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Recent posts by christine lawson

Brenda Groth wrote:myself I think I'd attempt to find a way to smash or crush them up..otherwise I'd follow the above advice

Yep, Brenda, that's likely how I'll go, it's just getting the gooey stuff out that had me stumped. I'm not easily made queasy but...ewwww! So I'll let nature takes its course and crush them once they're clean.
9 years ago

Rubbing them with dry, coarse salt. Or a piece of a broken brick. I've had success with both.
9 years ago

Thanks everyone! right now the horns are at the bottom of the garden and the birds are loving the bugs. Those that were buried have been unearthed, of course, as predicted. I'm fine with this, it's all going on a safe distance from the beds.

Some of the horns are a decent size, so we may keep some and see what we can make out of them.

Bokashi, eh? I'd never heard of it but a quick googling has me really intrigued. Love the idea of quicker composting/friendly bacteria.
9 years ago

R wannabe wrote:

Tyler Ludens wrote:

R wannabe wrote:Do NOT put them directly in your beds.

Aside from critters digging them up, what would be wrong with burying them in various places in beds? Not all in one hole, but here and there?

That is enough of a reason, but you will also get bugs that will move to your roots next. And I would never put animal product in my beds unless I was 1000% sure they were healthy.

I am absolutely sure the animals are healthy, as well as grass fed, no antibiotics etc.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by "bugs"? Insects or microbes?

9 years ago

Ooops, I'd better clarify - I'm wondering about ways to use them to enrich my soil. Should I leave them buried in the compost, or dig them up and rebury them within, say, the beds where I'm planning to put the leafy greens? I understand (I think?) they'll be a slow acting source of nitrogen - but I just don't know, that's why I need advice

9 years ago

Hi all-

A farm hand friend has just given me a bag of very stinky fresh horn from young cattle, and I'm not sure what to do with them all! I've got a couple of dozen ranging in size from about 3 - 8". Most still have the squishy, marrowy stuff in them, and hair attached.

A google search just brings up instructions for the biodynamic manure horn technique, not something I'm up for, I can't imagine how I'd get them cleaned out to get the manure in. (Did I mention they're really stinky?)

The local raven sure was interested in them, and if I hadn't buried them there'd be turkey vultures circling - I like vultures but not sure my neighbours would appreciate it.

Any advice/suggestions?

Oh and by the by, thanks for all your help last spring re my young fruit tree guilds, they're all doing really well!
9 years ago

  I just happened upon this site:

  She's been working with teasel for Lyme. You may find it interesting.

good luck!
9 years ago

  I second the motion. So many ways to discuss each plant, uses in the garden, uses in medicine - one thread for each plant would bring it all together so neatly.

  Please Paul?

  I've learned more than I can say from Susun Weed's books, and love her videos on youtube as well, she's so forthright in her manner of teaching.

  That being said, I'm not crazy about the website. She doesn't actually run it, (I think it is her daughter), and I find it's becoming  pretty commercial, with lots of expensive on-line courses on offer.

  Her books are first class, though (IMO)
9 years ago

  Throughout "the change", I've had periods of time when I would just wake right up in the middle of the night and that was that. I eventually gave up and got up when I woke up, finding that I just didn't need as much sleep as I used to. Everything changes during the change, after all.
  And the dreams, yes lots and lots of dreams. Sometimes I used to feel like they weren't even mine, that they were just floating in from the Collective Unconscious and I was so wired and sensitive to all the energies around me I'd pick them up. I know that sounds wacko - unless you're a menopausal mess, then you'll know what I mean.
  Anyway, a few things have helped me. Sleeping in absolute darkness, and silence, and alone. I started drinking oatstraw infusion, not tea, it's got to be brewed at least 4 hrs. If I drink it all day long, after a few days all those good minerals start taking hold, and I feel stronger during the day, sleepier at night, and stay asleep. Stretching before bed, too, I was doing physio for my back, the therapist showed me easy ways to get my body more mellow. And acupuncture really helped, too. I still have nights I have to go back to the spare bed, but find these things are cyclical and I try not to let it get to me but it can make you where's that oatstraw, it's starting again...

9 years ago