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Recent posts by Morgan Morrigan

Another study showing how important soil biota is.

Dont leave turned soil exposed on the surface,,,,,
10 years ago
Most of the printer problems started on inkjets, when the color laser printers came out.

Printer manufacturers were required to print an identifier in every print, in the bottom right corner? , supposedly in light yellow, so not visible.
Try looking with a UV LED

This was to protect against counterfeit money.

Seemed to really screw up the drivers, having to insert this from eeprom, for every print.

Just a little history for ya...
10 years ago
you want to use boric acid, not borax.

If you have a biodiesel supplier near you, you can get it cheaper.

get the finest micron you can, if only granules at the biodiesel guy, then buy the roach powder.

you need citronella plants, not lavender.

lemon grass, cantnips, chrysanthemums. Thyme, oregano , and the mints help too.

block any windows cut into doors, so bugs don't come in when you open doors at night.

you also want to get a sprayer, mix boric with a little liquid soap in it, and some cinnamon oil, and spray it up underneath porches , into plumbing holes in the walls, and around any animal housing.

good luck !
10 years ago