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Recent posts by Kolomona Myer

Here's my submission.

This was made from the same dry alder that I made my Mallet.

It would've been much easier if the wood was green.

I don't have any good whittling tools, so I used a utility knife. It was a pain cutting in the bowl, but I managed.

The whole process took me about 2hrs or so.
1 year ago
It seems I'm unable to edit my original post. So here are the pictures that are no longer showing in the original.


I was never really able to implement the system as shown. Mainly because it was too much of a PITA I ended up creating a similar system of permanent paddocks and a mobile coop. This worked quite well until predators (Racoon) took out my flock.

Game camera footage of a raccoon amongst the carnage.
1 year ago
Here's my submission

Here is my 1st attempt at completing a sand badge bit tor the Permaculture Experience according to Paul.
This was made from an alder tree that my goats girdled and killed. (Damn goats)
At least I was able to make something useful out of their destructiveness.
1 year ago
I'd like to help out with the cooking section.

Is it possible to edit a wiki page created by someone else? (ala wikipedia)

Is there a documentation section for the Permies wiki sytsem?
1 year ago
Hello fellow Permies,

I have no idea which forum is correct for this question.

Sadly our beloved French Mastiff of 7yrs in soon to pass away. She has brain cancer. We are trying to make her as comfortable as possible before she goes.

I would like to memorialize her by burying her then planting a food bearing tree over the grave site.

She's a large dog 110lbs

My questions are:

How shall I prepare the grave? depths, amendments, size etc.
Will her body inhibit root growth until she is more decomposed?
If so what should I do to mitigate it.

Any suggestions for trees? I would like a large shade tree that bears fruit or nuts. I was thinking possibly walnut.

I imagine one day in the future my grand kids sitting at a picnic table in the shade under her tree and enjoying the fruits or nuts.

The area where I will be planting is fairly wet during most of the year so a water loving tree would be best.

She will be missed but never forgotten.

5 years ago
Today it worked like a charm

Latest Firefox Windows 7

Cassie Langstraat wrote:
so I am a bit confused. you downloaded it successfully the first time I sent out the email? and then it failed 3 times when I sent out the second email? to the plotskateers?

That is correct. When it was first offered I downloaded it just fine. Then I got the plotskateers email and tried 3 more times with no success.
I was able to download it the 1st time it was offered.

I am running Windows 7.
Latest Firefox, latest Chrome

Clicked on link from Firefox. I have it setup to always ask to download.
When opening the PDF in chrome I get a "Failed to Load PDF Document" Error

cli commands done from cygwin on the file:

Tried Right-click Save Link as method - Firefox

Tried using Chrome Right-click Save Link as method

I got a different file size each time.
When viewed in a text editor the beginnings of each file seem to be the same.
The download seems to be ending prematurely.

I'm on a 1.5MB connection, maybe it's too slow and the connection is resetting mid stream?

Maybe server is having memory / swap issues? What does htop look like?

I hope this helps

Thank you everyone for all your help so far, I really appreciate your input.

So I made a large batch of manure tea using horse and chicken manures. I also put some compost in as well.

I added molasses and allow it to aerate for a day.

I then spread about 5 gallons per row on my garden, I didn't dilute it I just put it on full strength.

I kept the tea brewing and spread another 5 gallons of tea each week in the same fashion.

I tested the soil today and here are the results. I should have taken a picture of the tubes when I took my 1st test.

The 1st time I tested the water in the tubes was basically clear.

This is an improvement. It seems like I am getting more phosphorus then nitrogen and potassium.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be reading the color of the water or the overall color of the mixture. So I shook up the tubes and took another picture

Either way it looks like I'm making progress.

  • Any thoughts?
  • Should I be doing anything differently?
  • Is having an excess of phosphorus going to be a problem?
  • If so how should I mitigate it?

  • Mark wrote:However, if you are going to add manure, then you'll need to pull the chips back.

    I have some manure tea brewing right now. It's a mixture of chicken and horse.

    I plan on pulling the chips back and spreading rabbit manure then replacing the chips. Then liberally spreading the manure tea atop the chips. I think this will help speed the decomposition of the woody materials. Then instead of more wood chips I think I should use straw for mulch (as long as I can source some straw without toxic gick), maybe alternate between straw and wood chips each year.

    I will also be planting nitrogen fixing annuals this year.

    Hopefully this works, I had a very disappointing gardening year last year and I really don't want a repeat.

    Thanks for all the help!