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Davin Hoyt

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since Jan 04, 2012
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tiny house wofati
I like architecture - small and large.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

paul wheaton wrote:If you let me run your banner with my f-code, I will give you 100,000 impressions and we can see how it does.

Okay. Green light.
17 hours ago
So this is called the DX5 size?
5 days ago

paul wheaton wrote:I am willing to give you a sweet deal - do you have an idea of how many you want?

6 days ago

paul wheaton wrote:How many have you sold so far?

So if I run your ad, which ad do you suggest i take down?

I have sold one. And there is no affiliate percentage available. That's why I'm interested in placing the ad. I would want a place along the top, but I don't know which should be replaced. I thought it was randomly generated. I don't know how much you should charge either. I thought your offer a few years back was along the lines of what I am requesting. Are you telling me that all of the smaller square ads are yours? Since we've started this exchange, I have begun to think about what I would do with a 5XD banner worth of space.
1 week ago

paul wheaton wrote:Are you thinking a lot of people will want to part with the $1 for the cool drawing?

I would like to show people the orientation and layout of your properties, so they can visualize the Boots and Ants at work.

My un-informed guess is that this ad would break even at 5 or 7 dollars.
1 week ago
I want to place this small square at the top a million times.

What do I do to get this done?


1 week ago

Davin Hoyt wrote:This is an attempt to entertain the money bug in you...

This last Kickstarter campaign (the Greenhouse Build movie), I think, has brought eyes to my drawings for sale. It probably helped that my Rocket Oven (2018) Plan set were a highlighted stretch goal for the campaign. I don't remember getting an exciting influx in sales from a Kickstarter of Paul's before, but that's a possibility. Whatever the case, one of the bonuses to being a part of the Kickstarter is the "set in stone" factor - After the campaign is over, your campaign page is frozen, and permanently advertises your product's existence.

Now some juice:
The lowest month's earnings since I started selling on Permies: January 2019 ($24.64).
My current average monthly earnings since December 2017 ($81.00).
My best month yet: July 2020 ($180.08).

John F Dean wrote:How well do solar dehydrators work in humid regions?

From what I have seen, this style of solar dehydrator has the most success of all styles built in southeast Asia.

When making these plans, my research revealed that air-flow is the most important feature/factor. Keep air moving through the system. Keep feeding the system drier air than what escapes out the top. The plant or fruit moisture join the quick moving air, and when enough air has passes, you have your goods.
2 weeks ago

Alex Riddles wrote:Has anyone built and used one in the Midwest?  It seems all the comments are coming from climates drier than mine, and I am wondering how well it would work where I live.

While we're waiting on responses, I want to state that air flow is the most important feature to these dehydrators, and probably all dehydrators in general.
2 weeks ago

Starr Brainard wrote:Has anyone priced out all the materials for either of these models? What are the $ amount for the raw materials?

I believe the WheatonATC1 build was under $500 at the 2017 Wheaton Labs' ATC. This was with cedar tongue and grove wall sheathing throughout, overnight delivery of wire mesh, craigslist shower glass, and free from the land skiddable structure below.

Materials and dimensions of your build can vary/differ and still receive good results. An example of this is University of Georgia Ag Department's build (images in solar food dehydrator thread outside of the digital market). Their build is three years old, and I just sent them a follow up email because they left me thinking I would get effectiveness data off them.
2 weeks ago