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Recent posts by Deedles Johnson

Reading this old thread as my new, young rooster has been with the 8 hens (about the same age) for 3 days and they are still mean to him and he is very submissive.  I hope he 'mans up' pretty soon, hate to see him cowering in a corner while the hens stand around him in a circle.
7 months ago
Looking for a new home for our 2 year old unspayed female Maremma.  She is great with poultry, hasn't had other livestock around her.  If you would be interested please send an email to ndeedles@cen tury link.n et (no spaces) Thank you and we are looking for a home very soon.  Thanks
3 years ago
Also late to the discussion, but I'd like to add that just this morning we pulled 3 ducks out of the electric fence. 1 was dead and the other 2 quite tangled up. Last time we'll be leaving them out of their house at night. We have the premier 1 fencing as well. It makes me sad to think that one duck took all those shocks as the battery was dead this morning.
5 years ago
What a breath of fresh air for the TED talks. A real life person being himself.

And hey, no swearing! It can be done.
Kicked in, thanks for the heads up, crazy (meant in the best possible way) man!

7 years ago
Vinegar, hmmm? I'll give that a try, thank you! Does she heat the vinegar or just use it cold?

I guess I can't get rid of it everywhere, so I'll take the advice of featuring some (and eating some, too). I'll just try to get the flower heads before they go to seed. I did smother a patch today with thick newspaper and then thick leaves. We'll see how that goes. I'm hoping that following Paul's lawn care of mowing high in addition to an application or two of the Ringers fertilizer this spring can get the lawn a little healthier and more able to out-compete eventually.

Thanks for the tips and info. I'll try the vinegar and post my results.
9 years ago
I did search the forums here and came up with nothing so I'm putting this out there as a cry for help. Anyone been able to get control of this creeping bellflower? In learning that 'weeds' tend to be fixing something that is wrong with the soil, I'm trying to learn what this could be and how I can change my soil to make this plant decide it doesn't need to be there (and by there, I mean everywhere) anymore. We live on a little river, the soil is kinda clay-ey, sand where this plant is having the most fun. It's in the lawn, the flower beds, growing out from the cracks in the stone by the river... surprised to not be seeing it taking root on our metal roof.

I won't use chemicals of course, but lordy! I could really use some help here. Luckily, we just bought this place last summer and haven't even begun to 'fix and build' the earth around the house yet, so all options are on the table at this point in time.

Most of the info I see ends with "a broadleaf herbicide", so here I am asking you folks.

Thank you.
9 years ago
One of my favorite phrases:

"Opinions are like ********: everyone has one".

Love your stuff, Love the delivery of your stuff. I think you're darn cute especially in that lab coat and glasses picture and you're pretty much as funny as you think you are!


Maybe there is a t-shirt in this somewhere?
Hi from Winnebago county and soon to be Waushara county. Looking forward to planting an edible landscape starting this spring and also getting some hugulkulture beds going. We had chickens a couple years back and will again be getting into that and maybe adding some ducks. Would love to know if there is anyone (or anytwo) like minded folks in eastern Waushara county.
9 years ago