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Recent posts by David Good

After cobbling together compost containment systems for years, I finally decided to build a full-on cinderblock and concrete 3-bin system for our new homestead:

Yeah, I built my compost bins before I finished building my house. #priorities

Today I'm going back to working on framing our laundry room - just had to finish the compost bins first.

1 year ago

William Bronson wrote:What is the weather like in Bali?
How hot does the water get?

Water temps were into the 30s, Centigrade, and it was overcast.

The weather in this location was cool rain forest. Very pleasant but humid. Overcast the whole time I was there. Not sure about all year, though.
1 year ago

R Scott wrote:I like it.  A LOT.  There should be a way to control the wood fire (small J tube rocket maybe) so you don't need to remove the solar collector.

Yeah, absolutely. That's how I would redesign it.
1 year ago
I was just in Indonesia and had the chance to interview a farmer on how he dried and cured his tobacco:

Really simple. 4-days and it's done.

As healthy and natural as it's possible for tobacco to be, I guess.

I've grown my own tobacco off and on over the years. It's hard to find good info on sun-drying methods so I was happy to meet this guy and get a full demonstration. Previously I've pinned whole leaves on strings and hung them out for months and months to dry and cure. I'm going to try this sun-drying method next time I have some growing.
1 year ago
I got to visit the Bali Appropriate Technology Institute last week and filmed this DIY solar water heater:

It could be improved by making the top easier to take off so the wood or gas-fired option would take less work to engage, but the idea is sound. The water was warm even though the day was overcast.
1 year ago
Mulberries are the easiest and most adaptable fruit tree I've grown. There are varieties that will grow all the way from Illinois to the tropics.
1 year ago
You guys should appreciate the method I share in my latest video:

I have pictures of piles built this way on my website. Just set it up, then ignore it for a few months, then pull it apart and sift out the compost. Works great, especially when you're farming on land away from home.
1 year ago
...and we are now out in paperback.

On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Free-Plants-Everyone-Guide-Propagation/dp/9527065577/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

And direct from my publisher: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-4737678-1875.html

The book has done very well so far, hitting the top of Amazon's gardening section. Thank you all very much.

1 year ago
Great minds and all that.

I have an excavator coming this week to re-dig an old drain through the land. I was thinking of having him make a pond at the bottom while he's there.
1 year ago
Though I have been thinking a lot about capturing water on my land. It will be interesting to see what happens when the monsoons start.
1 year ago