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I like architecture - small and large.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

Questions/Comments as of now:
1) Has the glass already been sourced; do we have a set size?
2) The lumber that you modeled is standard (1.5x5.5). Are we going to use the on site saw mill instead (which would provide nominal 2x6s)?
3) Colors were added for clarity only.
4) Roof slope was kept; 2:12.
5) I made columns to 16" diameter, and beams to 12" diameter. Perlins stayed at 6" diameter.
6) I took the model from your file, and the model from my old 2017 file, and placed everything inside one of my typical consulting base files (with all the layers and such).
7) I have saved this file down, but let me know what year version you are using.
8) I deleted two columns. Your columns were smaller and spanned only 6 feet. Not sure if this was a good call on my part. Not sure if the stone base to columns is a good call on my part as well.
9) Paul needs to make the decision of what the roof surface will be. Slope is 2/12; 9.5 degrees.
10) The elevated vent window will have some interior trusses overlapping it at the current placement.
20 hours ago
It seems the best technique is to get in early, and be tomorrow's Seller.

This is the highest rising asset class on the planet.

Yes, you can contact me personally on this subject.
1 day ago
Updates on Crypto currencies:

There is currently a movement called Defi. Standing for Decentralized Finance. Programmers are building on top of Ethereum (the second well known coin project, runner-up to Bitcoin). Common people are losing their butts on exchanges like Binance - don't be a trader! The Defi movement has been really successful because of a website/app called Uniswap, where you can trade one currency for another, without signing up for anything. You must pay a liquidity provider fee and a gas fee for the transaction. You may also become one of the liquidity providers and collect a percentage of the fees if you place your "asset" into the "pool". Coinbase is also a name to know as they are the largest on-ramp for people to get started in owning a cryptocurrency. I advise you get a metamask.io wallet attached to your browser. Things in Crypto are getting easier. People are building it out. Cell phone wallets are being built. Transferring funds back out of crypto and into your bank account is getting easier. Why should you take notice? You can send funds quickly and those funds are respected by the recipient.

Update on HEX:

The founder bought HEX.com domain name. The one year marker is coming up November 18/19th. On this day, large percentages will be rewarded to people who have staked (locked-up) tokens, and the inflation rate is set at 3.69% for every year going forward. This project got a lot of hate from the crypto community, and now it is being shadowed by Defi on Ethereum, but it is still a solid (working) project without promises (of future buildouts like most well-known coins that haven't delivered over the course of their two+ year life). Hex token runs on Ethereum too. So, it's gas price is being affected as Defi runs its course. Ethereum is what is used for gas, therefore, the Ethereum price has gained on most other coins, including Bitcoin.
2 days ago
Paul, what is the desired roof slope for each or all of these human size structures? You mentioned the chopped wood hut not having enough slope, and it looks like you're happy with the canning kitchen roof slope. Just wondering.
6 days ago

Ash Jackson wrote:unless a raised floor is built

Sparks idea: pop a window left and right of the solarium on the south wall of the garage, and extend a new finish floor level into the garage space. Brings up the question of the bunks mobility and what is the current top-plate height inside the garage.

Is there a thread for the bunks?
1 week ago

Mike Haasl wrote:As for the door sill, could the sill be custom made

Sparks an idea for me: Does the sill need to be close to the ground or can it be a raised lip of about 4 inches (to increase design options here)?
1 week ago
I'm just now joining the conversation. Awesome work Ash.

Ash Jackson wrote:
Back to the question:
Do y'all know a way to make a waterproofing detail that's less gicky than that?
I've looked at the hand-sculpted house book, and the details depicted there appear to be more tolerant of water infiltration. Perhaps there's something that I'm missing? Perhaps having way less plastic is good enough?

Perhaps the base materials can be more elevated (higher relative to exterior ground level) and breath-able (slightly more porous)? I'm brainstorming about stone and sand at the moment. Your load bearing members are interior, and the exterior walls are separate (resting on a base that doesn't need a footer/extensive structure).

Please note: When I was at the 2017 Wheaton ATC, Josiah Wallingford's architect business partner got on a conference call with the entire class. I took the opportunity to ask him about design recommendations for this solarium project (which was already expressed by Paul at that time). What I think I gathered was: to have a heat collecting material inside the room to hold heat from day to day. The idea of this is similar to what Zach has learned from Sepp, where a large rock is just below the surface of a pond. So, I assume, some solid materials (need) to be placed within this architecture expansion. I think you started the design with a stone floor and now have a cedar wood floor.

Wifi antenna: I wonder if it could have it's own pole? or tree? and run the wire below the parking surface?

I'd like to see a section of the solarium roof (now that you speak of limiting glue, plastic, and flashing). Perhaps a breathable floor system works well with a breathable roof system.

Food for thought: Can we have stone columns :) ? Bases maybe?

Files: Consider posting sketchup files when you're presenting the design with multiple viewpoints. I refuse to do this with digital market items as of now, but did do this when attempting the berm-shed re-design.
1 week ago
Please see glass detail. Thanks Ash Jackson for the picture.
1 week ago
I made this step by step text PDF for your build. It has been added (to the initial post) behind the pay wall.
2 weeks ago

Paige Parsons wrote:I would pay somebody good money to write out step by step instructions of how to put the Wheaton ACT1 together.

I made this Step by Step text PDF for you. It has been added (to the initial post) behind the pay wall.
2 weeks ago