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Recent posts by Oystein Tandberg

r ranson wrote: Both contain the same toxin which can cause harm when ingested in large amounts.  I need to do more reading on this toxin, but some sites suggest it goes away when cooked.  


Hi! I was wondering if you have made any progress in your research - my plant is doing really good, and if I could eat it then that would be great..
4 months ago
Hi there - these grow really well in my garden, but I have not eaten any yet. I keep reading they are tasty, but toxic if you eat too many. But I have not seen any more detailed information, and I have not meet anyone with any experience, so if you have, please leave a comment.
4 months ago

Huxley Harter wrote:Apparently there are a few outbreaks of a new coronavirus, what herbs can help one prevent and treat it?

All living things have consciousness. Your interactions with nature follows a certain structure. Nature has it's way, and the system set up by humans has its way. The system uses words to produce emotions. One of these words is the word virus. It used to refer to a toxic substance, but in 17something that changed. Was that a big mistake? This documentary is about the most famous of all viruses. HIV. A word that instills so much fear that people have died just from the diagnosis alone. If you are a bold truth seeking adventurer that loves nature, this documentary is for you.    
8 months ago
Hi there,

You have to love animals and you will need from 3000 to 5000 Euros to share the cost of the land. Every unit should have around 4000 m2 of land, so we all have enough space. Maybe we are not officially allowed to build, most likely there will be no water or electricity. It will be a struggle, but it could be glorious. The climate here in Cyprus is great. The winter season is great for growing vegetables and there are so many reasons to establish something here.

If you are even slightly interested I invite you to like our profile on FB - Sapolandia Karm√ły - You can get an idea of our take on Permaculture by looking through the pictures section. We have been practicing permaculture for 7 and 9 years. It would be nice at this stage to join efforts. The only thing that is certain is that you have to be vegan and not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

Anything else can be discussed. There are so many ways, but to be honest we are not at all into the money system, trying to make money on Ayhuasca ceremonies, etc. We just want to very low key life building with whatever is available on the land and enjoying the great silence you find here. And to make a paradise for the local wildlife.

Best wishes
10 months ago

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Oystein;  Welcome to permies!

I see you are in Norway.  Products available and costs will be different.

On to your question,  Yes, you could mold bricks or cast a core , but only if the temperature rating on your fireproof cement is high enough.

Do you know the ratings on this product ?  What is the brand name ?  We have many members in northern Europe & Scandinavia they may have experience with that product.

I will try to make the inner pipe using this clay. The information is in polish, but from what I can read it should withstand 1320 degrees celsius..

I am also reading up on Sodium silicate - maybe that could be used to cast a chimeney in perlite?

"Water glass is a useful binder of solids, such as vermiculite and perlite. When blended with the aforementioned lightweight aggregates, water glass can be used to make hard, high-temperature insulation boards used for refractories, passive fire protection and high temperature insulations, such as moulded pipe insulation applications. When mixed with finely divided mineral powders, such as vermiculite dust (which is common scrap from the exfoliation process), one can produce high temperature adhesives. The intumescence disappears in the presence of finely divided mineral dust, whereby the waterglass becomes a mere matrix. Waterglass is inexpensive and abundantly available, which makes its use popular in many refractory applications."https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_silicate#Sealing_of_leaking_water-containing_structures
1 year ago

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Oystein;  Welcome to permies!

Do you have Ceramic fiber boards available ?  Ceramic blanket ? These are the newest products being used in building RMH , with them you only need regular clay bricks to build , not fire bricks. Cost can be high with these ceramic products but the benefits of using them seem to negate the cost.  

What about soot in these fiber products?
1 year ago
Hi Glenn, I have resumed the work on the stove. I was about to get the ceramic blanket insulation but then I read it might cause cancer. Best regards

1 year ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:Hmm... cast iron core? What part is cast iron?

I'm refering to the wood stove. See picture nr. 3.

It has many advantages over the bricks.
1 year ago