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I have 3 hens. They are a hybrid of Poule de Bresse and Araucana. Bought together but they all
produce different eggs. Green, green with a brownish patina and brown.

7 years ago

From the Netherlands:
I usually buy at and Also sometimes at It is always profitable to compare the prices of the same products on different amazon stores. You get unpleasant surprices if you don't watch out. Also watch the extra postal costs in some stores in Sometimes more than the amount of your goods!

Over all I am very pleased to buy at Amazon.


The green manure is already in the soil with its root. The part above soil you can let die off.
If you want to put another crop on that spot, just take away the above soil part an put it in the compost, while leaving the surrouding green manure grow. Another method would be to lay the green manure on the soil and it will provide shelter for the young crop an in the case of clover etc it will provide instant food for the new plants. Whatever suits you best.

10 years ago
You could try to take the skin off and let them stay a while with sugar on them.

Good luck!
10 years ago
Hey permies!

I think of letting it go for now. Your reactions have been very helpfull ! Thanks for that.
I think I stick to compost .

Greengirl out.
10 years ago
Thanks all of you, who replied!

I think the word salt in here is a little confusing. It is salty yes, but nothing compared to the chemical junk from your local supermarket. Maybe the good stuff in the Himalayan outways de salty content.

I think I have a go on a little testground myself!
Please keep sending any remarks or experiences, all of you!

greetings Greengirl
10 years ago
Hello permies,

I'm fairly new to the forum. I checked and could not find another topic dealing with my question so.

Has anyone experience with using Himalayan salt to improve the soil? I thought, it might because there are so much trace elements in there.

Not that my soil is bad, but there is always room for improvement I think. Anyone?

10 years ago
Oke. Thanks Denninmi!
10 years ago
I put my mint up in a bucket without a bottem. Keeps it wel at bay.
At first I did not let it grow this way and then it ran meters away. I just dug it up and it made good compost.

About oregano and mint. All mint starts with Mentha..... But oregano with Oreganum.....
So in my opinion we're talking about 2 different families. I agree that they are both herbs.

10 years ago