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Permies likes fungi and the farmer likes Oyster's on cardboard? permies
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Oyster's on cardboard?


Joined: Jul 13, 2011
Posts: 1
I've got a ton of cardboard.

Should I boil some of it up and place the some king oyster plug spawn in between layers in a plastic container? If this colonizes fully can I break up this block of mycellium into chunks and place it in between layers of pasteurised cardboard in a laundry basket in a dark room?

Any other tips? Will this produce many king oysters or should I add some pasteurized hardwood chips  in the laundry basket as well?

Milton Dixon

Joined: Sep 09, 2009
Posts: 33
Hi Mason,

My experience with oysters is that they're pretty resilient. As long as they have enough water, light, and oxygen they'll do fine, so you may not want to store them in a dark room. You could also add hardwood chips or not. Why don't you try and report back to us?

Milton Dixon

Milton Dixon
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Haru Yasumi

Joined: Apr 29, 2010
Posts: 102
Yes it should work.  Like miltonics mentioned oyster mycelium is pretty tenacious.  At the moment I have some mycelium growing on unpasteurized cardboard from stem butts off some oysters I grew to which I've since added hardwood chips a few times.  It's all just wrapped loosely inside a plastic grocery bag and no contamination issues.  It's actually a continuation of the phone book grow I posted here since I used the stem butts from this grow: http://www.permies.com/permaculture-forums/7152_0/fungi-/oysters-and-phonebooks

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richard valley

Joined: Aug 18, 2011
Posts: 207
Location: Sierra Nevada mountain valley CA, & Nevada high desert
Been wanting to try growing these for a long while! Hope yours do well.
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subject: Oyster's on cardboard?
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