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Recent posts by Nicholas Green

Tyler Ludens wrote:Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria should grow there.

I guess it was a brilliant scientist who gave it the latin name of vomit-oria.

Also from the above PDF:
"...used medicinally to induce vomiting..."     the very next sentence     "...used socially as a drink or offering to indicate friendly intentions..."
But when I drink and throw up at peoples houses it's frowned upon. They should consider it a compliment.
4 years ago
I found this video while researching how to construct wattle fencing.

Edit:Posting from my phone. Can't get video embedded...

The trick he uses to bend the springy green branches in half without breaking the is to twist or roll the branches so the fibers separate along the length of the branch instead of across. I imagine this bend only gets stronger when the wood dries out. One of the final images is him picking up the whole piece of fence by hand, demonstrating the fences stability and strength. All without a single nail, screw, drop of glue or length of string. I was impressed.
4 years ago
So there's a new show on FOX called Utopia.
It's a reality show set on a farm and the 15 contestants must try to work and live together in harmony.
The 'farm' is barely a facade but there appears to be permaculture ambassador in the mix named Bella.
The whole show is garbage reality TV but she was able to describe the proper use and benefits of chicken tractors on national television!
If I continue to watch the show it will be to root for Bella
6 years ago
Help me celebrate!
Thanks, fungal activity, for letting me know I'm at least doing something right.
This is the second year for this garden with used to be a lawn.
The plants that are doing the best are the surprise volunteers from last year.
Found a picture of this handsome guy in a box of pictures at my mothers house.
Gotta be honest, I look good.
I guess I should buy some bigger ones and start wearing them again (no shirt required).
6 years ago
The DVDs went straight from the mailbox into my computer and started watching.
They are awesome so far but I couldn't tell when it was over because I never heard...
"If you like this sort of thing, come on down..."
I found your Bee Pirate
7 years ago
This is excellent. Great job and thank you.
7 years ago
Mind altering chemicals? Certainly not my first choice ... :/
7 years ago
I feel your pain my friend. There are many of us in this same position, giving the best years of our lives so others can pad their bank accounts and keep the rat race going.
I understand what you mean when you say you'd rather work 80 hrs for yourself than 40 hrs for your job.
Although it may not fit your exact situation I can promise you at least some inspiration from reading the book, 'The Four-Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss.
I know I am in the beginning stages of trying to expand and start working for myself on the side.
It's possible, you have the drive. Don't give up.
7 years ago