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Davin Hoyt

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since Jan 04, 2012
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tiny house wofati
I like architecture - small and large.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

- make all people figures into Paul figures.
- include tons of forest trees.
- include wildlife to fill holes.
- use a where's waldo sky line, or a 10am sun angle.
- double the size of your canvas in preparation for the back cover.
- set a goal of depth layers (a huge amount), but the figures never shrink in perspective from depth.
- use the brown and cream theme, but add a lot of shading.
- pat yourself on the back
- use three or more hills; it would broaden the landscape, and free-up some visual connection opportunities.
1 week ago

T Simpson wrote:I've sold in a few other digital marketplaces...

Can you speak about "how a task/work/product selects you", rather than knowing everything from the start.?

Can you shed some more light on "financial compensation".... If I say that a product took $3,000 worth time, what is that (quantity of time) in your opinion? And what would you price that item on the digital market?
Update: My largest month in 2020 brought in $191USD, and the smallest month was $27USD. Total 2020 earnings were $1331USD.
When I saw this tweet, I captured my screen.

I call-out things with red arrows.  
2 months ago
I made a HOW TO.pdf

and placed it in the digital market last week.

It has a 40% affiliate payout as well.
2 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:I got an email today...

Cell phone wallets can be hacked the easiest. Don’t think that free bitcoin is floating around to claim.

Some user information (not passwords) has been hacked in the last year (example: hardware wallet company Ledger).

Persons proving they sent bitcoin to Permies: there is a thing called “signatures”. Some wallets can do signatures, but it would be another step for you. You might think about using Ethereum instead. If you use Ethereum, the gas price to send and the time waiting to transact will be smaller; then, you can request two amounts that add up to your total. (Example: Joe sends a small amount to start interacting with you. Then you say, “send .05, and .02 ETH separately to prove you are the buyer.” Also, with Ethereum, there is the capability of attaching a message.

Now that I wrote that, I like the idea of preregistration with an Ethereum wallet. The user can send you a small amount at your request to initiate registering their wallet to permies data bank. Most people into crypto currencies have small amounts in each of their wallets for future gas needs, so, asking someone to spend a little gas isn't a big deal - especially when market prices are rising. On the same thread, Bitcoin is slow and fees are high. Allow people in the crypto market to hold their bitcoin like gold, and spend their Ethereum like currency.

Lastly, I would like to inform everyone that I made a HOW TO pdf and placed it in the digital market last week.

It has a 40% affiliate payout as well.
On the outside of your car, securely fasten a dime dispenser that operates hourly, and communicates via a blinking light. This device is to make peace amongst the owner of a vehicle and random urban beg-ers. When the small light is on, a dime is ready for the taking. When the light is off, a dime is not currently available. When a dime is taken, the device's one hour timer is started and a new dime appears when the timer runs out. Devices hold more than thirty dimes at a time. Beg-ers will learn the device's light communication in time. Vehicle owners can place devices opposite the gas cap. Devices will be secure, inexpensive, and not hold enough money to be a theft threat. A beg-er can get exercise and enough money for a meal or phone call. Instead of beg-ers standing in harm's way (like between two lanes of traffic, or the blistering sun), they can methodically take what they need as they need it.

You are the fruit tree and this is an urban forest?
2 months ago
This offer is for a PDF download.

Cost: $4.50 USD

This is an article titled:
"Let me tell you about crypto's HEX token and the ease at which you can earn interest"

In this article you will find:

- How to get into cryptocurrency.

- How to send and receive cryptocurrency.

- How to grow your holdings using the blockchain.

- How to pull out of cryptocurrency.

- Links and QR codes to videos and further apps.

This is entertainment, an experiment, and an investment all-in-one!

This is a shrunken image of the 10 pages for purchase:

2 months ago
Most-likely, you have my permission to use these photos.
3 months ago