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Took PDC with Skeeter March-April 2012, followed by time with Sepp.  One word:  AWESOME
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Recent posts by Richard Kutscher

As mentioned before I would prefer mp3, but have a question.

If use the super awesome one time gift codes, would it be possible to have the gifted be able to select the format they want at time of download? AND limit it to only one format?

Not sure if technically feasible or easy to do.

EDIT: spelling
I'd prefer multiple mp3 files with chapter number in file name.

Failing that, one mp3 file

Failing that m4a or, egad, wav file (wasn't an option as file would be ginormous).

I'd also be happy if you gave everyone m4a file with option to send few bucks to get multiple mp3 files.

EDIT: that is my preference, in order above.

paul wheaton wrote:

Richard Kutscher wrote:Start the stretch goal at $20K instead of start at $50K, and mark first few already completed.

Please help me to understand this strategy.

My primary thought behind this was to give some things that are easy (like blank pages in books), or a permaculture card as a bookmark, as low hanging fruit easily done and doesn't cost much, if anything.  This way there is some sort of logical path to the stretch goals.  If just jump in at first stretch goal being $50K (~6x funding value), then next at $60K, etc., it seems a bit disjointed, almost as if you weren't planning on stretch goals to begin with and included as an afterthought.

paul wheaton wrote:

Richard Kutscher wrote:Blank page(s) at begin / end of chapters / book for notes

People write in books like that?  

Ummm, yes, with a reference book of sorts.  Creativity, sparks ideas, yada yada yada.  I don't but have seen a lot of people do, think back to college text book days...  Don't you wish could've written in the book without forgoing the measly trade-in allowance?  Maybe a few blank pages at the end is all you need but would say definitely some.  Or even 1/2 page at end of each chapter.  Something to scribble ideas.

I think the podcast would be an OK stretch goal if added something to it, or maybe a podcast and a short (< 5 minute) video.

Edit: fixed type
1 year ago
My take on stretch goals:

Start the stretch goal at $20K instead of start at $50K, and mark first few already completed.  Start the ranges being 5-10K then increase to 15-25K as get higher up the more expensive things get.

Suggestions I like (in order)
Audio book would be great, don't like Audible but whatever platform works.  Google / Apple also has audio books, but again, Google / Apple <=> Audible???  Big corporation bad type of thing?
Like a podcast about the book, or things that went into the book, or behinds the scenes of the book, or things that wanted to include but didn't fit anyplace, but make it for everyone
That book party thing and could record podcast while Shaun is there!!  
Coloring book thing added as addendum (see below for New Suggestions)
Bookmarks, maybe throw that in as a gimme if decide it, for physical copies.  Could go cheapie extravagant route and have signatures printed on them too...
Draft copies of future books be OK too

Suggestions I dislike:
Autographed copies.  Maybe add in as a reward, don't include as a stretch goal AND a reward.

New suggestions:
Add addendums to the book, maybe not by you but by guest author's (little late for this though idea for next one(s))
Add other e-books covering topics in more depth, like the $50 house one (Mike Oehlor?) by working a deal with the author.  Give them a few bucks and include their full book.
Add couple pages of color photographs (in an addendum) to illustrate important topics, such as the Wofati, or Rocket Mass Heater, recycling 4.0, micro-hydro, etc.
A course (weekend?) at Wheaton Labs on some principles contained in this book.  Not a PDC but more like a "how can I be a better city dwellar steward" course.
Create YouTube short video series on different chapters that the average person at Wheaton Eco Scale 1 or 2 can do to bump them up a notch or two
Hard cover edition (looks like this is soft cover?)
Blank page(s) at begin / end of chapters / book for notes
Make sure e-book is printable
A meet the author's weekend at Wheaton Labs, with the book stuffing party included (add weekend as a reward?).
1 year ago

paul wheaton wrote:Are you saying that right there, in that chapter, is a good place to mention the stuff about PEP, the bootcamp, ant village and deep roots?

That is a great idea though would be sure to describe each program so similar programs can be found in 50 years.
1 year ago
On the signed book thing, I would say either offer it or don't. Don't have it as a stretch goal but make sure it costs enough monies to cover all the costs.

I.e. if one physical book is $20, then a signed book is $50, or whatever price you deem fit. That way even one book will cover postage. Time or hassle might not be covered but then YOU can laugh at staff and say FOOLS, I was right and fluff your overalls repeatedly.
1 year ago
Something that really helped me back in the day was a book called The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. I highly recommend it, very highly.

This is what the book essentially tells you.

Nicotine is evil monster emulating hunger. Mind thinks it's as essential as food

In the morning you are 90%+ free of nicotine.

Don't think of stopping smoking as quitting, think of it as conscious choice to stop. Quiting makes it seem like giving something up. You're not, you're gaining so much more.

It's all in thy mindset. Free yourself from the evil monster and rejoice!

With this synopsis, still suggest getting the book!
1 year ago
I originally voted for #2 but then voted for #3 after reading Paul's comment. Three is more eye catching.  I liked two due to hammock but was very busy thumbnail. Didn't want to down vote two so left as is.
1 year ago

paul wheaton wrote:VI007: At 3:06 .... there are office supplies piling up on the desk to show the work that needs to be done.   I think it would be funny if a sledge hammer appears on top of the pile!  What do you all think?

VI008:  How about at the end if there is a message kinda like the vid from last year "printing is expensive!   give us monies!"  ??

VI007 - Really like this one, followed by swiping it off camera and putting together what you need monies for...

VI008 - Still sounds hollow, I like Dave Burton's thought, but already covered after sledge hammer.  Maybe a rhyming thing like this (cheesy/doesn't fit?) "Risk is low as work is done.  Back us now and reap what's done."

Don't mean to suggest adding anything, but don't see this included and remember you talking about it.  Maybe it's covered in Chapter 13 or 23. info on power sources...  Grid, local, solar, generators (not just big noisy ones but also things like Lister engine), wind, micro hydro, no power at all.  And energy storage (batteries, ponds, etc).  This is a large polluter.

1 year ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Richard Kutscher wrote:I do think giving too much stuff in the higher tiers, don't know how would change it but seems like giving away the farm, unless that's the point.  

Please help me to understand this one better.

I'd like to rescind that comment now. Took another look and they do seem appropriate.  Was focused on the number of hours instead of the actual content.  
2 years ago