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Recent posts by Kelda Miller

Thanks Dan! Great tip, I'll follow up right away.
8 years ago

I recently moved to Northeast Oklahoma and have been in discussion with folks in Cherokee/ Tahlequah area about doing some permaculture workshops, maybe even some as continuing education through NSU, which has a high population of Native Americans. I'm white and would especially like to bring more indigenous permaculturists to the front of the classroom and collaborate with them from the very start of this idea phase. But who?

This area is also very near Missouri and Arkansas, so want to cast my inquiry net as wide as possible to make sure the teachers are not all white.

I've contacted the Indigenous Permaculture group based out of San Francisco, but their last posts are from years ago and the email bounced back

8 years ago
Hi all,

My family and I are in Fairland, OK, though we've only recently moved here from Washington State. We're always looking to meet like-minded allies, so stop on by! My contact info is on my website, but the website doesn't have much about what we're doing here... yet. It's still oriented to our work back home.
8 years ago
Hi Crystal! We'll be your friends! We just moved from to Fairland from Washington State. More about us, and on Permaculture Global (though we haven't updated our location yet). Anything in Joplin going on we should know about?

Kelda and Nick Lorax

PS. I couldn't find you on Facebook, probably because we don't have mutual friends. But I'm here:
8 years ago
Hi. I mentioned to a Mom-friend of mine, who is an awesome potter, about the irrigation we sometimes mention in permaculture using unglazed pots below the surface. Just a quick search gave me this link, for those who haven't heard of it.

She's been very excited and made a handful of pots already, but they don't seep as much water as we were hoping. Our guess is that there's a special mix of clay (including some straw that's burned out?) or low firing that helps the pot remain especially porous. Does anyone have experience with making these pots and like to share details? I guess we could of course ask the folks at the above website, but since they're likely to view it as somewhat proprietary, I thought I'd ask here first.
10 years ago
September 8-14
Kat Steele, Benjamin Fahrer, with Seattle Tilth

Also, rarely in this area, a 5 day teacher training
with Scott Pittman and Larry Santoyo
in Roberts Creek, British Columbia
November 10-14

11 years ago
*A-freaking-mazing* early bird price for the Permaculture Convergence ends this Wednesday. A whole weekend of permaculture education, including food, for $60. What a deal! Get it before the price goes up!
11 years ago
Fine. Since you asked my previous post was something like "Between the ages of 25 and 40. No cheaters, liars, or addicts. Must have good relationship with mother. Don't stalk me online please" that kind of thing. Basically noone really liked that kind of post, but that's what happens under duress of blackmail.

But hey, I'd also be open to dating really good looking ex-marines working their way out of saturn return. I mean not a lot of them, but maybe one. Must watch I heart huckabees again and pinky swear not to vote for any more bush relatives.
12 years ago
Thanks Tyler for posting this!
I'd say, if you're choosing among courses, what makes this one unique is that the homesteaders, Nick and Nancy, are looking for ways that permaculture can help them make more on-farm income. So we'll be exploring lots of that, and, because they already have a perennial vegetable nursery going, we'll be doing some kind of propagation work each morning. Participants will learn the 'behind the scenes' for a small-scale niche nusery operation.
12 years ago
Wow thank you Josh! That was just what I was hoping to find. Thank goodness for pdfs instead of paperbacks sometimes!!! And thank you for looking it up for me!
12 years ago