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Recent posts by Kerry Rodgers

I was trying to get the library situated... It sounds like it and the garage are a free-standing building near the Fisher Price House?   Is the gap between them where there are many pic of outdoor meals?  Is that the same place that the Boots built a patio around the end of the summer?

Then I remembered about this beautiful cartoon map, and I think I can place it.  I hope it will work out that I can visit someday.
1 month ago
Ok, this is either off topic, or very off topic.  Moderators can delete if it is too very off topic.

My son is into cars, and asked me to watch a vlog he just found about cars.  The latest vid on the channel was walking through a photoshoot they did of their new t-shirts and some cars.  The photographer actually talked about the why and how of the photos he was taking, which was pretty cool and made me think of this thread.  The vlog-conventional shaky, (intentionally?) out of focus video occasionally cuts to a still we just saw him take, and the still quality is amazing pro-quality.  It makes quite a contrast.  The rate of photo content gets higher as the (long) video goes on.  Seeing how they work in public locations also interested me.

Who knew you could make a living as a car-specialized photographer?  Similarly, I follow some ultrarunners on social media, and there are photographers that specialize in even that little-known corner of the sports world.

These folks promote themselves on social media, presumably to get gigs, which I suppose is more active income.  I don't know if you can market stock photos to niche markets on the stock photo platforms like Shutterstock, but at least trying to target underserved photo-subject demands probably works.  Maybe no one specializes in linen fabric production, yet?

Unfocused post, but I'm really enjoying watching this thread and Raven's exploration of this 818 idea.
Just did a quick search...   Have you considered these that are marketed as sharing to your mobile phone?  For example, this one is highly rated.  

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer

Each sensor is $50, but there's no central unit.   You use your phone (of course, you could have a cheap, not-your-primary phone dedicated to this purpose).  It says down in the Q&A that the sensors hold 20 days of data, and don't need to be connected to the phone to log.   So you just need the phone to pull the data (they say).  The app can export the data as csv (they say), which would import into any graphing spreadsheet, if you don't like the graphs on the phone.  They are quoting -40°C - 60°C (-40°F - 140°F) operating range, and give an accuracy at the extremes.  

Looks like they have a website, and you could probably preview the app as well.   It also appears that they have competition in the same space.

This is just from an amazon search--I don't have actual experience with it.

Whichever one you choose, I suppose you'll be getting and trying one (or more) before the cold weather arrives?
3 months ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:I am excited by the possibility of getting my hands (and Dave's!) on The Noma Guide to Fermentation! Dave has been cooking so many interesting fermented dishes for us all, and I am interested in adding some new ferments to my repertoire in preparation for living at Allerton Abbey without refrigeration.

Noma sent.  Enjoy!  It is fun to see what all you guys are creating up there!

Somehow I thought that Paul already had all the books (getting review copies and all).
3 months ago
Wow, Zach, what an awesome read.   Thanks for taking the time to let us in on some of your story!  Looking forward to future insights and pics.
4 months ago

The next 5 4 3 2 6 People who start or continue a blog thread in the "wheaton laboratories" forum. More info on what a blog thread is HERE

We need to pay Cass for his fun thread!   And Josiah's cool hot project-at-the-labs thread surely surpasses the sprit of the offer as well.   Thanks to you both!

4 months ago

The next 5 4 3 2 6 People who start or continue a blog thread in the "wheaton laboratories" forum. More info on what a blog thread is HERE
* $20/Person from Kerry Rodgers. 6 Rewards left, 1 claimed by Jeremy Butler, by Christopher Lopez, by Philip "Akhu" Huerta, and by Robbie Bassen

It looks like Coco and Jaqi have started media rich threads in the "Wheaton Laboratories" forum.  Thanks!  Special thanks for getting the participants' faces in.

You qualify for the above reward!  Would one of the staff help facilitate the payments?  (and keep me honest if I miss any new threads!)
6 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:Zachs opinion was get the plantings in the pond this year and not introduce fish til next year. This wait will result in 5x healthier fish and plants.

What do you and Zach think about mosquitos during this year without fish?

BTW, thanks so much for documenting and sharing this project!
6 months ago

Mike Jay wrote:If anyone is good at climate battery math, let me know

If you wanted a professional with actual climate battery/greenhouse experience, you could reach out to Rob Avis of  I think he could likely consult with you at whatever level of involvement you wanted, say, a little experience-sharing, up to a full engineered design.  Great guy.
8 months ago