download well before the deadline so as not to cause more trouble for you all.

Thank you again for this information that is so very valuable for all sentient beings.

Love and Blessings

Cassie and Paul,

You are amazing. Thank you.

And the air and water and minerals and fungi and plants and animals thank you deeply because there will be less ___ in them all when folks start to use rocket mass heaters.

Probably the Ancestors are sighing in relief. Maybe even beneficent ET's are smiling with joy.

You are acruing mountains of good karma.

Love and Blessings Always.
Thank you, Paul. I will be getting another chance today, and will act on that opportunity with speed. I explained the tech details in case it helped another person or shed light on this. I played a role in getting into the mess I got into. Apologies for not acting fast on this as I was duly warned to do. Thank you for this awesome project. Looking forward to learning a lot. Wishing you and your peeps all the best.
Happy to say that it is not as bad as it seemed.

After extensive delving into this, it appears that I did successfully download all but Podcast Gob 201-240 and Podcast Gob 241-280. I have accessed all the other items in the candy list successfully.

Thankfully Apple accommodates tech newbies like me by making it possibe for us to download audios in "Pictures." I am glad they can handle people like me.

When I tried to access the Podcast Gob 201-240, an icon apeared that included a progress bar in which the blue line did not go all the way over to the right….when I clicked on that icon, nothing happened….a similar thing occurred when I tried to access Podcast Gob 241-280, with the difference that the progress bar was a different length…so I think what I did was not allow a enough time for those downloads to take place. It only would have been a few seconds more and they would have been finished. I was not paying attention.

So the only ones of the kickstarter candy that I am in fact missing is Podcast Gob 201-240 and Podcast Gob 241-280.
Glimmers of hope….it appears that the materials may have been successfully downloaded into Pictures.

I will know in a few minutes and let you know.
OMG…disaster…I hope you can help….it was my mistake but oh how I wish there is a way to help me As I said in my message sent at 12:19 above today, I did what I thought would download all the candy by noon today and I THOUGHT I had…

then out of curiosity to see if you had allowed a grace period for the folks who were unable to do it in 72 hours, I tried to download them again at about 12:30 and at that ttime I noticed that in my haste to download the materials, and because I am a relative tech newbie, I noticed that on my Mac I had attempted to download all the materials into "Pictures," something that I rarely use and forgot that I had on…I usually download to Downloads…and the machine did not warn me that what I was attempting to download would not in fact download into Pictures….it appeared to be downloading

so I lost almost all of it…………………………….infinite anguish…………………………………………………………………………………………

I HOPE there is some way I can still download it……..I donated at I think the $60 level..the one where I could download the dvd's when they come out. oh tears….copious tears

We want so much to put in a rocket mass heater in the house and greenhouse. And we are newbies at that….we have a woodstove and we also have gas heat and I anguish over fracking… This is a tragedy for me if I lost those downloads…

And ALL I WANT TO DO at this point with my life is permaculture and hugelbeds and all the stuff that will save our skins as a species and planet and I was SO EXCITED about all the podcasts, etc., in the kickstarter……I am in tears…... I almost went nuts during Easter dinner with folks talking about trivia, or was so sad hearing about all their surgeries that they would not need if they ate better…so sad...…I just smiled and looked out at the trees and breathed and thought, "soon I will be home working on our permaculture food forest. Some folks get what I am doing…be patient……."

Oh. no, I am starting to cry hysterically….I so do want out of the insanity of our world rushing to fall off a cliff. I hope there is some way I can still download what I missed. My email is

I love you no matter what and will not be rude, but I hope there is a win win solution here…tears…………gotta go or I will ruin my computer with my tears…

First off, I want to say that I adore you all, and I do not demand perfection…few sentient beings do more than your group to all out save our species, other species, and the planet…and I have rarely seen, perhaps never seen, such a generous kickstarter campaign on such a valuable project and I am delighted to support this and now I GET IT to immediately open every single email from Cassie and you folks, and will diligently do so forever starting now,

AND (not but) ….. I got it all downloaded by the GRACE of unknown forces about 10 minutes before the 72 hour window was over, and love my fast computer even more. I will spare you the details.

So I am ALL IN FAVOR of whatever makes it so such drama does nor recur, AND I see what I HAVE IT IN MY POWER TO DO to make sure it does not recur. AND I thank my guardian angels and all the benficent forces in the Universe, which of course obviously watch over beneficent activities such as ours.

I ask that they watch over you and all of us as you complete the work on this most noble project.

Lots of Love,
Pamela Melcher

We have hostas that are growing in our yard, but they were here when we got here...I have no idea what type of hostas they are. I have not eaten them yet, as I only just recently learned that they are edible and they are still sleeping in the ground for winter.

I can tell you that they grow best in shade, not deep shade, but dappled shade. They were not happy in a less shady place. They are easy to divide.

Good luck!
9 years ago