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Recent posts by Tyler Young

Dan McGinnis wrote:Nope, didn't work for me. Just tells me the pdf failed to load.

Dan, what operating system? Windows? Can you right-click the file and go to Properties, then post with the file size in bytes?

paul wheaton wrote:
1) For text files, windows systems will end a line with "a carriage return and a line feed" - two characters. And linux, unix and macs will use "a line feed" - one character.

CRLF haunts me enough in my day job! But yeah, it seems likely given that all the Mac users report no problems. At least we aren't dealing with character encoding!

paul wheaton wrote:For people that are having problems, could you please tell us the exact file size, in bytes?

My broken version is 17,338,392 bytes.

Working version (after clearing my cookies, right-click -> Save Link As) 17,341,647 bytes.

Cassie Langstraat wrote:
No, clear your cookies and you will get the manual.


Also, this time I right-clicked the link and hit "Save Link As". It opens! For kicks I clicked the link normally again, and the resulting download worked.

I wonder if other people having troubles with opening it would benefit from clearing their cookies.
Did the download just change? When I got the email it was originally downloading "rocket-mass-heater-manual.pdf" (which wouldn't open, as discussed previously). Now after a page refresh it's grabbing "RocketMassHeater-Annex6-letter.pdf" which is working flawlessly.
I'm getting the same problem as before. Adobe Acrobat says "Can't open this file. There's a problem with the file format."

This is on both my Windows 7 laptop and Windows 8 desktop.

To clarify: I was able to download it just fine the first time and this time, but have never been able to open the PDF.
Just to combine the two at the top:

World Domination Heating: Earth, Wind and Fire
Heat for Your Masses: Wood-Burning Rocket Stoves and the Nutjobs Who Love Them
Subtitle: "What to do until Global Warming kicks in"