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Recent posts by David Good

It's cane season again. We're planting and propagating cane right now as we don't have enough for syrup, yet the locals are doing boils right now to make cane syrup.

Last year I was able to interview a local and record the process from start to finish:

It's really worthwhile recording these methods before they're lost. That mill is ancient!
3 months ago
I have been reading Coppice Agroforestry all this week - half-way through.

Great information, Mark. I gave you a plug in my latest video:

I like the idea of infinite firewood and building materials. We have about two acres of woods on our new homestead, much of which is re-growth. Perfect for experimentation, plus coppicing/pollarding is going to open up lots of light for all the rabbiteye blueberry bushes we discovered in the understory. Thanks for the inspiration.
1 year ago
I like ginger, as it can take the shade. I've also had good luck with sweet potatoes. Another favorite are canna lilies, as they make a great repeat chop-and-drop in our warm climate. Endless mulch.
1 year ago
I haven't been as active here as I should as I've been locked away, writing and producing videos.

But I am pleased to announce that after two years of work, the massively expanded, revised and illustrated second edition of Create Your Own Florida Food Forest is finally done.

It now has 200 illustrations from over fifty artists, over 150 plant profiles, and all you need to know to turn a Florida yard into a beautiful forest of wonderful food. Species are recommended by cold hardiness as well, so this book is great for both North and South Floridians.

The original book was just a short booklet, but this is a 330-page resource with lots of data about various species and where they fit into the layers of a food forest. We've grown food forest projects in both North and South Florida for over a decade now, as well as farmed in the Caribbean, and these experiences have greatly enhanced the new edition.

If you're in Florida, this book is for you. Thank you all for the encouragement over the years. Paul in particular has been very kind in sharing my books with the community, despite our very different growing zones. (Sorry you can't grow mangos, Paul!)

The book is now on Amazon here:


And, if you don't want to make Bezos any richer, it's also available direct from the printers here:


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

1 year ago
We lost a few subscribers to the channel, but they were all boring people so it's good.
2 years ago

This one was really fun to make. Those are my two oldest children in the pig masks.

What do you guys think? It's a bit different from your standard gardening video...
2 years ago
I am testing a few varieties here in Lower Alabama, zone 8b. One type is over 8' tall now. I did some exploratory digging a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised to find one already making roots that were 1" in diameter. By fall they should be at a harvestable size. I have no variety name, however. The type was sent to me by a reader. We'll see how they taste. I've had some that are watery and slightly bitter, and others that are sweet, starchy and nutty with a great flavor when roasted.
2 years ago
My new book just came out in paperback - Introducing Grocery Row Gardening:


I give Paul props in it, as well as Stefan, Toby, Bill, Eric, Geoff and many other great permaculture teachers. Over the last few years I've been working to integrate my vegetable gardening and food forestry in a containable backyard system normal people can implement. This has worked really well for us, and it's a lovely system. Lots and lots of edge!

We had a "book bomb" and a great launch this week. Amazon was a little early on releasing the paperback - so much the better. Thanks to those of you that took part. I cannot wait to see how others implement the system in varying climates.
2 years ago
"I personally think from my reading that it's important to build the "Terra Preta Clone" in the environment it will be supporting. There is no reason to believe that micro-organisms are the same over the world, so I think that encouraging and supporting the locals is important."

Yes. I added rotten wood from the forest for that reason. No telling what the differences are, but I want to encourage the fungi from my area to move in.
2 years ago
I like the SEA-90 idea, too. And yes - not all pottery is created equal. I have had a hard time finding data on traditional methods. A local pottery studio is saving me shards now, though, and it's bisque-fired unglazed stuff. Hoping it's close.
2 years ago