Permaculture Inner-circle Elite (PIE)

what you get with PIE

  • Superpowers on your account
  • Discounts and special offers from vendors that want you to have PIE
  • Access to a private forum just for people with PIE
  • A collection of freebies just for people with PIE
  • Your account is highlighted with a piece of pie, showing that you are part of the inner circle
  • ability to give PIE to others
  • ability to buy certain items with PIE
  • customize your toolbar with 35 different tags

Access to special discounts with our vendors

Here's some of the vendors offering discounts to our PIE members:

  • Solar Food Dehydrator Plans by Davin Hoyt (PIE Offer)
  • World Domination Gardening 3-DVD Set HD Streaming by Paul Wheaton (PIE Offer)
  • Permaculture Voices PV1, PV2, and PV3 Bundle by Diego Footer (PIE Offer)
  • Complete Wild Edibles Package (1 HD video + 10 eBooks) by Sergei Boutenko (PIE Offer)
  • How to Make Your Own Emergency Home Battery Bank by Steven Harris (PIE Offer)
  • $50 and up Underground House + Greenhouse + DVDs package by Mike Oehler (PIE Offer)

  • If you want to see your biz on this list, click here.

    free stuff for pie

  • Helen Atthowe 2 hour presentation
  • ECO Poser video by Chad Sentman
  • Sneak Peak at Paul Wheaton's New Book
  • 45 minute video of wheaton labs from Justin Rhodes
  • care and feeding of a rocket mass heater video

  • features available only to PIE people

  • view and post in the pie forum
      • get free stuff that is currently in the pie forum, stuff that is normally not free
      • get discounts from businesses that love PIE people (see the list above)
  • highlight one thread with a pie (does not cost pie)
  • give pie to a good post (costs pie, highlights the thread with pie, and the author gets pie)
  • send pie to others (costs pie)
  • have 5 more bumper stickers
  • add more forums to a thread
  • ability to add two thumbs up; ability for thumbs down
  • private user notes
  • show thread starter in list of threads
  • show registration date for users under their name instead of as hover text
  • show last commenter in list of threads
  • ability to post to the cider press (provided you also have enough apples)
  • extra features you can control from your profile
      • turn off the wood background
      • hide the site logo
      • larger signature
      • turn off ads
      • show the pie icon next to your display name
      • keep track, thread-by-thread, of what you have and have not yet seen
      • hide your email/PM info
      • show time in customizable time zone rather than "2 hours ago"
      • ability to show, in a thread, how far you have viewed in the past
      • pick and choose--and organize--or toolbar with 35 different tags

    how pie works

    PIE stands for Permaculture Inner Circle Elite - it's a special classification for members on this site that gives you access to great discounts from our vendors, as well as the private Pie forum, and a variety of handy little features in the forums too, just because we love you.

    The idea is that you can get pie in a variety of ways:
  • you buy pie here.
  • somebody gives you pie (usually for a really informative post)
  • you earn your first 20 apples to get pie

  • Once you have received Pie, you can access all of those spiffy features and discounts. You'll get an email by default (unless you adjust your settings) when you get a piece of pie, and you can track you pies under 'Pie' at the very tippy top of your forum screen.

    This thread is a great place to ask about pie and make suggestions for pie for the future.