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Davin Hoyt

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since Jan 04, 2012
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I like architecture - small and large.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

(Bloomberg) .... includes old-fashioned direct-mail promotions...

I just spent $1,400 sending mail (postcard above) to 5,000 of my neighbors.

Here is Richard Heart from today:

3 weeks ago

Mark Brunnr wrote:...using the log scaling for one and linear for the other feels visually deceptive.

I was showing BTC and HEX in both, log and linear. Because new currency/stores of value are shaky at adoption, and either chart could be convincing.

Mark Brunnr wrote:...some will read as either "a great time to buy more" or as proof that it was a pump and dump scheme...

We boast about 1000 days uptime, because pump and dumps don't last through a bear market.

Mark Brunnr wrote:...very much like a pyramid or ponzi scheme...

When humans create store of value that rivals gold, and national currencies, it looks like a ponzi (when it is small). Maybe rivaling the national currency from which your project is born will always look like a ponzi? But HEX is a time deposit on the ETH blockchain. It is not meant to be used peer to peer.

Mark Brunnr wrote:what is that HEX X chart supposed to be showing?

I wanted to show what a 0 to 1,000x to 10,000x looks like on a linear scale chart. From 0 to 1,000 is small. From 1,000 to 10,000 is large.... but it's only a 10x. The smaller looking thing is a the 1,000x thing.
3 weeks ago
Got some more charts to get people thinking...
3 weeks ago
All markets are in a dip.

In a dip, people are able to lower their average entry point.

Here are two perspectives I would like to highlight:
1) HEX has been running for 1009 days. We are very early in the life of this financial time deposit (you can use from your home computer).
2) The HEX system continues to grow with new stakers. Hexicans are sending out mail, posting up in twitter spaces, and onboarding in their local area.

If you want to see me daily: HEXfutures on youtube
If you want to see me weekly: HEXfoodies on youtube
If you want to see my models: Davin Hoyt on youtube

I hope everyone makes wise decisions while our governments attempt to sell us....
4 weeks ago
Last month's payment came on the 1st of this month (right on time). Here was the total...
Post pictures of your land. We can read the land from the photos.
1 month ago
Cool idea! I hope to update some maps soon.
1 month ago

Jeff Steez wrote:how in the world did you find land like this on a literal mountain? ball park cost if you don't mind me asking?

Maybe it's popularity from being a neglected coffee farm?
2 months ago
Please let us know how the plans have developed. Me and buddies are interested. We are at
2 months ago
Interested! Not in being the subject, but helping out with the process. So are my buddies at . There are 260 of us spread around the world.
2 months ago